Author: Kate O'Keeffe

Creating Smarter, Safer, More Inclusive Workplaces: Are You In?

Kate O'Keeffe November 2, 2017 analytics, artificial intelligence, Cisco Hyper Innovation Living Lab, Cisco Services, Featured, future of work, Innovation, robotics, Virtual Reality, ZZFeatured

Analytics can democratize knowledge and drive new insights—so that every worker becomes a knowledge worker. It can help keep workers safe, and make workplaces more inclusive.

Will Robots Take Over the World and Destroy All Our Jobs?

Kate O'Keeffe October 5, 2017 AI, artificial intelligence, automation, Cisco, gig economy, Innovation, jobs, technology disruption

Welcome to the fight of the century. In one corner there are the prophets of doom, who say that no job is safe from automation, and economic chaos is inevitable. And in the other corner, we have the rosy optimists, who believe technology will usher in a new era of meaningful work, more leisure time, […]

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