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Samsung Receives the Industry’s First Environmental Product Declaration Certificate for 512Gb V-NAND and 860 EVO 4TB SSD


Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it is being recognized for its environmental reliability by receiving the industry’s first Environmental Product Declaration* (EPD) certificate in Korea with its 512Gb 64-layer 3bit V-NAND and 860 EVO 4TB SSD.


The Environmental Product Declaration is a national certification system in Korea which recognizes a product’s performance according to seven key environmental metrics including carbon footprint, resource footprint, ozone depletion, acidification, eutrophication, photochemical smog, and water footprint.


In terms of per capacity (gigabit), the carbon emission of the 512Gb 3-bit V-NAND has been reduced to less than half of that of the 10-nanometer (nm)-class 64Gb V-NAND that was certified last year.


An 8TB SSD composed with the 512Gb V-NAND can reduce approximately 240kg CO2 of carbon emission per year compared to a 8TB SSD product composed with the 64Gb NAND, producing the same effect as planting twenty-five 30-year-old trees**.


“The EPD certification will serve as an assurance to our customers that Samsung’s high-capacity products offer not only cutting-edge technology, but also certified environmental reliability” said Mike Mang, Vice President of Brand Product Marketing, Memory Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung plans to begin mass production of 1Tb V-NAND in the future to lead the growth of the rapidly expanding ultrahigh-capacity storage market and strengthen its eco-friendly technology leadership.”


Samsung Electronics seeks to leverage its advancements in environmental reliability to lead the consumer market by exceeding customer expectations, just as it has continuously delivered in high performance and energy efficiency in the corporate SSD market.


Samsung earned its first low carbon footprint certification for the DDR3 DRAM server module in 2009 and had since expanded its environmental certification portfolio across its key products, including NAND flash, LPDDR, SSD, and application processors.



[Table] Carbon Footprint Comparison

Total Carbon footprint

Per capacity
Carbon footprint

Total Carbon footprint for 8TB SSD/ year

512Gb V-NAND 1.599kg CO2/unit 0.0031 KgCO2/1Gb  204.67 Kg CO2/unit
64Gb V-NAND 0.436kg CO2/unit 0.0068 KgCO2/1Gb 446.98 Kg CO2/unit


* The EPD certification is developed in accordance with the International Standards ISO 14000s (14025, 14044, 14046). The certification is managed by the Korean Ministry of Environment and operated by the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute.

** The amount of carbon absorbed by an average 30-year-old tree in a year is 9.36 kg CO2.

Samsung E3 Gaming Experience Hits The Road

Photo Courtesy of Russie Sanders @ 2018 New Revolution Media


Once a year, E3 – one of the world’s largest electronics and gaming conferences – brings the video gaming industry’s most innovative creators to Los Angeles to showcase the latest technology and products.



Samsung joins the excitement every year and this year, kicked off the QLED TV Gaming Experience on a tricked-out semi-truck, now on tour in the U.S.



The gaming rig features the newest line of QLED TVs, packed with next-generation features to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. They’re the first TVs to support AMD’s Radeon FreeSync™ Technology, with adaptive refresh technology for stutter-free gaming, less screen tearing, and more fun.



Samsung’s QLED TVs also have auto game mode and an ultra-fast motion rate, making them perfect for newer consoles with 4K resolution and HDR. E3 Attendees were invited to compete with each other for great prizes to see who can record the fastest lap while playing Forza Motorsport 7.


Photo Courtesy of Russie Sanders @ 2018 New Revolution Media


With Samsung’s FreeSync™ technology QLED TVs, extra smooth gameplay visuals have never been so accessible or in such an immersive format. Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV range is available at a variety of price points and screen sizes from 55” to 82”, so anyone can enjoy the QLED experience at home.



Source: US Newsroom

[Invitation] Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018


On August 9, Samsung Electronics will welcome a new member to the premium Galaxy family.


To celebrate the launch of the upcoming device, the company is hosting the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on August 9, 2018.


Live streaming of the event will be available at, and

Samsung Showcases Industry-leading Advancements in 8K and MicroLED TV Technology at QLED & Advanced Displays Summit

Samsung Electronics hosted its second annual QLED & Advanced Displays Summit on June 27 and 28 at The London West Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The Summit offered insights into Samsung’s plans for quantum dot (QLED) displays, activities surrounding its full 8K ecosystem, the brand’s ambitions of bringing MicroLED technology to consumers and its efforts in integrating HDR into cinemas.


Abhijeet Solat, Samsung Display’s technical sales manager, presented the 8K market trends at QLED & Advanced Display Summit, held in Los Angeles on June 27, 2018.


“Samsung has built a reputation for its history of innovation and groundbreaking developments in the TV industry,” said Jongsuk Chu, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re committed to maintaining that trend by bringing advancements of 8K and MicroLED TV technology to the consumers and continuing our investment in enhancing the viewing experience.”


The QLED & Advanced Displays Summit was co-hosted by Samsung and Insight Media, an advanced display consultant focusing on the display industry. During the event, Samsung demonstrated enhancements ranging from HDR10+ mastering workflows to Automatic Color Calibration and no burn-in on its 2018 QLED TVs, showcasing its leadership in the TV display industry.


Participants, including industry experts and influencers attended to experience live demonstrations and spark dialogue about the current state and challenges of TV technologies. Above all, the QLED TV demos highlighted Samsung’s efforts in pioneering HDR capability by applying next-generation enhancements for the benefit of consumers.


The event featured a number of prominent experts in the display industry – ranging from academia experts in the MicroLED technology sector and consultants specializing in HDR cinema integration to renowned professionals in display and mastering tool industry. Speakers and influencers from the following organizations also attended to discuss TV technology-related topics that included:


  • 8K Ecosystem: Insight Media, Panavision, Samsung Display Company, and Display Supply Chain Consultants
  • Quantum Dots: Palomaki Consulting, Nanosys, Nanoco, and Samsung Advanced Research Institute
  • Display and Mastering Tools: FF Pictures, Samsung Research America, Portrait Displays, and ColorFront
  • HDR Cinema: Samsung Research America, LightView, and MKPE Consulting
  • MicroLEDs: Fuzhou University, Samsung Electronics, Tesoro Scientific, PlayNitride, Sungkyunkwan University, JBD, Lumiode, and N-Tech Research


Martin Fishman, CEO of SpectraCal, described the Automatic Color Calibration program (left) and Florian Friedrich of FF Pictures explained the HDR10+ mastering workflows (right) at the demonstration of the summit.


For more information about Samsung’s QLED TVs and the QLED & Advanced Display Summit, including speakers and sessions, please visit:



About Insight Media

Insight Media is a technology consultancy focused on emerging technology in the ProAV, cinema, broadcast, consumer electronics and display industries. The company authors white papers and articles on these topics, provide technology and market assessment services and hosts events to discuss key technology trends in these market segments.

Make Your Galaxy Smartphone Personal with Good Lock 2018

Your phone is a reflection of your personal tastes and preferences. From your lock screen to your sounds, each and every setting reveals a little about how you like to present yourself and interact with your device.


The first ever Good Lock application, released in 2016 and compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, introduced users to a frequently-updated array of customizable features for their Galaxy devices. Responding to consumer demand, Samsung has now released Good Lock 2018 to give Android 8.0 Oreo users the freedom to personalize their Galaxy device’s appearance and interface experience.


With so many options to choose from, check out the Newsroom’s guide to the features of Good Lock 2018 below.



Love Your Lock Screen

Lockstar is changing how you see your locked phone, allowing you to style your lock screen with a wide range of designs. You can select your preferred background and clock face, as well as which items appear visible on the screen, and these features can be arranged in a variety of configurations. The app also gives you the flexibility to choose the gesture which prompts the phone to unlock and to place shortcuts to apps you use regularly on the lock screen, so the phone will open straight to them after unlocking.




Customize Your Quick Panel

Use Quickstar to give your Quick Panel a makeover. With the Coloring tab, you can choose from a list of recommendations or create your own palette by adjusting the hues which mark On or Off for each setting, the color and transparency of the background, and the Blur and Dim effects. The Simple Indicator tab also gives you increased control over the icons displayed in your Status Bar and the Notification Multi-Window tab allows you to toggle the Notification Multi-Window on and off. With the Notification Multi-Window enabled, you can check the necessary information more conveniently on the pop-up window.




Change Tasks in Style

The Task Changer app allows you to scroll through recent apps by swiping left and right, rather than up and down, changing the way you move from task to task. There is a choice of Scroll effects and the opportunity to turn on Mini Mode, which shrinks the apps in the bottom of the screen to aid one-handed scrolling.



Once Task Changer is enabled, you can pull up the Recently Used Apps and choose to either use the app as a pop-up screen, or split view two apps by holding down the app you would like to use a little harder. Once task changer is enabled, you can also receive more information about the app, lock the app, or hide the app’s contents by tapping the icon image on the top.



Establish a Routine

Using Routines, you can combine processes and functions to create new features. Give each routine a name before selecting the conditions that will prompt the routine and the actions that you want it to perform. To ensure the perfect movie-watching environment, for example, you can set a routine that turns on Wi-Fi, rotates your screen to landscape and adjusts your sound and brightness levels, as soon as you open your chosen media app.




Choose Your Clock

Read the time in a whole new way with ClockFace, an app which allows you to choose from numerous clock designs for your always on display and lock screen. Choices include analog or digital clock faces and there is a spectrum of colors available, including tones which adapt with the color of the background and rainbow effects.




Become Part of the Family

Good Lock 2018 is one member of a family of apps designed to heighten customization on your Galaxy smartphone. For example, EdgeLighting + allows you to tailor Edge Lighting effects to your liking. With Edge Touch, you can establish Edge Zones which do not recognize screen touch to prevent accidental actions. Further adjustable options are offered with One Hand Operation +, designed to help you navigate your device one-handed, with thumb gestures alone. Finally, Sound Assistant gives you even greater control over Sound settings, including the ability to personalize your phone’s sound for different times and manage individual app volume.


EdgeLighting+ (left), Edge Touch (center) and One Hand Operation+ (right)



*Good Lock 2018 is currently available to download from Galaxy Apps in Korea, the United States, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. It is compatible with the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Galaxy S8 and S8+, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Galaxy Note8, Galaxy FE and other devices that are running Android 8.0 Oreo and above. Samsung intends to update the app regularly while paying close attention to consumer feedback.

KDDI and Samsung Successfully Complete Live Real-Time Free-Viewpoint Video Stream Test on 5G

KDDI and Samsung Electronics, announced today that together with KDDI Research, Inc (KDDI Research), Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company and Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR), it has successfully completed a real-time free-viewpoint video streaming test using 5G-supporting devices.


