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Beyond the Stadium: Watching Live Sports on a Samsung QLED TV

How does watching sports on TV match up to seeing the event live in the stadium? Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs were designed to deliver a strong sense of presence, with the sights and sounds of the game so true to life that viewers might think they can smell the grass. With AI-enhanced searching, supersized screens, extraordinary picture quality and sound optimized for the game, 2018 QLED TVs are ideal for watching live sporting events. Samsung Newsroom sat down to catch a game on a 75-inch Q9F model and determine whether a QLED TV can capture the feverish excitement of the stadium.



Viewing Assisted by AI


With so much sport available to watch this summer, viewers might need a little help locating the events they want to watch. Samsung 2018 QLED TVs are furnished with Bixby and a Universal Guide, two intelligent features which make browsing for content even easier.


Bixby, the intelligent assistant, allowed the Newsroom to search for the team or game they wanted to see using a simple voice command, without scrolling through the schedules of every TV channel looking for content. So when viewers pressed the microphone button on their remote control and said, “Find Channels Showing Brazil Games”, a list of matches played by Brazilian teams appears on the screen.


The Universal Guide is equipped with a specialized Sports tab that recommends relevant content provided by the TV’s cable and satellite connections, as well as online streaming content, in a single place and prominently displays the titles of on-air sports games at the top of the screen.



Full Immersion at Home


When the grand stadium appeared on the 75-inch screen, the Newsroom gasped with delight. As they sat back to watch the TV, the green grass spread out lusciously before their eyes and all had the feeling that they were present at the live event. A big screen is critical to this sense of immersion. That’s why 2018 QLED TVs offer a full lineup of large screens – up to and including an 82-inch model.



When watching TV together with family or friends, people sitting at the edges of the group can often feel left out of the action, unable to see the full picture due to glare. To ensure that there are no more elbow-fights for a prime spot on the couch, Samsung QLED TVs have adopted Anti-reflection technology, making every seat the best spot for taking in the game. Anti-reflection also reduces the TV’s reflection of surrounding room lights when watching in the evening, so that viewers can see everything comfortably. The screen even captivated the audience from a distance and viewing was uninterrupted from any position around the room.



Vivid Pictures in Any Condition

The QLED TV’s 4K resolution gave the Newsroom a dynamic view of players’ movements. When watching sports on conventional TVs, the picture can appear blurred or broken because of the fast movements on the screen. However, the QLED TV guarantees clean picture quality with a 4K Q Engine, which automatically improves image quality and expresses hidden details.



Even viewed in the dark, Samsung 2018 QLED TVs fully expressed every small detail, like the sweat dripping from players’ foreheads, the players’ feet deftly maneuvering the ball around the field and the texture of a patch of turf flying from the ground. Direct Full Array technology ensured accurate and solid picture quality by controlling the individual brightness of the numerous tiny cells that light the screen, thus enhancing contrast around bright colors.



Under bright lighting, quantum dot picture quality shined through. Samsung 2018 QLED TVs are equipped with 100% Color Volume, which rendered the vivid realism of the stadium, regardless of ambient brightness. In addition, HDR (High Dynamic Range) 2000 technology expresses up to 2000 nit of brightness, which allowed viewers to clearly see the trajectory of the ball against a backdrop of bright colors from the sun, spectators and signs, or distinguish the back number of a distant athlete.



Optimized Sound for Heart-Racing Moments


At a live sporting event, layer upon layer of sounds from all around the stadium create a rich tone that is utterly unique. The melodic chants of the crowd, the sharp blast of the referee’s whistle, the shouts between players and the quiet hush before a crucial moment all blend to create an electric atmosphere.


QLED TVs up the intensity of sounds by automatically optimizing sound mixing according to the content displayed. The viewers put away their remote controls and were fully immersed. Understanding the difference between the spectators’ roars and commentators’ voices, the automated technology helps users focus by lowering the volume of surround sound when commentators are speaking, but raising the volume of the crowd at moments of excitement.


In sport, winners and losers can be decided in a split second. Watching sports on a Samsung 2018 QLED TV, viewers can enjoy every minute and every second, as if they were really there.



* Product specifications may vary depending on models and locations.

Samsung Electronics Partners with World’s Largest Theater Operator, Wanda Cinemas, to Launch China’s First Cinema LED Theater


Samsung Electronics today announced a partnership with the world’s largest theater operator Wanda Cinemas to bring its pioneering Cinema LED Screen technology to Wanda’s Wujiaochang theater, located in Shanghai’s Yangpu District. The theater marks the first implementation of Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen in China, and follows successful implementations in Asia last year in Seoul and Busan, Korea, and Bangkok, Thailand, and also in Europe, at the Arena Cinemas Sihlcity in Zurich, Switzerland.


“Since its introduction mid-last year, Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen has captivated the cinema industry with its potential revolutionize the theater and filmgoing experience. Through sharper colors, true-to-life audio and an ultra-wide viewing environment, our Cinema LED Screen makes viewers feel as if they are part of the picture,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Through Cinema LED, we are confident that consumers in China will embrace the opportunity to engage with their favorite films like never before, and are thrilled to partner with Wanda Cinemas to bring this advanced technology to this growing market.”


