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Android codelab courses are here!

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Celebrating the developers behind the best apps and games of 2018

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SDK Developers: sign up to stay up to date with latest tips, news and updates

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Fast Pair Update

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Wear OS by Google: final API 28 emulator with new redesigned UI

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Getting screen brightness right for every user

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Combating Potentially Harmful Applications with Machine Learning at Google: Datasets and Models

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An Update on Project Treble

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Get your app ready for foldable phones

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Unfolding right now at #AndroidDevSummit!

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R8, the new code shrinker from Google, is available in Android studio 3.3 beta

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The Android Dev Summit app is live! Get ready for November 7-8

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Discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications

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Free training for Android developers – learn how to succeed on Google Play

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Google Play offline peer to peer installs beta

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Android Protected Confirmation: Taking transaction security to the next level

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Playtime 2018: Helping you build better apps in a smaller bundle

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Building a Titan: Better security through a tiny chip

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Modern background execution in Android

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Get ready for #AndroidDevSummit, kicking off November 7!

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Introducing Oboe: A C++ library for low latency audio

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Control Flow Integrity in the Android kernel

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Providing a safe and secure experience for our users

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Kotlin Momentum for Android and Beyond

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Android Studio 3.2

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Android and Google Play Security Rewards Programs surpass $3M in payouts

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Notifying your users with FCM

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Moar Power in Android 9 Pie and the future

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Staged releases allow you to bring new features to your users quickly, safely and regularly.

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Make the most of Notifications with the redesigned Wear OS by Google

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Verifying your Google Assistant media action integrations on Android

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Exclusive new organic acquisition insights on the Google Play Console

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Evolution of Android Security Updates

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Streamlining the developer experience for instant games

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Alternative input methods for Android TV

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Streaming support spec for hearing aids on Android

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Updating Wear OS Google Play Store policy to increase app quality

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Google releases source for Google I/O 2018 for Android

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Looking forward with Google Play

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Meet the first Indie Games Accelerator class

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Android Pie SDK is now more Kotlin-friendly

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Introducing Android 9 Pie

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Supporting display cutouts on edge-to-edge screens

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AndroidX Development is Now Even Better

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Final preview update, official Android P coming soon!

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Updating your games for modern Android

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How creating an Action can complement your Android app

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Android Emulator – AMD Processor & Hyper-V Support

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What’s new for text in Android P

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Congrats to the new Android Excellence apps and games on Google Play

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Android P Beta 3 is now available

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Improving discovery of quality apps and games on the Play Store

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A New Universal Music Player

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Automating your app releases with Google Play

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Compiler-based security mitigations in Android P

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Launching the Indie Games Accelerator in Asia – helping gaming startups find success on Google Play

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Android Studio 3.2 Beta

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Android Things client library for Google Cloud IoT Core

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Better Biometrics in Android P

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Grow and optimize your subscriptions with new Google Play features

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Google Play security metadata and offline app distribution

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#IMakeApps – Celebrating app makers worldwide

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An Update on non-SDK restrictions in Android P

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Wear OS developer preview reenabling alarms and jobs for background apps

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Android P Beta 2 and final APIs!

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Project Capillary: End-to-end encryption for push messaging, simplified

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.app is open for general registration

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Insider Attack Resistance

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All the (Android) Things at Google I/O

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Keeping 2 billion Android devices safe with machine learning

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Faster Adoption with Project Treble

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Wear OS by Google: AoG support and new enhanced battery saver mode

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Google I/O 2018: What’s new in Android

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I/O 2018: Everything new in the Google Play Console

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Android Studio 3.2 Canary

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Use Android Jetpack to Accelerate Your App Development

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What’s new in Android P Beta

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Hello World, AndroidX

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Say Hello to Android Things 1.0

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Building for Automotive: A sneak peek at Google I/O 2018

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Announcing new SDK versioning in Google Play services and Firebase

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Time to celebrate the 2018 Google Play Award nominees

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Protecting WebView with Safe Browsing

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Android Things Release Candidate

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DNS over TLS support in Android P Developer Preview

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Time to Upgrade from GCM to FCM

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Protecting users with TLS by default in Android P

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Android Studio switching to D8 dexer

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Introducing new Android Excellence apps and games on Google Play

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Wear OS by Google developer preview