The test was conducted during a professional baseball game held in Okinawa Cellular Stadium in Naha and used Samsung’s 5G end-to-end solution comprised of virtualized core, virtualized RAN, one of the smallest 5G access units and 10 sets of 5G tablet devices. A total of 16 cameras were used to shoot the hitter from different angles and produce free-viewpoint video in real-time for successful transmission towards Samsung’s 5G tablets.


“KDDI has been continuously working toward developing a wide range of new 5G use cases that can elevate the everyday lives of our users,” said Yoshiaki Uchida, Member of the Board, Executive Vice President at KDDI. “Together with Samsung, KDDI will continue to explore ways to provide unprecedented experiences by integrating communications and life design.”


“It is exciting to see how 5G technology can transform our lives,” said Youngky Kim, President and Head of Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “5G is now a reality. We will continue working with KDDI to explore how the technology can be further developed and applied in our homes and cities.”


Real-time transmission of high-volume videos to mobile devices or large screens is expected to take viewing experience to a whole new level in crowded entertainment and sports venues. By allowing simultaneous transmission of high-volume videos, 5G enables what the preceding mobile technologies were incapable of realizing.


By showing that audiences are now able to view sports games from any angle of their choice and at incredible resolution, today’s test verified that the viewing experience has been taken to a whole new level. It will add a much greater depth to the traditional viewing experience on television broadcast.


Free-viewpoint video is a technology developed by KDDI Research that enables users to view a video from any viewpoint via reconstructing 3D model for human objects and background objects such as the stadium field.



About KDDI

KDDI works to integrate telecommunication and life design in ways that generate the kind of excitement that has helped bring more than 39 million subscribers to the au brand of mobile and fixed telecommunication services. We do this by offering a range of services that bring new value to customers’ lives, including finance and commerce, merchandise sales (through au WALLET Market) and electric power (au Denki).


For corporate customers, we offer not only mobile telecommunication and ICT services, but we also join forces with partners in the 5G and IoT fields to provide a one-stop source of services and solutions that can contribute to customer businesses. In addition, we aim to provide the ideal ICT environment for IoT applications through global, high-quality, highly reliable TELEHOUSE data centers. We proactively pursue consumer business in developing nations, which is our way of contributing to economic development and improved standards of living in nations around the world.

Samsung Brings Enhanced Color Accuracy and Sharpness to Mobile Photos with New ISOCELL Plus Technology

Samsung Electronics, a world leader in advanced semiconductor technology, today introduced its new ‘ISOCELL Plus’ technology, which allows CMOS image sensors to capture more light, significantly increasing light sensitivity and color fidelity. Smartphone consumers can now expect even more accurate and clearer photos in challenging light environments.



To take high-quality photographs, CMOS image sensors need to hold as much light, or photons, as possible and transmit the right color information to the photodiode. Such requirements were resolved by the introduction of Samsung’s ISOCELL technology in 2013. ISOCELL forms a physical barrier between the neighboring pixels, reducing color crosstalk and expanding the full-well capacity. This enables each pixel to absorb and hold more light than the conventional backside-illuminated (BSI) image sensor design for superior image quality.


With the introduction of ISOCELL Plus, Samsung pushes pixel isolation technology to a new level through an optimized pixel architecture. In the existing pixel structure, metal grids are formed over the photodiodes to reduce interference between the pixels, which can also lead to some optical loss as metals tend to reflect and/or absorb the incoming light. For ISOCELL Plus, Samsung replaced the metal barrier with an innovative new material developed by Fujifilm, minimizing optical loss and light reflection.


“We value our strategic relationship with Samsung and would like to congratulate on the completion of the ISOCELL Plus development,” said Naoto Yanagihara, corporate vice president of Fujifilm. “This development is a remarkable milestone for us as it marks the first commercialization of our new material. Through continuous cooperation with Samsung, we anticipate to bring more meaningful innovation to mobile cameras.”


The new ISOCELL Plus delivers higher color fidelity along with up to a 15-percent enhancement in light sensitivity. The technology also enables image sensors to equip 0.8-micrometer (µm) and smaller-sized pixels without any loss in performance, making it an optimal solution for developing super-resolution cameras with over 20 megapixels.


“Through close collaboration with Fujifilm, an industry leader in imaging and information technology, we have pushed the boundaries of CMOS image sensor technology even further,” said Ben K. Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics. “The ISOCELL Plus will not only enable the development of ultra-high-resolution sensors with incredibly small pixel dimensions, but also bring performance advancements for sensors with larger pixel designs.”


The ISOCELL Plus will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, held from June 27 to 29.

Samsung and Dezeen Hold a Global Design Competition for Ambient Mode


Samsung Electronics announced a partnership with Dezeen, a leading design and architectural magazine, inviting designers to create graphics for the Ambient Mode feature on Samsung’s QLED TVs. Held from June 25 to August 3, the contest will reward 29,500 euros in total prize money. To enter the contest, designers need to submit their best Ambient Mode designs using either static or animated images.


Samsung’s Ambient Mode does away with the mundane black screen that dominates a room when the television is not in use. Built into the 2018 QLED televisions, Ambient Mode makes the screen appear transparent by mimicking the appearance of the wall behind it, while also enhancing its environment by overlaying additional imagery and information – such as the weather – if desired.


“Ambient Mode creates a useful and innovative experience for users, even when their television is turned off. Knowing that this experience is unique to every user, the Ambient Mode design competition is meant to develop imagery that resonates with each of our consumers,” said Jongsuk Chu, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We hope that designers will take this opportunity to show off their creativity and help us grow the library of designs available to consumers on Ambient Mode.”


To enter, contestants must pick one of the four backgrounds provided by Samsung and develop concepts that build on both the television’s environment and the time of day in which the feature would be utilized. Designers can base their entry on one of Samsung’s existing Ambient Modes – décor, information or personal photos – or they can propose a completely novel mode. Further, as Samsung and Dezeen are looking for concepts that highlight how Ambient Mode can mirror the environment and blend into the aesthetic of consumers’ homes, entrants will need to specify a particular lifestyle for their design.


The competition’s judging panel includes esteemed designers Neville Brody and Erwan Bouroullec, as well as members of Samsung’s and Dezeen’s design teams – Dontae Lee, Executive Vice President and the Head of the Corporate Design Center at Samsung Electronics and Amy Frearson, editorial director of Dezeen.


The competition will reward 29,500 euros in total prize money. The grand prize winner will receive 8,000 euros while two runners-up will receive 3,000 euros, respectively. 1,500 euros will be awarded to the other seven shortlisted entrants and 1,000 euros will be given to five longlisted designers. Dezeen will interview the finalists and publish a story about each of them.


The competition entry is free of charge. However, entrants must be over 18 years of age with the ability to present their work to a panel of English-speaking judges. For more information on how to enter, please visit


This is the second contest in which Samsung and Dezeen have partnered to organize. In 2017, the two companies cooperated to host a TV accessory design competition for Samsung QLED lineup’s TV stands and received a total of 1,200 works from 83 countries. The contest participant Fulden Denheli received a grand prize and later was also named the winner at IFA 2017 for her adaptable, Scandinavian-inspired concept.

Cutting-Edge Cuisine: Samsung and Michelin Star Restaurant Offer S9-Inspired Sensory Feast

Samsung Electronics Taiwan and Michelin star restaurant Ya Ge have teamed up to offer diners an unforgettable fusion of technology and fine cuisine. From June 25 to July 15, guests of the restaurant, located in Taipei’s Mandarin Oriental hotel, can enjoy a first-of-its-kind feast that showcases signature Taiwanese flavors with the help of Samsung’s new Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9+.



The “#LetsGold” collaborative event leverages Samsung’s VR, AR and AI technologies in ways that stimulate the senses and take the dining experience to new heights. An exclusive six-course meal takes guests on a culinary journey that utilizes the smartphone’s innovative features to offer an exciting look at each delectable dish.


Eager guests are escorted to an exclusive room that’s awash in gold and includes a matching Galaxy S9+ at every seat. Once they’re seated, they’re introduced to an AR Emoji avatar of Executive Chef Tse Man, who kicks off the feast by revealing the evening’s appetizers, and offering a peek at his team’s meticulous cooking process through the mixed reality technology.



After the appetizers comes a rich and nutritious porcini, blazed mushrooms and abalone soup, which transforms before diners’ eyes when viewed through a camera lens on the Galaxy S9’s Infinity Display. Once diners snap a shot of the soup, they’ll be able to watch a delightful animation of each locally sourced ingredient leaping into their bowl.



Once they’ve finished, diners are treated to a fun and interactive introduction to their next course: Penghu lobster. Donning Galaxy S9-equipped Gear VRs, guests enjoy an immersive look at lobsters and various other forms of marine life roaming the sea. Once they take off the headset, they’re delighted to find that the fresh and savory lobsters have transformed into a classic Cantonese dish – baked golden brown and absolutely delicious.



Next up on the menu is one of Chef Tse Man’s signature dishes: a succulent U.S. Angus beef fillet served with wine. While they eat, diners are informed of the wine’s vineyard and vintage, courtesy of the smartphone’s ever-insightful Bixby Vision function.


Rounding off an exquisite evening of gastronomical delights are the restaurant’s signature fried rice – which guests are encouraged to capture, in all its tantalizing glory, through the device’s bright, F1.5-aperture lens – and finally, delicious charcoal buns with salted egg custard filling.



If you’re in the area, hurry over to Ya Ge to experience this Galaxy S9-inspired feast for yourself. Your taste buds will thank you later.

[Design Story] Samsung’s Flat Style Brings Out the Beauty of Simplicity


Simplicity was considered bland and ordinary in a time when only outlandish designs and brand-new technology were the pinnacles of innovation. But when it comes to home appliance design, subtle might not be such a bad thing after all. Samsung Electronics found Flat Style as the perfect way to understand and interpret the essence of a product in terms of simplicity rather than complexity. Flat Style, the design on which possibilities of diverse experiences for users are finely stacked up, is now redefined beyond the dictionary definition of ‘pedestrian’.



Lines and Surfaces, Creating Harmony with the Surrounding Space


Flat Style first begins with minimalism, which is about seeking completion in simplicity. The flat, handle-less refrigerator door reminds us of the beauty inspired by simple lines and clear-cut surfaces. This is the result of relentless contemplation on the essence of kitchen appliances as a visual component that brings completion to the kitchen space.


Indeed, Flat Style pursues harmony with space. The straight lines of the wall, floor, and kitchen counter become one with the flat frontal surface of the refrigerator. The refrigerator’s size has been designed with the depth of the kitchen counter in mind, so that the fridge fits in perfectly without any protrusions when it is placed in the kitchen’s fridge cabinet. Furthermore, the refrigerator is designed with convenience in mind, allowing users to comfortably open and close the fridge door even when it’s placed inside the cabinet.



