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Create more effective ads for today’s consumer

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‘Tis the season for planning holiday travel

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Helping boost diversity in local newsrooms

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Animal crackers in my trends (and other searches out of the box this week)

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Elections roadshow: supporting journalists’ midterm reporting

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Dog days, always: the most fetching trends for National Dog Day

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An update on state-sponsored activity

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Fifteen grants to support computing research for undergraduate women

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Don’t run out of data: Two new ways Datally can help

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VR Labs open doors of opportunity for STEM students

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Easier Search Console access for Analytics owners

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New Analytics Academy course: Google Analytics for Power Users

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Five insights on voice technology

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Selling inventory is easier with Google Ad Manager

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Between two interns: the scoop on a summer at Google

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Google Images data in Google Analytics

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We’ll take “what’s trending” for a hundred

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G Suite Pro Tips: how to record macros in Google Sheets

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Five new grants to support CS education research

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Building a new data center in Singapore

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Hot searches for summer entertainment

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Our August Talks at Google roundup: the ultimate spectator sport

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Fairness matters: Promoting pride and respect with AI

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Making it easier to discover data in Search

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Start your day on a high note with musical alarms on the Google Clock app

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We need to embrace technological breakthroughs

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Browse the web in VR: Chrome launches on Daydream View

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Shall we dance? Using technology to explore new art

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Preparing for a BeyondCorp world: Understanding your device inventory

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Empowering female founders in tech: the future is inclusive

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Icebergs, Goldfish and water on Mars: searches that floated to the top this week

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What a week! 105 announcements from Google Cloud Next ’18

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Set your summer schedule with events in Search

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The first Smart Displays with the Google Assistant are now available in stores

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We’re bringing VR Creator Lab to Europe

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Google for Entrepreneurs impact in Europe and the Middle East: our annual report

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Building the cloud together: Diversity and inclusion at Next ‘18

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12 must-see G Suite sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘18

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Managing and securing cloud workers with new updates to Chrome Enterprise

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Making healthcare better for everyone—including providers

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Move Mirror: You move and 80,000 images move with you

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Make paying the easiest part of your summer trip

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Android has created more choice, not less

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Google for Thailand—unlocking digital opportunity for all Thais

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Stay on top of your day with proactive help from your Assistant

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An update to referral source URLs for Google Images

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Emo-gee, that’s a cool job. Meet the woman who designs Google’s emoji.

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Delivering increased connectivity with our first private trans-Atlantic subsea cable

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Introducing Course Kit: new ways to collaborate with G Suite in your LMS, designed for Higher Ed

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Extending Google’s Grab and Go program to businesses so they can save time and money

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Helping more people in the U.K. find their next job

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High Fry-ve: sundaes for everyone this weekend

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#teampixel’s cool inspiration on hot summer days

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Lifelong learning for everyone: What we’ve learned from our European social innovation partners

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Google Measurement Partners: Trusted measurement solutions for the entire customer journey

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How to prepare for the cloud worker era