The new partnership expands Samsung’s relationship with the world’s leading cinema chain. A Fortune 500 company, Wanda Cinema Line Corp. operates nearly 14,347 screens at more than 1,352 theaters around the world, and also owns recognizable global cinema brands including AMC, Carmike, Odeon and Hoyts Group. Even as Cinema LED at Shanghai’s Wujiaochang theater launches, Samsung and Wanda Cinemas already are finalizing a second cinema conversion in Beijing, with plans to open the venue to the public in the first half of this year.


As the world’s first Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI)-compliant High Dynamic Range (HDR) LED theater display, Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen delivers excellent visual quality, technical performance and reliability that surpass that of legacy projector-based operations. Stretching nearly 10.3 m. (33.8 ft.) wide, the Cinema LED Screen fits comfortably in usual theater configurations, maintaining the same stunning picture quality at even the widest viewing angles. The display also transforms content with ultra-sharp 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160) and peak brightness levels nearly 10 times greater than the typical cinema standard. As a result, viewers can experience more immersive content supported by bright colors, pristine whites and deep blacks.


To go with the stunning picture technology, Samsung has paired its Cinema LED Screen with state-of-the-art audio technologies from JBL by HARMAN. This integration includes powerful speakers bordering the screen, and an expanded audio “sweet spot” throughout the theater’s seating area, producing a true multi-sensory experience the way the content creators intended.



“As the world’s leading cinema company, our customers expect a differentiated and memorable theater experience both worthy of their investment and reflective of the Wanda Cinemas brand,” said Qi Wang, Vice President, Wanda Film Holding Co., Ltd. “We are honored to work with Samsung to set the new luxury theater standard, and look forward to making the Shanghai Cinema LED theater a must-see destination for both movie enthusiasts and casual consumers alike.”


With the demands for theater space evolving across the industry, Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen will enable Wanda Cinemas to expand the service offerings inside its improved Shanghai theater. The display’s consistent presentation, even against dark or ambient lighting conditions, accommodates non-movie content including gaming competitions, corporate events and presentations, and sports and concert simulcasting, among others.


For more information about Samsung’s Cinema LED Screen, as well as related articles, photos and videos, visit


On February 4, the launch ceremony of the first Samsung Cinema LED of China was held at Wujiaochang’s Wanda Theater in Shanghai, China. From left, Jason Kim, VP of Samsung Electronics Visual Display Business, Yontak Jin, VP of Samsung Electronics China Consumer Elecronics Division, Wang Qi, CTO of Wanda Cinemas, Zeung Guang, VP of Wanda Cinemas, Frank Xiao, VP of HARMAN China Enterprise Business and David McKinney, VP of HARMAN.

Samsung Cinema LED: Cinema Technology of the Future Makes Its Way to Europe


Earlier this year at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Samsung presented the world’s first Cinema LED screen for the film and cinema industry to wide anticipation. The debut was followed by installation of the world’s first commercial Cinema LED screen at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul, Korea in July, and recently in October at the Paragon Cineplex Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand.


With an area of 10.24 x 5.4 meters, Samsung Cinema LED is able to depict current blockbusters in impressive full 4K resolution (4,096 x 2,160 pixels), and with High Dynamic Resolution (HDR), deliver a more captivating and vibrant viewing experience through next-generation picture quality. Samsung Cinema LED screen illuminates its vast display area through use of around 8.8 million LEDs, as well as immerses audiences in true-to-life audio utilizing technology developed in partnership between HARMAN Professional Solutions and Samsung Audio Lab.


With industry professionals and audiences around the world praising their initial experiences with Samsung Cinema LED screen, the innovative cinema technology is now making its way to Europe.


In collaboration with the Arena Cinemas and Imaculix AG, Samsung is currently building Europe’s first Cinema LED screen at the Arena Cinema Sihlcity in Zurich, Switzerland. With launch scheduled, the anticipation and vision for the new theatre concept is groundbreaking.


Edi Stöckli, owner of the Arena Cinemas explained, “Based on elimination of the projector beam and the high luminosity of Samsung Cinema LED screen, there are a host of new possibilities for interior design, and we are entirely removing the existing furnishings, and implementing an innovative seating concept to provide audiences with a totally new kind of cinematic experience.”


Samsung Cinema LED screen will allow creation of a solid black wall thanks to seamless installation and high-precision calibration. The ‘true black’ will make the movie theater pitch dark, and the 4K resolution, able to project the two usual cinema formats of flat and scope, will get rid of distracting dark gray stripes, long a pain point of traditional projectors. Thanks to LED technology, luminosity of the wall will be 10 times brighter than with conventional projectors, achieving intensity of up to 146-foot lambert or 500nit. Cinema LED’s HDR functionally also helps deliver full color brilliance and contrast even in the brightest or darkest of scenes, and the screen also provides significantly reduced energy consumption as compared to conventional projectors.


“At Samsung, our aim in advancing technological progress is to make life easier for people and enrich their lives,” said Daniel Périsset, Head of IT business at Samsung Electronics. “We have once again succeeded in doing this with the new Cinema LED screen, and are actively planning for expansion of the screens in theatres next year.”


In addition to Switzerland, Samsung continues to expand installation of its Cinema LED screen around the world including the USA during 2018.

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