Sturdiness and Geometric Beauty Put All Together


Look at the stainless-steel finish that has been applied over the exterior of the refrigerator. The use of Flat Style here adds credibility to the kitchen with its sturdiness. The metal helps maintain exceptional durability and elevates the classiness of the space it occupies with its exquisite and delicate glow. The handle and internal shelves of the fridge have also been designed to continue the metallic look and feel, altogether establishing a consistently solid impression of the refrigerator overall.



Flat Style adds an aesthetic taste to a kitchen appliance as if it were a piece of sculpture. The exterior of the refrigerator has been instilled with the aesthetic beauty that is derived from simple forms so that its design blends well with modern interiors. The placement of the door and handles that resemble the majestic skyline of high-rise buildings creates an image of two pillars vertically stretching down to form a Column design. With just the bare minimal combination of such simple lines, you can feel a sense exquisite class.


‘Maintaining the Straight Lines’ Beauty Inside and Out


There’s a seamless flow that comes with designing kitchen appliances with Flat Style. It’s a sense of cohesion that is evident from the insides to the outer edges of the exterior. The Flat Style strives for simplicity, and this notion is reflected in the fine details of the internal design. The corners of the internal space are shaped closely to a perpendicular angle to form a spatial form composed of straight lines, which maintains the aesthetic simplicity of the exterior body. Simply put, Flat Style makes the final touch on the consistent aesthetic appeal that penetrates the product from the inside-out.



Usability Enhanced with Thoughtful Functions and Design

As stunning as the refrigerator is, it’s important that everyday usability is always considered from the outset. The little things can make a big difference.



Controls that aren’t frequently used have been relocated to the inside of the refrigerator to remain out of sight. The water dispenser is also simplified to only feature buttons for frequently used functions such as choosing between water or selections of ice, while the rest of the functions are combined with the internal display.



The RB8000’s Kitchen Fit design minimizes the thickness of the refrigerator door while securing 100L more in max capacity compared to other refrigerators of the same size. In addition, the RS8000’s slanted shelf handles are applied with oblique strokes for users to comfortably pull the shelves without hurting their wrists.


In a world filled with unconventional, unique ideas and over-to-top expressions, the power of simplicity becomes more prominent. Samsung Electronics strives for functional designs that express beauty in the essence of things and simplicity conveyed through perfect form that prioritizes the fundamentals. Samsung’s definition of Flat Style is a kitchen appliance that organically communicates and harmonizes with its space through pure and timeless simplicity that is free of all complications.



Children from Colombia and Poland Share a Unique Lesson through Samsung Smart School


  • Colombian and Polish elementary students connected in an interactive, multicultural activity using Samsung Smart School solutions
  • The initiative was planned by Samsung Electronics’ employees in Colombia and Poland to offer an opportunity to broaden learning horizons in the wake of a global sporting event


Olsztyn, Poland and Bogotá, Colombia are nearly 10,000 kilometers apart. When the school day begins in Colombia, it’s time for students in Poland to go home. But on June 7, a class of elementary school students from each city adjusted their schedules to meet with their counterparts from the other side of the world. Using Samsung’s Smart School solutions, the children connected to share a classroom that fused technology into education.


Students from the San Francisco de Asis Educational Institution (Colombia) and Olsztyn elementary school (Poland) introduce each other using Samsung Smart School solutions



Capitalizing on Opportunities to Share Learning Experiences

As a preamble to one of the most popular sports events worldwide, employees from Samsung Electronics Colombia and Samsung Electronics Poland got a hold of each other and agreed to take this opportunity to broaden the horizon of their Smart School initiatives. Soon, they were able to gather elementary school students from the San Francisco de Asis Educational Institution (Colombia) and their peers from the Olsztyn Elementary School (Poland) to take part in a unique multicultural experience.


Each team of students wore T-shirts in national colors


“The goal of Smart School is to transform education through the use of technology,” said Cesar Muñoz, Senior Manager of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics Colombia. “At this moment there is much attention with the sports event that is happening and kids find it interesting to connect with their peers from Poland. With this, we demonstrate them that technology opens up all kinds of possibilities and that there are no barriers.”


There had been much interest in each other’s country as Colombia and Poland were set to play each other in an upcoming sports event



Learning about Each Other’s Country

Class began with the greetings and introductions from each side, followed by a virtual tour of the Smart School classrooms and shows of some cultural performances – one of the Colombian students performed a traditional dance to the music played on the harp by her teacher; Polish children shared a song of their own.


“Let’s talk about our countries!” Students from Poland line up to present their drawings


They then proceeded to learn about each other’s country including where they are, what their customs are and also a little bit about Nicolaus Copernicus, the famous Polish astronomer. At the end of the class, students from each side of the Atlantic had even learned a number of words from each other’s language like ‘friendship’ (amistad, Spanish) and ‘goodbye’ (do widzenia, Polish). With tablets and virtual quiz tools, the children were given a chance to check their knowledge on Colombia and Poland.


A Colombian student prepares to perform before her Polish friends across the Atlantic



Expanding the Horizon of Learning

Maria Paula Castillo, a student at the San Francisco de Asis School, shared her excitement saying: “We were very excited to get to know the children of Poland. I had never had the opportunity to talk to someone from another country.”


Colombian elementary school students were excited to meet their Polish peers


“Meetings like this expand horizons, showing that we are similar despite our differences,” said Jolanta Okuniewska, a 2016 finalist of the Global Teacher Prize and leader of the Smart School in Olsztyn, Poland. “They stimulate students’ curiosity in cognitive terms, giving them an example of how important it is to know foreign languages and showing them that anything is possible. I am very happy that my students were able to go on this fascinating journey to Colombia.”


Additional Images

Performance for peers in Colombia – dancing and singing break every barrier


“We were very excited to get to know the children of Poland,” said one of the students at the San Francisco de Asis Educational Institution


With tablets and virtual quiz tools, the children were given a chance to check their knowledge on Colombia and Poland

[NEXT for QLED] Part 5: Built for Endurance – Taking TV Gaming to the Next Level


At the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo (‘E3’) in LA this June, Samsung QLED TVs were exhibited as part of Microsoft’s Xbox booth. The 75-inch QLED TV screens caught the attention of keen gamers, with a long queue forming in order to enter the showroom. Players enjoyed an unparalleled 4K HDR gaming experience, featuring stunning graphics and quick response times, with the QLED.


Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs have evolved to merit the title of the ‘monster’ of the gaming industry. They offer gamers a low input lag of no more than 15ms (0.015 seconds), a rich viewing experience achieved by 100% color volume and High Dynamic Range (HDR) 2000, and Radeon FreeSync™ for the seamless playing of even the most demanding games.



Fighting Input Lag in FPS Games


Input lag can be a critical issue for those players who want to enjoy fast-paced games like first-person shooters (FPS) or fighting games. Input lag, or input latency, is the delay between the TV or monitor receiving a signal and it being displayed on the screen, or the delay between pressing a controller button and seeing the game react. It is important in gaming because even a 0.01 second reaction difference can determine the difference between a winning and losing move in an FPS game.


Samsung’s QLED TVs have input lag reduced to 15ms (1ms = 0.001 seconds), faster than conventional TVs which have a 20-30ms lag on average. Gamers can fully immerse themselves in games on their QLED TVs with minimal lag. QLED TV’s Auto Game Mode also changes features including response speed for game optimization. When users start a game on a console such as Xbox, the TV automatically recognizes the game and sets the correct game-related settings.



Optimized Picture Quality for Immersive Gaming


Today’s games are characterized by feature film-quality storylines, cinematography and graphics. Game characters and avatars are becoming more and more lifelike, as are the landscapes around them, often offered in full 360-degree rotation to the player for the most immersive experience possible.


In order to deliver this virtual realism to gamers, game platforms feature the latest in color, contrast and imaging technology, as well as 144Hz refresh rates for high frame-rate gaming. Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs are the first in the TV industry to use Radeon FreeSync™ in collaboration with global graphics card maker AMD. Radeon FreeSync™ puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken frames, bringing smooth gaming and the fluidity of gaming monitors to the big screen.


With the Samsung QLED TV, gamers can experience the cutting-edge display performance they are used to. The QLED TVs feature HDR10+ for crisp and detailed images, as well as 100% color volume for greater image depth in both the day and nighttime, at any brightness level. Samsung’s Anti-reflection technology is another bonus for reducing eye strain and optimizing gameplay.


Enjoy Over 15,000 PC games with Steam on TVs

As well as their favorite console games, users can also play Steam games on their QLED TV. Steam is an online game platform with over 120 million users globally.


In order for QLED users to enjoy the full offering of the Steam platform, all they need to do is head to the Samsung Smart Hub and download the free Steam Link app. No supplementary hardware is necessary for users to be able to access the 15,000+ games offered by Steam on the large-inch QLED screen.


In addition, gamers don’t need to bother with changing the settings on their QLED TV in order to access their favorite console games. Just turn on Auto Game Mode and start your console.



No Screen Burn-In, Guaranteed


TV screens suffer from performance decline over time, with static images and fixed interfaces leading to image retention and consequently the burn-in issue. With Samsung QLED TVs, however, you no longer need to worry about burn-in.


Rtings, an industry-trusted US TV Reviewer, ran a test for permanent image retention. Different kinds of TVs were kept on for 10 minutes, running a test pattern in a loop. The 2017 QLED TV scored 10/10 for image quality and lack of burn-in, while some screens achieved a mere 5/10.


The durability of the QLED TV screen is due to groundbreaking Quantum Dot technology. Quantum dots are made of inorganic materials, which translates to longer-lasting displays that do not develop the burn-in issue. Displaying the same image or scene for long periods of time will not leave unpleasant ghost images on your QLED TV, enhancing the gaming experience.


“Today’s TVs are like all-round players. More and more, people are enjoying everything on TV such as games, the internet, or smart functions provided by IoT,” said Jongsuk Chu, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The huge-screen QLED TV with best performance and durability will take the gaming experience to the next level.”

Guide to the Galaxy #3: Game Launcher 3.0 Takes Mobile Gaming to Another Level

These days, for many of us, smartphones have become our go-to choice when it comes to consuming entertainment. That’s why, when designing the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung prioritized enhancements that would allow the devices to take mobile entertainment to the next level – encompassing not just visuals and audio, but mobile gaming as well.


As a result, in addition to boasting AKG-tuned stereo speakers and an even more immersive Infinity Display, Samsung’s latest flagships feature a Game Launcher app that is more convenient and efficient than ever. Let’s examine exactly how users can utilize the upgraded app to streamline gaming sessions.



A One-Stop Gaming Hub

Before we discuss how Samsung has ‘leveled up’ Game Launcher, let’s take a moment to explore some of the app’s most convenient features.


Game Launcher is essentially a one-stop hub for all things mobile gaming, featuring tools designed to help users get the most out of their gaming experience. Included among these are the abilities to turn off notifications, lock navigation buttons, and mute games’ sound. The app also enables users to easily record videos and capture in-game screenshots, and features modes to boost performance and save power.



