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Samsung and Disney Reveal Zootopia-Themed AR Emojis

Messaging is much more fun with Samsung’s AR Emojis—augmented-reality avatars that mimic users’ expressions, transforming you via the camera app and offering a unique and creative way to inject personality into your messages.


Since the feature’s introduction with the Galaxy S9, Samsung Electronics and Disney have teamed up to bring a number of Disney characters to life as downloadable AR Emojis. Now, the addition of three beloved characters from Disney’s hit movie Zootopia has made messaging on Galaxy devices even more magical.



Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde and Flash join the ever-growing roster of animated Disney characters that are currently available for users to download, including Mickey Mouse and friends as well as characters from The Incredibles and Frozen.


To download the new characters, simply access the camera’s AR Emoji mode, tap the plus icon on the right-hand side, and select the Zootopia AR Emoji pack from the Galaxy Apps store.


Once downloaded, you’ll be able to easily create and share the animated emojis as images, videos or gifs in your favorite messaging app*. And if you simply can’t get enough of their cuteness, you can also apply an AR Emoji of Judy, Nick, Flash, or any of the other characters listed above as a GIF and pin it on your device’s Always On Display, or apply it as a video on your lock screen’s wallpaper**.


Head over to the Galaxy Apps store to download Samsung and Disney’s latest AR Emoji characters.


*Apps that do not support animated GIFs may still send AR Emoji stickers as a still image.

**Function supports videos up to 15 seconds in length.

More Customization, More Fun: A Look at What’s to Come in Samsung’s AR Emoji Update

By putting a friendly face to the thoughts and emotions that we share with friends and family every day, Samsung’s AR Emojis enable us to express ourselves in more meaningful ways. The feature’s latest update* introduces improved facial tracking as well as a raft of fun customization options that will make it even easier for your AR Emoji to capture your individuality.


With the update, after users snap a selfie to generate their AR Emoji, they’ll be able to easily make detailed adjustments to their AR Emoji’s hair, ears and facial features. This means that, for instance, when a child creates an AR Emoji, they’ll be able to adjust the shape of their face so that it more closely mirrors their own. And if you feel like your AR Emoji’s eyes, nose, lips, cheeks or other facial features are in need of a touch-up, the new My Emoji Editor function offers simple tools to fine-tune these distinguishing characteristics.



The update also enhances AR Emoji’s face-tracking function with a 65-percent increase in ‘landmark detector’ points. This will ensure that features such as your eyes and mouth are tracked more precisely. And thanks to the update’s frame rate boost, your AR Emoji will be able to mimic your movements in a manner that’s smoother and more natural.



*Availability may vary depending on market.

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