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CDM: the new driver of cybersecurity and IT modernization

Peter Romness August 2, 2018 #SecurityEverywhere, annual cybersecurity report, automation, cdm, continuous diagnostics and mitigation, cybersecurity, cybersecurity for government, DHS, diagnostics, federal, federal government, Government, IT modernization, national security, risk mitigation, state and local, State and Local Government

Recently, I had the opportunity to join many of my industry, agency, and Capitol Hill colleagues at the U.S. Capitol to discuss the Department of Homeland Security’s ongoing Continuous Diagnostics…

Cloud Unfiltered Podcast, Episode 25: What is Cisco CloudCenter?

Ali Amagasu November 3, 2017 automation, CliQr, cloud, Cloud Management, CloudCenter, devops

You already know that Cisco CloudCenter is CliQr, right? Right? OK, maybe not. If you follow technology news, you probably heard a lot about CliQr a few years ago. It was a hot cloud management startup. You also probably heard that Cisco acquired it back in April of 2016. But you probably didn’t hear much […]

Will Robots Take Over the World and Destroy All Our Jobs?

Kate O'Keeffe October 5, 2017 AI, artificial intelligence, automation, Cisco, gig economy, Innovation, jobs, technology disruption

Welcome to the fight of the century. In one corner there are the prophets of doom, who say that no job is safe from automation, and economic chaos is inevitable. And in the other corner, we have the rosy optimists, who believe technology will usher in a new era of meaningful work, more leisure time, […]

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