Users can enable Game Launcher by accessing Settings > Advanced Features > Games > Game Launcher and tapping the toggle switch, or via the guide page that appears during the start-up of a game. Downloaded games are automatically placed in an icon format in the Game Launcher app in a 4-by-4 arrangement, which also makes it easy to discover exciting new games to add to your collection. (More on that in just a moment.)



Putting Gamers in Control

Housed in the app as well as in the games themselves, Game Launcher’s customizable tools allow you to specify exactly how you’d like your phone to behave when you’re gaming. This makes it easier for users to immerse themselves in the on-screen action.



As soon as users open the app, they’re presented with a pair of icons near the bottom of the screen that enable them to mute games’ sound and toggle Game Launcher’s various performance modes. The latter function includes options to place the device in either ‘High performance’, ‘Normal performance’ or ‘Power saving’ mode, and has been enhanced for the Galaxy S9 with machine learning to foster more efficient gameplay.


Once users begin playing, they’re presented with a wide array of additional features and settings in the form of the Game Tools menu. Accessible via the circular gamepad icon that appears in the Navigation Bar when a game is launched, the menu conveniently places many of Game Launcher’s signature, immersion-enhancing features at users’ fingertips – including controls to hide alerts, lock buttons to prevent accidental touches, and manage several of the other functions outlined above. The Navigation buttons can also be locked to prevent any accidental taps when gaming.


Game Launcher’s latest update has added a few new functions to the Game Tools menu that make it even easier for users to focus on their game. Users may also opt to disable their phone’s auto brightness feature as well as block Bixby during gameplay.



Tailored Recommendations

To make it easier for users to find games they’re sure to love, Game Launcher also includes “Discover More Games”, an advanced game discovery feature, which offers recommendations based on the user’s gameplay history and personal preferences.



Accessible with a simple swipe up from the app’s main screen, the feature conveniently compiles popular and engrossing games that the user may be interested in, with 100-120 featured games highlighted each week for users. If users are unable to find the right game from the featured game selections, the Game Launcher discover page also allows users to search and discover the library of over thousands of games.


Each entry in the various lists from “Discover More Games” is accompanied by a short clip* of in-game action. Once users tap the game, they’ll be led to a comprehensive page that includes a gameplay video, as well as insight into the game’s popularity, related games, and a link to download the game from the Google Play Store.


Also featured in the rundowns are tags* classifying each game’s content and themes into various categories. Tapping a tag will instantly pull up a list of games that share that trait. To make it easy for users to find their next favorite game, Game Launcher’s advanced search function includes support for both keyword and tag-based searches, and even allows you to search for multiple tags at once.



Lastly, to offer users greater insight into their gaming habits, Game Launcher also features a My Games function, which is accessible with a tap of the avatar to the left of the search icon. This handy feature neatly displays your favorite tags and genres of games, compiles in-game video recordings, and makes it easy to keep track of exactly how much you’ve played in a given timeframe.


Open up the Galaxy S9’s enhanced Game Launcher now to take your mobile gaming experience to the next level.



*Availability may vary by region.

All You Need to Know to Start Your Gaming Journey

With dramatic adventures and fantastical universes abound, entering the world of gaming is like traveling to a parallel dimension where anything is possible. There are more people than ever playing games, willing to spend valuable time and money on gaming to fulfill their need for virtual adventures.


But for the uninitiated, getting the right gaming setup can be daunting, especially when there are countless hardware combinations available. Fear not, help is on the way. Here’s a simple, step-by-step guide on all you need to know about gaming hardware.





From first-person shooters (FPSs), which place players squarely in the heart of battle, to massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), which immerse you in sprawling settings with millions of other gamers, there’s truly something for everyone in the gaming world.


Perhaps you’re interested in embarking on an epic quest in a role-playing game (RPG), or utilizing your analytical prowess to outsmart your opponents in a real-time strategy game. Or maybe you’d prefer to chase championship glory in a sports title, risk it all to be the last person standing in a battle royale, or invite your friends to play the virtual version of a classic board game.


All you need to do to get started is pick a title that interests you, install it on your computer, and you’re ready to begin your gaming adventure.





Here’s an all-too-common scenario: You’re eager to start your first mission, having familiarized yourself with the controls, but the game is taking too long to load.


If you’re playing on a desktop, an easy way to shorten load times is to upgrade to a solid-state drive (SSD). You may be able to do the same for your laptop, depending on its design.


‘Load fast, Play fast’, Samsung 860 PRO | EVO SSDs


Unlike hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs do not feature moving mechanical parts, which means that they can load, store and read data three to four times faster. Samsung’s SSDs, the 860 EVO and 860 PRO, offer up to 530 MB/s and 560 MB/s read and write speeds, respectively. Featuring a five-year warranty, they’re reliable partners for all your gaming needs.


Installation is easy thanks to Samsung’s Data Migration program, which allows you to seamlessly transfer important data to your new computer drive. Simply connect the SSD to your computer via SATA USB cable, run the migration program, and your data will be automatically transferred to your new SSD.


Your upgraded SSD will allow you to enjoy an in-game edge. You’ll be able to load your game faster than other players, which will make it easier to, for instance, ready your forces for battle in an MMORPG.


Samsung’s 860 PRO | EVO SSDs, personified by the Victo robots pictured above, are ready to supercharge your gaming experience.





If you’d like to enjoy your games anytime and anywhere, a gaming notebook (or laptop) could be just what you need. Gaming notebooks are high-performance PCs that support brilliant graphics and fast response speeds.


Samsung designed the Notebook Odyssey Z to take the gaming experience to new levels. The company’s latest gaming notebook comes equipped with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 hexacore processor, as well as the NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture-based GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. The device also supports the latest DDR4 memory with a bandwidth of 2,400 MHz, which allows games to operate at lightning quick speeds.


These components allow the Notebook Odyssey Z to foster an ideal gaming experience. And if that’s not enough, the notebook also features convenient shortcut keys – to initiate screen captures, activate silent mode, and more – along with a Beast Mode function, which instantly boosts performance by 17 percent.



To help ensure that games run as smoothly as possible, the notebook features Samsung’s innovative Z AeroFlow Cooling System, which consists of three lightweight components: the Dynamic Spread Vapor Chamber, the Z AeroFlow Cooling Design, and dual Z Blade Blowers. Together, this powerful trio of technologies ensures that the notebook remains cool and powerful even when handling the most demanding of games. By directing cold air to the warmest parts of the device and expelling warm air through the vents, the system creates a pleasant, heat-free environment that’s perfect for extended gaming sessions.





Practice makes perfect. But at a certain point, you’ll find that your gaming skills are improving at a slower pace. That’s when having gaming-specific accessories can help take your experience to the next level.


By simply adding a gaming mouse and keyboard to your setup, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your reaction speed and accuracy.


When shopping for a gaming mouse, pay attention to the dots-per-inch (DPI) number. The higher the figure, the more sensitive the mouse is. Trying different mouse and keyboard combinations is also essential to finding a pair that clicks with you.


With sound design becoming increasingly sophisticated, it’s important for players to hear even minor audio details during gameplay. Extra layers of sound from additional speakers will improve your sense of anticipation and allow you to prepare for attacks from all directions.





Being able to quickly spot hidden items and accurately distinguish different characters are crucial skills in the gaming world. However, details needed for identification may not show up clearly on a laptop with a small screen.



Samsung’s latest high-resolution gaming monitor, the super ultra-wide (32:9) CHG90, can alleviate this frustration. The 49-inch monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate allows it to deliver smooth and captivating visuals, even for games with high-spec graphics. The device also boasts a 1800R curvature, and features Quantum dot and HDR technology to foster lifelike, vibrant images that make gamers feel like they’re in the heart of the action.


The CHG90’s Black Equalizer function enhances visibility in dark areas of the screen, making it easier to spot your enemies wherever they hide.


To further amplify gamers’ immersion, the CHG90 offers an 1ms (MPRT) response time, which minimizes the effects of motion blur, as well as an innovative Black Equalizer feature, which enhances visibility in dark areas of the screen to make it easier for gamers to spot items and lurking enemies.





Not so long ago, accessing the world of virtual reality required traveling to one of the few locations that possessed the requisite technology. Today, however, the excitement of mixed reality (MR) can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.


Designed in partnership with Microsoft, Samsung’s HMD Odyssey headset allows gamers to experience new levels of immersion through mixed reality.


Equipped with dual 3.5-inch AMOLED displays, the HMD Odyssey utilizes mixed reality to bring an unparalleled level of immersion to video games. The headset’s 1,600 x 1,440 resolution and 130-nit brightness ensure that even a game’s finest details are crystal clear. Its built-in AKG headphones, meanwhile, support 360° spatial sound, transforming games into multi-sensory experiences.


By replacing the keyboard and mouse with ergonomic motion controllers, the headset offers gamers limitless freedom to traverse virtual terrains. The motion sensors are built into the headset, which makes installing the HMD Odyssey as easy as plugging a memory stick into your computer.


Support for the wide range of VR-enabled apps and games available in the Microsoft Store, as well as the over 4,000* titles in the Steam VR catalog, makes the HMD Odyssey the ultimate platform for modern-day gaming.



Congratulations, you have successfully completed all the levels in this guide! It’s time to start your first virtual adventure, where things will get a little trickier.



*Title availability is subject to change.

Beyond the Stadium: Watching Live Sports on a Samsung QLED TV

How does watching sports on TV match up to seeing the event live in the stadium? Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs were designed to deliver a strong sense of presence, with the sights and sounds of the game so true to life that viewers might think they can smell the grass. With AI-enhanced searching, supersized screens, extraordinary picture quality and sound optimized for the game, 2018 QLED TVs are ideal for watching live sporting events. Samsung Newsroom sat down to catch a game on a 75-inch Q9F model and determine whether a QLED TV can capture the feverish excitement of the stadium.



Viewing Assisted by AI


With so much sport available to watch this summer, viewers might need a little help locating the events they want to watch. Samsung 2018 QLED TVs are furnished with Bixby and a Universal Guide, two intelligent features which make browsing for content even easier.


Bixby, the intelligent assistant, allowed the Newsroom to search for the team or game they wanted to see using a simple voice command, without scrolling through the schedules of every TV channel looking for content. So when viewers pressed the microphone button on their remote control and said, “Find Channels Showing Brazil Games”, a list of matches played by Brazilian teams appears on the screen.


The Universal Guide is equipped with a specialized Sports tab that recommends relevant content provided by the TV’s cable and satellite connections, as well as online streaming content, in a single place and prominently displays the titles of on-air sports games at the top of the screen.



