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Redefining Modern Creativity with the Next Generation of Creative Cloud

Bryan Lamkin October 18, 2017 Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX Segment, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe XD, Adobe XD CC, Adobe XD Product Updates, Blog Segment, Creative Cloud, Product Update, Product Updates, Software update

By introducing a range of new applications in Creative Cloud, along with significant innovations across our flagship tools, we’re enabling creative professionals and enthusiasts alike to express themselves with apps and services that connect across devices, platforms and geographies.

Adobe Delivers Modern, Intelligent Design Solutions for Global Brands and Agencies

Ashley Still October 18, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX Segment, Adobe News

The path to digital transformation is both exhilarating and daunting. The opportunity for brands has never been greater through digital and mobile customer relationships, but successful digital transformation requires brands to work differently. Adobe is addressing this with several exciting announcements at the Adobe MAX conference today.

Introducing the Master Artists Motion Graphics Template Collection

Dennis Radeke October 18, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX Segment, Adobe Stock, Adobe Stock News & Updates, Adobe Stock Segment, After Effects

We are proud to announce the addition of Motion Graphics Templates to Adobe Stock. Hear from our contributors Andrew Kramer, Nik Hill, and Valentina Vee about why motion graphics are important for all video editors and film makers.

Unlimited Creativity: Explore The Power of NVIDIA GPUS at Adobe MAX

Elissa Dunn Scott October 16, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX 2017, Adobe MAX Segment, MAX Sponsors

  ENTER TO WIN A VR-READY NVIDIA QUADRO P4000 OR NVIDIA SHIELD TV By Michael Steele Creative pros test the limits of the imagination. To enable this, and bring new productions to life, they need the fastest, most responsive tools at their fingertips. They need an NVIDIA GPU. At Adobe MAX, which runs through October […]

A New Solution for High End Workstations – Presented by 2017 MAX Sponsor, AMD

Elissa Dunn Scott October 13, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX 2017, Adobe MAX Segment, MAX Sponsors

The Radeon™ Pro WX 9100 card is AMD’s flagship workstation graphics solution based on the revolutionary “Vega” GPU architecture.  Begin accelerating your workflows using technologies like the High Bandwidth Cache Controller (HBCC), a radically new GPU memory hierarchy that pushes new frontiers in real-time visualization with hyper-realistic rendering techniques. 

Driving Alignment Through an Open Creative Process with Dropbox

Elissa Dunn Scott October 6, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX 2017, Adobe MAX Segment, MAX Sponsors

Today’s creative teams are made up of a fluid workforce: freelancers, vendors, agencies, and cross-functional in-house teams. We’re varied, multidisciplinary, and scattered across continents. And that makes it harder than ever to keep everyone on the same page. At Dropbox, we believe one of the best ways to keep teams in sync and bring ideas to life is through transparency.

Creatives are Pressured to Deliver, Yet Constantly Interrupted

Elissa Dunn Scott October 5, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX 2017, Adobe MAX Segment, MAX Sponsors

When Kristina, a graphic designer in San Francisco, first logs in to her work computer for the day, she heads to her to-do list to check what needs to be done. Then she launches Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to work on her vector illustrations or web design mock-ups. Thus begins her day-long marathon of switching between tools.

5 Questions for Designer, Author and MAX Speaker Kelli Anderson

Elissa Dunn Scott October 4, 2017 Adobe Creative Residency, Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX 2017, Adobe MAX Segment, Q & A

Kelli Anderson is a designer, author, and all around creative innovator. She was also one of Adobe’s very first Creative Residents, and she’ll be speaking at Adobe MAX 2017 in Las Vegas, Oct. 18-20. We talked to Kelli about her work, her MAX session, her unique and delightful book, “This Book is a Planitarium: And Other Extraordinary Pop-Up Contraptions,” and about the concept of designing for good.

What Makes a Good Font Good? Find out with Monotype at Adobe MAX

Sandy Balzer September 26, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX 2017, Adobe MAX Segment, Blog Segment, monotype, Type

“I believe good type is what makes or breaks a brand,” says Jamie Neely, Director of Product Design at Monotype. “But designers have so many things to think about these days–print, web, mobile, social, physical, virtual, and so on–so the onus is on us to choose type wisely, and use it with good intent.”

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