Full Immersion at Home


When the grand stadium appeared on the 75-inch screen, the Newsroom gasped with delight. As they sat back to watch the TV, the green grass spread out lusciously before their eyes and all had the feeling that they were present at the live event. A big screen is critical to this sense of immersion. That’s why 2018 QLED TVs offer a full lineup of large screens – up to and including an 82-inch model.



When watching TV together with family or friends, people sitting at the edges of the group can often feel left out of the action, unable to see the full picture due to glare. To ensure that there are no more elbow-fights for a prime spot on the couch, Samsung QLED TVs have adopted Anti-reflection technology, making every seat the best spot for taking in the game. Anti-reflection also reduces the TV’s reflection of surrounding room lights when watching in the evening, so that viewers can see everything comfortably. The screen even captivated the audience from a distance and viewing was uninterrupted from any position around the room.



Vivid Pictures in Any Condition

The QLED TV’s 4K resolution gave the Newsroom a dynamic view of players’ movements. When watching sports on conventional TVs, the picture can appear blurred or broken because of the fast movements on the screen. However, the QLED TV guarantees clean picture quality with a 4K Q Engine, which automatically improves image quality and expresses hidden details.



Even viewed in the dark, Samsung 2018 QLED TVs fully expressed every small detail, like the sweat dripping from players’ foreheads, the players’ feet deftly maneuvering the ball around the field and the texture of a patch of turf flying from the ground. Direct Full Array technology ensured accurate and solid picture quality by controlling the individual brightness of the numerous tiny cells that light the screen, thus enhancing contrast around bright colors.



Under bright lighting, quantum dot picture quality shined through. Samsung 2018 QLED TVs are equipped with 100% Color Volume, which rendered the vivid realism of the stadium, regardless of ambient brightness. In addition, HDR (High Dynamic Range) 2000 technology expresses up to 2000 nit of brightness, which allowed viewers to clearly see the trajectory of the ball against a backdrop of bright colors from the sun, spectators and signs, or distinguish the back number of a distant athlete.



Optimized Sound for Heart-Racing Moments


At a live sporting event, layer upon layer of sounds from all around the stadium create a rich tone that is utterly unique. The melodic chants of the crowd, the sharp blast of the referee’s whistle, the shouts between players and the quiet hush before a crucial moment all blend to create an electric atmosphere.


QLED TVs up the intensity of sounds by automatically optimizing sound mixing according to the content displayed. The viewers put away their remote controls and were fully immersed. Understanding the difference between the spectators’ roars and commentators’ voices, the automated technology helps users focus by lowering the volume of surround sound when commentators are speaking, but raising the volume of the crowd at moments of excitement.


In sport, winners and losers can be decided in a split second. Watching sports on a Samsung 2018 QLED TV, viewers can enjoy every minute and every second, as if they were really there.



* Product specifications may vary depending on models and locations.

Samsung Introduces 8TB SSD for Data Centers in Next-generation ‘NF1’ Form Factor

Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has launched the industry’s highest capacity NVMe solid state drive (SSD) based on the incredibly small Next-generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF)* – an eight-terabyte (TB) NF1** SSD. The new 8TB NVMe NF1 SSD has been optimized for data-intensive analytics and virtualization applications in next-generation data centers and enterprise server systems.


“By introducing the first NF1 NVMe SSD, Samsung is taking the investment efficiency in data centers to new heights,” said Sewon Chun, senior vice president of Memory Marketing at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to lead the trend toward enabling ultra-high density data centers and enterprise systems by delivering storage solutions with unparalleled performance and density levels.”


The new SSD is built with 16 of Samsung’s 512-gigabyte (GB) NAND packages, each stacked in 16 layers of 256 gigabit (Gb) 3-bit V-NAND chips, achieving an 8TB density in an ultra-small footprint of 11cm x 3.05cm. This is twice the capacity offered by the M.2 NVMe SSD (11cm x 2.2cm) commonly used in hyper-scale server designs and ultra-slim laptops. The NF1 SSD is expected to quickly and easily replace conventional 2.5-inch NVMe SSDs by enabling up to three times the system density in existing server infrastructure, allowing for an unprecedented 576TB of storage space in the latest 2U rack servers.


The NF1 SSD features a brand new, high-performance controller that supports the NVMe 1.3 protocol and PCIe 4.0 interface, delivering sequential read speeds of 3,100 megabytes per second (MB/s) and write speeds of 2,000MB/s. These speeds are more than five times and three times that of a typical SATA SSD, respectively. Random speeds come in at 500,000 IOPS for read operations and 50,000 IOPS for writes. Utilizing the new NF1 storage solution, an enterprise server system can perform over one million IOPS in a 2U rack space, significantly enhancing the return on investment for next-generation large-scale data centers. The SSD also includes a 12GB LPDDR4 DRAM to enable faster and more energy-efficient data processing.


To ensure long-term data reliability, the NF1 NVMe SSD has been designed with an endurance level of 1.3 drive write per day (DWPD), which guarantees writing an entire 8TB of data 1.3 times a day over its three-year warranty period.


Samsung plans to accompany its 256Gb 3-bit V-NAND-based SSD with a 512Gb version in the second half of this year to accommodate even faster processing for big data applications, while also accelerating the growth in next-generation enterprise and mid-market data centers.



* Next-generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF) is the latest SSD standard which is expected to be standardized by JEDEC in October. It succeeds the M.2 standard and can more than double the space utilization within server systems.

** NGSFF is also referred to as NF1.

Boosting Law Enforcement Productivity, Safety and Data Security in the Field


Finally a viable solution to replace old laptops and desktop computers has arrived on the public safety scene with Samsung DeX in Car technology, making the work environment safer, more flexible and more efficient for police officers in the field by simply using a Samsung flagship Galaxy smartphone and the Samsung DeX service solution that brings an easy-to-use, PC-like experience to mobile handsets.


Bridging the gap between smartphone and desktop, Samsung DeX delivers an in-car computing capability by pairing the latest Galaxy smartphones with a mounted display and dedicated keyboard. By connecting the Samsung Galaxy S8/8+, S9/9+ or Note8 smartphone to DeX Pad or DeX Station, the smartphone functions as the car’s mobile data terminal.


The setup provides an optimal solution for forward-thinking police leaders and public safety professionals who recognize the importance of seamless mobile computing access both in the patrol car and while in the field.


Additionally, Samsung Galaxy smartphones include defense-grade mobile data security powered by Samsung Knox, helping agencies achieve Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliance when using the phone alone and with DeX.



“Mobile phones are more than just communication devices,” said Reginald Jones, Director of Public Sector Sales and Solutions. “They’re valuable public safety tools in terms of flexibility, security, efficiency and workplace productivity.”


Samsung DeX in Car helps reduce reliance on pen and pad or bulky in-car computer systems so police officers and other first responders can maintain greater situational awareness of their surroundings at all times, in addition to achieving a more streamlined workload.


With Samsung DeX in Car solution, the transition from a desktop experience inside the patrol car to accessing secure data in real-time while on the move, outside the vehicle, and then back in the station at the desk, is seamless.


The more comfortable viewing format makes full use of a horizontal display instead of stretching a smartphone interface, so officers can work on larger projects like incident reports, suspect identification or crime scene review.


For example, photos, videos and voice recordings gathered in the field on a smartphone are also securely processed on the smartphone, reducing redundant record-keeping when back at the desk. Through a seamless interface, Samsung DeX in Car allows data stored on the officer’s phone to be swiftly and securely transferred. Samsung Galaxy smartphones are armed with Samsung Knox, a platform that keeps the data inside a secure architecture throughout data migration – from gathering it, to processing it, to sharing it through other databases.


“The phone is becoming the critical technology tool for public safety officials, and Samsung DeX enables officers to use their Galaxy smartphone as a laptop replacement in the vehicle and in the station,” Jones said.


Samsung DeX in Car also helps remove some of the guesswork for officers before they respond to incidents. Having a Samsung Galaxy smartphone at the center of their workflow boosts the amount of data officers can receive. Instead of relying on radio transmissions and vague descriptions, officers get high-quality images, detailed reports and real-time updates.


“Samsung DeX offers a better return on investment all around,” said Jones. “It provides more flexibility and more security at a lower cost. The phone is the center point for public safety and using Samsung DeX offers the ultimate in mobility while being a powerful force multiplier for law enforcement officers.”


Today’s smartphones can support so many police operations, and the more an officer can do with a single device, the more they can do in the field to help their community.



Source: US Newsroom

[Interview] Freeing the TV with the Innovative One Invisible Connection



For decades, the TV has been a static object, confined to sit on the outer edges of a room or inside a cupboard, never moving from a single space as we attempt to hide away the cables that bring it to life. Yet Samsung Electronics believes that the TV should be an agile and dynamic device, with the flexibility to be positioned anywhere within in space and moved whenever desired. Combining cables into a single line, the One Invisible Connection was thus conceived to eliminate clutter and free the TV from its past.


Recently the Newsroom sat down with the One Invisible Connection managers to take a closer look at the journey from product planning to development, as they created this innovative solution.


Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Division, who planned and developed the One Invisible Connection. (From left) Junghwa Choi, Mingu Roh, Duhee Jang, and Seungbok Lee.



First-of-its-kind Flexibility

The first development in Samsung’s dramatic reduction of cable clutter was the One Connect Box, a hub for connecting various A/V components to the TV, introduced in 2013. Building on this work, in 2017, the company debuted the Invisible Connection, which combined all data and A/V lines into a forked cable. This year, it unveiled a first-of-its-kind innovation: a new One Invisible Connection that integrates everything – data and power – into a single cable.


“Invisible Connection” for 2017 QLED TVs (left) and “One Invisible Connection” for 2018 QLED TVs (right) Last year, there was a separate power line, but it was completely integrated into one cable this year.


The new One Invisible Connection is the culmination of the team’s combined efforts to overcome numerous obstacles. “Last year, we focused more on the appearance to create a design that seems invisible. But this year, while developing the newer version, we looked closely at real households to see how the cables were actually installed,” remarked Mingu Roh from the Product Strategy Team. “People would twist and mold the cables to hide a power line out of sight. So, we thought integrating the lines into one single cable would be fundamental to increasing the TV’s freedom.”


The greatest technical hurdle was to allow a customer to freely change the location of their TV around a room, without being hindered by bulky power or data cables. Junghwa Choi from the R&D Team explained, “We developed a solution which uses high-speed SerDes, optical communication, and error compensation technology to integrate the power and data lines into one thin cable.” Seungbok Lee from the R&D Team added, “We decided on this route after careful deliberation.”


The cable provided with the TV is 5 meters in length, but if needed, the line can be extended up to 15 meters, with the separate purchase of a longer One Visible Connection.


This is how Samsung 2018 QLED TVs were freed from spatial restrictions. With the One Invisible Connection, users can easily move their TVs, avoiding the tiresome process of reorganizing tangled lines and unplugging the powerline from the outlet. No longer required to be positioned close to sockets or in front of a sofa in the living room, the TV can be enjoyed anywhere in the room.



Safety First

The One Invisible Connection has piqued public curiosity and raised certain questions concerning safety for small children and animals. Keeping these considerations at the forefront of their minds, the R&D Team undertook the sizable task of designing an ultra-thin cable that safely allows high-voltage transmission.


Customer safety was the team’s top priority in any situation. Focusing on the management and reduction of various safety risks led them to develop a new piece of technology: an over-current protection circuit that shuts off power in the rare case of overheating. In risky situations, the One Invisible Connection immediately cuts off power. “If it is unplugged or disconnected, power is cut off within two seconds for safety purposes,“ said Duhee Jang from the R&D Team.



Samsung was approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)*, guaranteeing the safety of the One Invisible Connection. Nevertheless, the certification process itself was challenging, as there were no pre-existing standards to measure the new development against. In fact, Samsung created a new standard.


“We worked closely with UL from the beginning of the project to define customer needs and standards. Given the time constraint, the Planning and R&D Teams had to work simultaneously and these profound efforts are why the successful development and optimization of the One Invisible Connection are particularly meaningful,” said Lee. “UL Marks are the most widely recognized safety certification marks in the world. We are proud of the fact that we were able to present these new standards,” he added.



First Impressions


Resolving the shortcomings of traditional cables, the developers of the One Invisible Connection paid close attention to consumer preferences. On their home visits, they had also gained insights about consumer perception of cable thickness.


Roh said, “There was feedback that thin cables seem vulnerable and unstable. People even asked me, ‘Is it OK to have a cable this thin?’ So the team began its research and verification process to find an optimal thickness that would also assure users.”


As the product evolved into a hybrid cable containing both power and data lines, the team enhanced durability by swapping materials. “The major changes include switching the cable material from Kevlar to the more durable Teflon on the outside,” Choi elaborated. “It successfully integrates several important technologies.”



In their desire to blend it seamlessly into the home, the team went beyond the traditional boundaries of the TV. Some may doubt the importance of a cable, but Samsung’s One Invisible Connection is at the forefront of the evolution of the TV from simple audio-visual medium to a lifestyle product.


In consideration of the growing trend of consumers seeking greater convenience from their products, maximizing mobility is the future of TV design. The team hopes it will soon be the norm that people move their TVs anywhere around their homes.


*UL is a global safety consulting and certification company, approved to perform safety testing by the U.S. federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Samsung and Disney Welcome Two New AR Emojis

Samsung Electronics and Disney are bringing two more classic Disney characters to life as AR Emojis for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Daisy Duck and Goofy are the latest characters to join an already star-studded lineup that features Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck, as well as Pixar’s beloved Super family, the Incredibles.



The AR Emojis, first launched on the Galaxy S9 and S9+, enable users to create a personalized emoji that can be shared on any platform, providing a fun, unique way to send messages to friends. These messages can be further customized, as the augmented reality-powered, deep learning and facial recognition technology map more than 100 facial features.


AR Emojis for Daisy Duck and Goofy characters are now available for download. To add the avatars of these two characters, Galaxy S9 and S9+ users can simply tap the plus icon on the right-hand corner to access the Galaxy Apps Store under the camera’s AR Emoji mode.


Samsung and Disney will deliver more exciting AR Emoji updates in the coming months. Check back soon for more Samsung and Disney AR Emoji news.

[Video] Galaxy S9 Captures Samsung Home Appliances in Action with Super Slow-Mo

As we rush to complete our daily chores, we rarely stop and take a good look at the appliances built to help us. Samsung Electronics believes there is beauty to be found in these everyday moments. To offer a new perspective on Samsung’s three innovative appliances, the company captured them in action with the Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-mo Camera. Check out the videos below to watch the amazing moments unfold.



Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology reduces washing time by half, without compromising washing performance. Caught in Super Slow-mo, viewers can clearly see the washer’s innovative Q-Drum™ in action, with the main drum and the back plate rotating independently. This independent motion, powered by double forces, ensures the clothes inside the washing machine move dynamically around the drum—back and forth, as well top to bottom.



POWERbot™ powerfully cleans even the most hard-to-reach areas. Slowing down the robot vacuum cleaner with Super Slow-mo allows viewers to appreciate its powerful suction, which delivers optimal cleaning results with 40x more suction power than the previous model*. In addition, the device’s self-cleaning brush prevents clogging from collected dust and tangled hair, cutting down on regular maintenance and enabling it to run autonomously even longer.



Watching Samsung’s WaterWall™ dishwasher technology in Super Slow-mo, viewers can see individual jets create a powerful wall of water that cleans everything in the dishwasher. The Top Control Dishwasher with WaterWall™ also harnesses Zone Booster™ in the left half of the appliance, which has five nozzles for the industry’s widest targeted cleaning that cleans even the dirtiest dishes in a single wash.



*Tested internally on Samsung POWERbot VR7000 and Samsung conventional VR10F71UCAC

[Infographic] Discover Samsung’s Onyx Cinema LED Screen around the World

Ever since its first installation at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul, Samsung Electronics’ Onyx Cinema LED screen has expanded to regions across the world – specifically, twelve movie theaters in nine countries worldwide to-date, as shown in the graphic below. Most recently, Onyx was installed in Hong Kong and Malaysia – to deliver an extraordinary cinematic experience to even more movie lovers, with a number of additional orders currently in the pipeline.




Now in Malaysia and Hong Kong – Onyx screens installed all across Asia

This year, Samsung announced partnerships with two of Asia’s largest cinema circuits – Hong Kong’s MCL Cinemas and Malaysia’s Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) – to install the Onyx Cinema LED screen. Earlier this month, on June 7, Onyx officially opened at the MOVIE TOWN theater of MCL Cinemas, which has a total of nine prime cinema sites and 48 screens in the Hong Kong region, as well as the GSC group’s Mid Valley Megamall cinema in Malaysia.


In addition this month, Samsung and global cinema companies including INOX and PVR Cinemas of India kicked-off plans to create Onyx theaters in their respective regions to bring the world’s audiences a better movie experience.



Rapid adoption driven by superior cinema experience

Samsung Onyx has quickly caught on in popularity, with its features that take the cinema experience to the next level. For example, Samsung Onyx’ backlit screen helps bring out a screen’s true colors providing imagery depiction, crisp and free from distortion. Onyx’ High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement and infinite contrast and brightness technologies also add-in to enable sharper presentations, and Samsung’s Audio Lab and JBL by Harman have cooperated to develop the Cinema LED screen’s innovative audio technology that expands audio range throughout theater seating areas.


Hong Kong’s MCL Cinemas (left) and Malaysia’s Golden Screen Cinemas (right)

4 Fun Ways BuzzFeed and The Dodo are Celebrating Summer in Super Slow-mo with the Galaxy S9 and S9+

Summer is just around the corner, and with it, sunny days in the park with pets, pool parties and backyard barbecues. Samsung can help you capture those moments like never before with the Super Slow-mo video feature on the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, and they’ve partnered with BuzzFeed – the world’s leading tech-powered media company – and The Dodo – the no. 1 digital media brand for animal people – to show you how.


Together the media companies have produced highly-shareable Super Slow-mo videos to show just how easy it is to create these entertaining videos with the new flagship devices. Just in time for the summer fun, here are some of the best videos produced since the partnership began.



1. Yoga Interrupted

Yoga in the park is all well and good until your friend gets tired of downward-facing dog and wants to play instead.  The Dodo partnership has proved that one of the best ways to enjoy Super Slow-mo videos is with a pet.


“At the Dodo we do a LOT of shooting on our phones because animals do the cutest things when you least expect,” said one Dodo director. “So, shooting on the new Galaxy S9s has been a revelation for us because we’re able to capture things at a super high quality, with lots of features, all from our phones.”




2. Tips From the Master

To make your videos even more captivating, The Dodo reached out to influencer, zammypup, for some advice on improving production value. Some tips include adding a cute guest star to the mix and playing around with different props.




3. The Zen of Blowing Bubbles

Make sure you take some time to stop and smell the roses and preserve the moment with a little Super Slow-mo fun this summer. BuzzFeed used the Galaxy S9/S9+’s reverse mode to make their videos even more entertaining.




4. Foodie Fun

Backyard barbecues are the hallmark of summer, and BuzzFeed’s content creators say the Galaxy S9/S9+ are the perfect devices to capture these moments.


“During our creative process, we found that life’s everyday moments can become extraordinary with Samsung’s Super Slow-mo technology,” said Tommy Wesely, Vice President of Branded Content at BuzzFeed. “Ordinary situations like hanging out with friends on an afternoon can evolve into these moments that highlight the reaction, emotion and experiences that we all share.”


The summer vibes were captured perfectly in this snack attack clip.


[Interview] Sunrise Gold: The Story behind Galaxy S9’s Latest Color Edition

Samsung Electronics released the Sunrise Gold edition of Galaxy S9 and S9+ shortly after the devices’ initial launch. As Galaxy’s latest color edition, Sunrise Gold’s subtle glossy surface radiates with a reddish glow to perfectly capture the warmth of the rising sun. Its development also saw Samsung apply the Satin Gloss Finish on smartphones for the first time.


Samsung Newsroom sat down with members of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Business, who were behind the development of the Sunrise Gold color of the Galaxy S9 and S9+. They include instrument developers Seung-hwan Park and Young-gun Kim from the Mechanical R&D Team, and designers Hye-jin Bang and Hye-jung Lee from the Design Team.


(from left) Hye-jin Bang, Young-gun Kim, Seung-hwan Park and Hye-jung Lee


Q: What inspired the development of Sunrise Gold?


Hye-jin Bang: Samsung has released a gold edition for every Galaxy model. For Galaxy S9 and S9+, we wanted to create a new luxurious gold edition that is both gender neutral and appeals to people of all ages, including millennials. Based on the latest trends in various industries, such as interior design, and extensive global consumer surveys, we found that Sunrise Gold meets all our objectives.


Sunrise Gold is inspired by satin-weave fabric, which reflects a unique, subtle aura of gloss. We spent several years developing the Satin Gloss Finish – a new type of glossy surface that also includes qualities of a matt finish – to capture the exact texture of the fabric.


Each color of gold is different, yet beautiful. Take a look at Galaxy S9’s Sunrise Gold (left) and Galaxy S8’s Maple Gold (right).



Q: How did the team achieve the Satin Gloss Finish?


Seung-hwan Park: To realize the subtleties of Satin Gloss Finish, we had to accurately adjust the glossiness of the surface. That’s why we added an extra layer of glass coating on the back of the phone, and made the surface rugged afterward, to change the way it reflects light. The reduced glossiness of the finish also reduces fingerprint marks on the phone. Samsung patented the Satin Gloss Finish, as it’s a first in the smartphone industry.


Hye-jin Bang: We have been wanting to develop the Satin Gloss Finish for around four years. We were finally able to put the idea into practice after countless experiments. During the development process, we had difficulties producing the glossiness we had in mind while maintaining the coating’s durability, which is crucial for smartphones.



Q: How did the team improve the durability of the Satin Gloss Finish?


Seung-hwan Park: The production technique we used to improve durability involves several high-temperature treatments of the coating to unify glass coating with mobile back glass. This was the first time we used this technique in our manufacturing process and we spent a lot of time improving its reliability.


Young-gun Kim: One of the most difficult part was finding a way to produce the precise level of glossiness. We produced many samples with different techniques and tested them under various conditions. We finally achieved the Satin Gloss Finish after a lengthy process of trial and error.



Q: Finally, what’s the meaning behind the name Sunrise Gold?


Hye-jung Lee: The concept of Galaxy S9 and S9+ revolves around capturing everyday moments in special ways. Samsung has so far introduced four color editions for the devices. Each of the colors represent a different time of the day: Midnight Black is inspired by the night; Titanium Gray symbolizes the liminal time between night and day; Coral Blue mimics the dawn; and Lilac Purple reflects the sunset. We wanted to apply the same theme to the new color edition.


The impressive reddish hue of the latest gold edition resembles the light of a rising sun. That’s why we chose the name Sunrise Gold to represent the magical moment when light radiates across the sky when daylight breaks.


Samsung Electronics and Steinway Lyngdorf Partner to Deliver Unmatched Audiovisual Experience with ‘The Wall’

Samsung Electronics announced today its partnership with the world’s finest audio systems company, Steinway Lyngdorf, for its next generation MicroLED display, ‘The Wall’. Samsung’s impressive display and Steinway Lyngdorf’s state-of-the-art sound system are a perfect combination that provides the ultimate viewing experience. First introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, The Wall was one of the most talked-about displays of the show and continues to generate buzz within the industry.


“The Wall is Samsung’s latest symbol of true innovation,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through our partnership with Steinway Lyngdorf, we are pioneering a new name in display technology and delivering an unmatched, one-of-a-kind audiovisual experience.”



The first of its kind, The Wall provides superior color purity and accuracy, perfect viewing experience in both light and dark environments, and is more durable than conventional displays, all with less energy consumption. Its modular design is configurable and its 146-inch standard size is customizable without affecting performance or presentation quality.


The first audio company to create a fully digital amplifier in 1998, Steinway Lyngdorf is the perfect audio partner for The Wall. Steinway Lyngdorf’s audio system became the winner of the coveted “Editor’s Choice” award from The Absolute Sound magazine for six consecutive years. Their audio system includes a sound tuning service with RoomPerfect™ room correction, which is one of the world’s most sophisticated solutions for adapting the sound system to the environment.


Complementing Samsung’s extraordinary visuals is the exquisite sound from Steinway Lyngdorf’s freestanding Steinway & Sons Model B loudspeaker, which is paired with the new Steinway & Sons P100 surround sound processor. The Model B is a full-range dipole speaker finely-crafted to produce pure sound quality and lifelike musicality.


“Both products are made with one ultimate goal – to create the most realistic experience possible with today’s advanced display technology and the leading sound system design,” said Peter Lyngdorf, owner and founder of Steinway Lyngdorf. “By combining a state-of-the-art visual display with a refined audio system, Samsung and Steinway Lyngdorf delivers an enhanced sense of ‘being there’, and no cost was spared to achieve the ultimate experience.”


Samsung and Steinway Lyngdorf are exhibiting Steinway & Sons Model B speaker with The Wall Professional at InfoComm 2018, from June 6th to 8th. The Wall Professional, which is now available for pre-order, is geared toward both commercial and residential markets from premium indoor spaces, to media spaces and private cinemas. As a first step of the partnership, Samsung and Steinway Lyngdorf have presented The Wall Professional and Model B as a perfect bundle solution for customers who need not only the best viewing, but also superior audiovisual system.


For more information about The Wall, visit:



About Steinway Lyngdorf

Since 2005, Steinway Lyngdorf has been the pinnacle of the audio industry. Our name is, and always has been, synonymous with impeccable craftsmanship and 21st century technologies. Designed, developed and manufactured in Denmark, Steinway Lyngdorf sound systems are the only system on the planet that are qualified to be manufactured in partnership with Steinway & Sons. For more information about Steinway Lyngdorf –

[Interview] “Enhanced Sense of Presence”: How Samsung Took the Wall to the Next Level with Steinway Lyngdorf


“Viewers will be struck by the enhanced sense of presence the first time they experience The Wall and Steinway Lyngdorf combination,”

– Peter Lyngdorf, founder of Steinway Lyngdorf


Samsung Electronics recently teamed up with the world’s finest audio systems manufacturer Steinway Lyngdorf in search of the ultimate audiovisual experience. The result is a groundbreaking system which combines the dynamic visual qualities of The Wall with Steinway Lyngdorf’s exquisite Model B loudspeakers.


Founded in Denmark in 2005, Steinway Lyngdorf brings together the heritage of Steinway & Sons, the world’s finest piano maker, with the uncompromising vision of audio innovator Peter Lyngdorf to create high-end sound systems. A world-renowned audio engineer, Lyngdorf is responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in sound technology. Not only did he create the first fully digital amplifier, the engineer also pioneered Digital Room Compensation technology.


Here’s the story of how Samsung collaborated with Steinway Lyngdorf to create a one-of-a-kind audiovisual system.


Peter Lyngdorf, founder of Steinway Lyngdorf



A Shared Passion for Innovation

When Samsung unveiled The Wall earlier this year, it marked a key milestone in the company’s development of top-end displays. While the Wall has superior color display with true black and HDR capabilities, and it is designed and manufactured through a host of cutting-edge technology innovations, one final piece of the puzzle was missing.


“The Wall requires an independent audio solution that can match the visual experience regardless of the acoustic setting,” says Alex Szabo (below) from Samsung Electronics’ Enterprise Product Marketing Group. “Being a great and prestigious audio brand, we thought Steinway Lyngdorf was the natural choice for collaboration may our clients require high end stereo of full surround solutions.”



Samsung and Steinway Lyngdorf both share the same desire to push the envelop in their respective fields, which meant that a common language was already in place for a dynamic partnership to flourish.


As Lyngdorf explains, “Our systems do not require extensive acoustical modifications to the space to allow for great sound. We wanted to use our scientific research to make a range of audio solutions to complement the great visual quality of The Wall.”



In Search of Perfection


After hours of testing and fine-tuning, both companies finally settled on the ultimate audio companion for The Wall – Steinway Lyngdorf’s Model B speakers.


“The Model B system is controlled by our P100 multichannel processor,” Lyngdorf says. “This means the speakers can handle all audio parameters to produce optimum sound.”


Equipped with Steinway Lyngdorf’s RoomPerfect system, the Model B speakers can be adjusted to maximize the acoustics of any room, regardless of its size or shape, and allows for artificial calibration as well.


“Our unique technologies in sound management not only provide realistic sounds even in the most challenging environments but also allows for flexibility in installation,” says Lyngdorf. “They can be virtually invisible or become a part of a room’s décor without compromising on sound quality.



Enhanced Sense of Immersion

Viewers experiencing The Wall and Steinway Lyngdorf Model B system


Spending time with The Wall and Steinway Lyngdorf speakers (such as the Model B) in person is the only way to truly appreciate the monumental creation of Samsung’s collaboration with Steinway Lyngdorf. Surrounded by life-like images and sound, viewers will feel like they are in the heart of the action, enveloped in a dazzling audiovisual spectacle unlike any other.


“The result of the collaboration shows that exceptional sound and image together add up to far more than the sum of the parts,” says Lyngdorf.


The UHD 146” Wall Professional will be exhibited alongside a pair of matt black color (designed specifically for the collaboration) Model B speakers at Infocomm 2018 from 6 to 8 June. The audiovisual system is now available for pre-order.

Samsung Launches The Wall Professional for Commercial Industry at InfoComm 2018

Samsung today announced at InfoComm 2018 the introduction of The Wall Professional – a modular, MicroLED display that can extend to hundreds of inches in size while delivering impressive black color, brightness, and contrast in any commercial setting. InfoComm 2018 attendees are invited to “See the Greatness” of The Wall as well as other display products and digital signage solutions at the Samsung booth (#C3127). Pre-orders of The Wall are now available from Samsung with the first orders shipping in the third quarter of 2018.


“Through the launch of The Wall Professional, we are changing the way users interact and the way businesses display content by delivering a one-of-a-kind visual experience,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “This first-of-its-kind display is just one product in our broad InfoComm 2018 line-up aimed at providing a state-of-the-art, next-generation visual experience. We look forward to sharing our vision for what’s next with our customers, partners, and peers at the world’s largest event for AV(audio visual) professionals.”



The Wall Professional: The Future of Display Technology


A business-ready variation of one of CES 2018’s most talked-about consumer displays, The Wall Professional’s modular design is configurable and customizable. It provides perfect black and superior color purity in a bright environment, as well as in the dark. The stylish design of The Wall will modernize any corporate lobby, museum, gallery or luxury retail space. The Wall Professional is highly reliable and efficient. In any arrangement, the display’s HDR10+ technology and MicroLED pixel modules produce unparalleled peak brightness of 1600nit, excellent color presentation and brilliant imagery free of color filters or backlighting


Great Black – Black is the essence of detail. The Wall forms the essence of black. The fusion of an exceptionally black base with a specialized ultra-low reflection black technology delivers pure black levels for unparalleled contrast and immaculate detail.


Great Color – True detail comes from true colors. The Wall’s inherent color qualities, with two times superior color purity and a wider color gamut than conventional LEDs, produce vibrant-yet-natural colors for an awe-inspiring visual experience.


Great Refinement – Cutting-edge innovation is the fruition of refinement. The Wall’s industry-leading picture quality engine—advanced HDR picture refinement, HDR10+ and more—possesses an intuitive capability to render optimum peak brightness and an extremely accurate grayscale expression for true-to-life imagery.



MagicINFO 6: Simplifying Content Creation and Management

The MagicINFO 6 is Samsung’s latest content management platform that allows businesses in any environment to conveniently create, schedule and deploy content across their entire digital signage network. The platform is powered by the TIZEN 4.0 operating system which offers the seamless remote ability for both software and hardware and supports remote management, enabling content teams to update message designs and schedules from any location at any time. The MagicINFO 6 is the industry`s best platform to support the hardware device with health checks for error detection and troubleshooting. It is compatible with all of Samsung’s signage based on the TIZEN 4.0 OS including The Wall Professional, the new QMN and QBN Series Intelligent UHD displays, and the IF Series LED Signage.


Dual Sided Outdoor Signage: Double the Ads, Maximize the Revenue


InfoComm 2018 attendees will also be the first to see Samsung’s Dual Sided Outdoor Signage display (Model OH85N-D). Backed by the TIZEN 4.0 OS, and available in an 85-inch display, the Dual Sided Outdoor Signage will be available for spaces such as bus-stop shelters and street benches. With advertising content showcased on both sides of the display, the signage is expected to maximize advertising revenue for featured businesses.


Intelligent UHD Signage: A Powerful and Versatile Experience

Also based on the TIZEN 4.0 OS, Samsung’s new QMN Series (500nit brightness) and QBN Series (350nit brightness) Intelligent UHD displays achieve crisper and clearer content for users seeking a more powerful and versatile experience. The displays’ intelligent engine automatically upgrades FHD content from any source to sharper, clearer UHD quality, improving the viewing experience instantaneously and without extensive manual input. The global launch of the Intelligent UHD Signage, including North America, will be this June.



IF Series LED Signage: Superior Picture Quality


Samsung will also showcase its fine pixel pitch IF Series LED Signage (P1.2 model), which will be available in the United States in June this year. These cutting-edge displays combine Samsung’s leading video processing technologies with HDR picture refinement to add clarity and sophistication to featured content—all with a compact, easy-to-maintain design. This includes specialized scene-by-scene adaptation technology that optimizes gradation and brightness levels within each individual content frame, to produce the most detailed and realistic picture possible.


For more information about The Wall Professional, visit:

Three New Projects Spin Off from Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab

Samsung Electronics announced that it will support three more projects to be spun off from C-Lab (Creative Lab), an in-house start-up incubation program. With the addition of AGWART, CATCH FLOW and FOR MAKERS, a total of 34 C-Lab alumni projects have now been launched as fully-fledged start-ups since 2015.


Indoor Smart Garden Solution PLANTBOX


AGWART created ‘PLANTBOX,’ an indoor smart garden solution that enables users to easily grow vegetables and herbs at home. PLANTBOX consists of a smart greenhouse similar to a small refrigerator, seed capsules and an app. Users only need to insert the seed capsule of choice, and PLANTBOX automatically detects the species of the seed and optimizes its internal environment including lighting, temperature, humidity, air quality and nutrients. Users are also able to monitor and control the environment via app.


Portable Directional Speaker ‘S-Ray’


CATCH FLOW developed ‘S-Ray,’ a portable directional speaker. Unlike conventional speakers which spread out sound in all directions, S-Ray sends the sound directly forward so only the people in the right direction can hear it. Overcoming technical difficulties from previous researches, CATCH FLOW was able to build a smaller, lighter device – only one tenth the size of a conventional directional speaker. Compared to previous solutions, S-Ray also runs on lower power without impacting volume or sound quality.


AI-based Research Platform ‘AppBee’


FOR MAKERS built ‘AppBee,’ a research platform that connects clients and users based on mobile usage patterns. AppBee, after users’ opt-in, predicts their characteristics by analysing their mobile usage patterns and automatically matches the users to suitable clients through AI-based algorithms. FOR MAKERS hopes to produce more reliable research results at a lower cost compared to conventional, untargeted surveys to enable creators – start-ups and large corporations alike – to refine products based on user feedback.


The three new start-ups have engaged in business consulting and mentoring programs with field experts for the past three months, to obtain business know-how and prepare for the successful spinoff. They have officially left Samsung Electronics as of May 31, 2018.


A number of C-Lab alumni are already proving to be fruitful. 2017 spin-off Monit will be launching its first commercial product ‘Monit by Huggies’ – a baby diaper sensor that distinguishes between urine and feces and notifies parents – in partnership with Yuhan-Kimberly this June. Monit is also planning to expand to inconsistence briefs for adults, for use in hospitals and senior care centers. Linkflow, which develops wearable cameras, saw its value increase 20-fold, after it was spun off in 2016. Linkflow’s FITT360 Security camera has especially been attracting attention from security companies around the world.


“During the past three years, 34 start-ups with 130 employees were spun off from C-Lab and they have hired an additional 170 people from outside of Samsung,” said Jaiil Lee, Vice President and Head of Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Research. “We will continue to give opportunities to our employees to realize their innovative ideas as an entrepreneur in start-ups accelerated by Samsung.”



About Samsung Electronics’ C-Lab

Created in December 2012, C-Lab is an in-house idea incubation program that encourages a creative corporate culture and nurtures innovative ideas from Samsung employees. The program supports the development of ideas from all areas of the business. Introduced in 2015, the C-Lab spin-off policy helps Samsung employees who have successfully completed C-Lab projects to launch their own start-ups.

Samsung Launches New Newsroom in Chile


Samsung Electronics Chile has announced the launch of an official newsroom, Samsung Newsroom Chile, which will offer local media and consumers access to the company’s latest news and digital content. Accessible at, the newsroom will serve as the go-to source for updates on Samsung’s activities in the country, as well as information on the company’s products, services, corporate vision, and much more.



The newsroom will feature a dedicated section for journalists to browse and download a wide range of press materials, including images, videos, and infographics. Going forward, all of Samsung’s press releases and related resources will be accessible via this repository.


Other available resources will include information on Samsung’s history, business lines, sustainability efforts, and general performance. The website will also feature content offering consumers tips to help them get the most out of their Samsung devices, along with trend studies, explanatory videos, and articles written by tech experts.


In addition to housing a wide array of valuable resources, the newsroom will feature livestreams of important industry events and global product launches. Access to the website will be free, with no need to create an account.


The newsroom is Samsung’s fourth in South America and 22nd overall, following the launches of newsrooms with specialized content in countries such as Korea, the United States, Vietnam, Germany, India, and Brazil, among others.

A Day at the Zoo With the Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-mo Camera

Samsung believes that there’s plenty of beauty to be found in the everyday moments that many of us overlook – both in our lives, and throughout nature. That’s why the company equipped the Galaxy S9 and S9+ with a 960 frames-per-second Super Slow-mo camera: to allow users to record those ‘unseen’ moments in exquisite detail.


Samsung Newsroom recently took the Galaxy S9 on a trip to the zoo to examine how some of the animal kingdom’s most majestic inhabitants enjoy a typical spring day. Read on to find out how Super Slow-mo transformed ordinary zoo sights into extraordinary footage.


A sunny day at Korea’s Everland amusement park proved the perfect setting to capture a series of stunning Super Slow-mo videos.


With Super Slow-mo, movements that are too fast for the human eye to see – such as the beat of a bee’s wings – are revealed in exquisite detail.


Super Slow-mo captures a kaleidoscope of butterflies fluttering amongst flowers.


The Galaxy S9’s camera provides us with an excellent opportunity to admire the plumage of some hungry birds.


Elsewhere, the camera captures a giraffe enjoying a midday snack – and leaving a mess on a colleague’s hand.


After recording this Super Slow-mo video of a tiger at play in the park’s zoo, it seemed only appropriate to save the video as a playful ‘swing mode’ GIF.


A Super Slow-mo video of an elephant cooling off looks even cooler when saved as a reversed GIF.


A bevy of bubbles gracefully floats over a gushing fountain.


Super Slow-mo videos transform ordinary moments, like children playing in a fountain, into works of art.



To learn more about the Galaxy S9’s innovative camera, check out our in-depth rundown here.

[Photo Essay] Celebrating Spring at Samsung’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Sites


Spring has sprung, with summer fast approaching, and just like countless others across the Northern Hemisphere, the employees at Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor manufacturing sites have spent the last several weeks enjoying the terrific weather that comes with the season.


To help make this spring extra special, the centers, known for their strict protocols and security, organized their first official photo contest. Held from April 6 to May 3, the contest offered employees across four Samsung semiconductor campuses a chance to soak in the sun, admire blooming cherry blossoms, and share snapshots of the beauty that surrounds them every day.


Take a look at some of the contest’s standout submissions below.


“Canola Flowers, Pinwheels and Onyang” by Myeong-ho Lee


Budding flowers are a sure sign that spring has finally come. Viewers of this vibrant image of canola flowers and pinwheels may be surprised to learn that it was snapped not on Korea’s picturesque Jeju Island, but at Samsung’s Onyang Campus.


“Symphony of Spring” by Dae-young Kim


Dae-young Kim’s photograph, captured while strolling around the Hwaseong Campus at lunchtime, depicts rows of beautiful tulips lining a tranquil stream in front of the campus’s cafeteria.


“Cherry Blossom Road” by Sang-hun Kim


For Sang-hun Kim, the contest offered an excellent opportunity to enjoy the spring weather with colleagues. One day, when crossing the cherry blossom tree-lined road that leads to the Onyang Campus’s dormitory, Kim was reminded of the iconic cover of the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album.


Inspired, Kim returned to the crosswalk with his colleagues to snap a fun, Abbey Road-esque photo. His usual route to work had instantly transformed into a scenic setting for an unforgettable shot.


“Spring, Colorful Pinwheels, and Us” by Sang-hun Kim


Elsewhere on the Onyang Campus, colleagues pose for a playful photo amongst pinwheels spinning in the warm spring breeze.


“Smiles in Spring” by Young-ho Shin


Employees at the Onyang Campus are all smiles as they pause for a photo beneath blooming cherry blossoms. As you can see from their beaming smiles, the team is enjoying the relaxing time together.


“Let’s Run Together” by Youngjong Yoon


Each spring, the Giheung and Hwaseong Campuses organize their annual employee fun run, the Spring Race for Love. Proceeds from the race go toward efforts to enrich the campuses’ respective communities. A Giheung Campus employee Youngjong Yoon captured this candid shot of race participants using his camera.


“Beautiful R&D Center” by Il-jin Shin


For Il-jin Shin, the all-glass exterior of the Onyang Campus’s R&D Center proved the perfect canvas for capturing the beauty of a bright spring sky.


“Building Flowers” by Il-jin Shin


Here we have another submission from Il-jin Shin, taken in front of the Onyang Campus’s TP Center. The bright pastel colors adorning Buildings 1, 2 and 3 reminded Shin of spring flowers in bloom.


“Night View of MR 1 Building at Hwaseong Campus” by Hyeon-gang Heo


The photo contest showcased the unique and creative perspectives of Samsung employees.


Light trails created by car and bus headlights symbolize the dynamic nature of Samsung’s semiconductor business. It took Hyeon-gang Heo quite a bit of time to find the perfect moment to take the photo. However, as he notes, the end result was well worth the wait.


“Line 17 at Night” by Dong-jin Lim


Lastly, we have the contest’s grand prize-winning entry, captured by Dong-jin Lim at the Hwaseong Campus. The image depicts two employees as they head back to work at the Line 17 building – the campus’s latest production facility.


The summer heat may be on its way, but the talented individuals at Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing sites will continue to greet each day with the zeal of spring, and do their part to help usher in a brighter future.

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