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The Mythical UX Designer – Five Common Misconceptions

Linn Vizard November 28, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Trends

Exploring the truth about the type of people who do UX. Ah, the UX designer. A mythical figure in high demand these days. Sought after for their skills in empathizing with customers, designing digital products that people love, and their peculiar love of collaboration. Their natural habitat is anywhere there are interfaces to problem solve […]

Iterative Design Done Right: Insights and Tips from Wealthsimple’s Design Director

Patrick Faller November 21, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Design Interviews

Tom Creighton is a hands-on kind of design director. As head of UX for Wealthsimple, an online investment management service, he believes in the power of iterative design to build and release features on his company’s apps, across multiple devices. We asked why he’s such an advocate of the iterative design approach and asked him to share some of his tips for UX designers who want to work more iteratively in their own careers.

Passion, Timelines, and Curiosity: Design Insights from Adobe Creative Resident Natalie Lew

Jordan Kushins November 17, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Design Interviews

When this year’s Adobe Creative Residency kicked off in May, interaction designer and recent grad Natalie Lew was ready to get to work; she just needed to figure out what, exactly, she wanted to be working on.

Adobe XD and the Fast Track to a Creative Career: IT Pro Owen Modamwen on Becoming a UX Designer

Jordan Kushins November 16, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, Meet the Designer, UX/UI Design, XD Design Interviews

As a longtime IT professional, Owen Modamwen knows tech. “It’s definitely great being able to provide helpful services for people, but I’d always be sitting at my desk thinking about how I could be more creative.”

Creative Matchup: UX Designers Battle It Out on Adobe XD for Girls Who Code

Patrick Faller November 1, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Community Activation

UX designers went head-to-head in Adobe’s latest Creative Matchup. In this challenge, three talented designers have been tasked to use Adobe XD, the all-in-one cross-platform design and prototyping tool, to create a new profile experience for Girls Who Code’s mobile app Loop.

HP: Reinventing The Magic of Printing

The Adobe XD Team October 18, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Customer Stories

User experience (UX) design is about much more than just creating an interface that is beautiful to look at. The best UX design allows users to intuitively grasp how something works. Every choice, from color to size to placement, can change a user’s experience from frustration into delight and help the customer get the most from their technology.

Redefining Modern Creativity with the Next Generation of Creative Cloud

Bryan Lamkin October 18, 2017 Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX Segment, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe XD, Adobe XD CC, Adobe XD Product Updates, Blog Segment, Creative Cloud, Product Update, Product Updates, Software update

By introducing a range of new applications in Creative Cloud, along with significant innovations across our flagship tools, we’re enabling creative professionals and enthusiasts alike to express themselves with apps and services that connect across devices, platforms and geographies.

Taking UX Beyond The Screen: Local Projects’ Elvira Barriga on Multidisciplinary Design

Patrick Faller October 17, 2017 Blog Segment, Creative Cloud, design interviews, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Design Interviews

At Adobe MAX, Elvira will be sharing her experiences working as a multi-disciplinary designer in her talk, Storytelling at The Intersection of Architecture, Design, and Technology. We asked her for a sneak peek, and asked her to share tips for taking UX way beyond the screen.

Designing for A Billion Users: Zixuan Zhao on Baidu’s UX Innovations for The Chinese Market

Patrick Faller October 13, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Design Interviews

At Adobe MAX, Zixuan will share some of the UX challenges and some of his company’s innovations during his talk Baidu Design: UX Innovations for A Billion Users. Ahead of that, we asked him to tell us more about designing for the Chinese market.

Move Quickly, Design Effectively: When a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Becomes A UX Designer’s Best Friend

Nick Babich October 12, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Best Practices

Digital design is a fast-growing market with a lot of new products released on a daily basis, and it’s becoming more important than ever for designers to be able to move quickly. One of the best ways to do this is by designing for a MVP (minimum viable product).In this article, I’ll describe the concept of a MVP, show why it’s so valuable for designers, and identify two popular strategies UX designers can use to create a MVP.

Designing Government Services for Everyone: Erica Deahl on The Role UX Plays in Creating Better Services

Patrick Faller October 6, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Design Interviews

When it comes to diversity of workplaces, Erica Deahl has experienced it all. From agencies to presidential campaigns, to her current job as principal designer at Khan Academy, she believes in the power of good design to change people’s lives for the better.

Why All UX Designers Should Be Creating User Journeys, And Here’s How To Make One

Nick Babich October 5, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Best Practices

Good design is all about the user. If designers truly want to create the best products, it’s important for them to see the product from the user’s perspective. That’s where a tool called a user journey comes in. In this article, I’ll introduce a concept of user journey along with some tips and specific examples.

Putting Personas to Work in UX Design: What They Are and Why They’re Important

Nick Babich September 29, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Best Practices

It’s likely you’ve heard the term persona before, especially if you’ve worked in user experience design. Personas are a commonly used tool in UX design. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of personas, and how to create one.

UX Design In A World Of Ever-Changing Screen Sizes: Tips For Staying Ahead Of The Curve

Patrick Faller September 28, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Trends

The move to mobile changed UX design at its core, and the move to portable devices of all sizes (and now, shapes) continues to keep designers on their toes, providing key challenges and opportunities. Yet UX designers across the industry are keeping up, and reacting to hardware changes in their own creative ways. Here’s some of their advice to keep up with an ever-changing screen size landscape.

From Architect to UX Designer: Stories of the Switch

Sheena Lyonnais September 27, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Career

We asked four former architects turned user experience designers why they decided to make the switch into UX design, what challenges they experienced along the way, and what advice they have for other architects considering a career change into UX. From veteran UX designers to new recruits, here’s what they had to say.

What Makes a Good Font Good? Find out with Monotype at Adobe MAX

Sandy Balzer September 26, 2017 Adobe MAX, Adobe MAX 2017, Adobe MAX Segment, Blog Segment, monotype, Type

“I believe good type is what makes or breaks a brand,” says Jamie Neely, Director of Product Design at Monotype. “But designers have so many things to think about these days–print, web, mobile, social, physical, virtual, and so on–so the onus is on us to choose type wisely, and use it with good intent.”

UX First, Aesthetics Second: Andrew Baygulov Shares His Advice for Creating Beautiful, Effective Designs

Patrick Faller September 26, 2017 Blog Segment, Design Segment, UX/UI Design, XD Best Practices

Andrew Baygulov is a self-taught designer and front-end developer who learned UX on the job. We asked him to share his process and advice on how to balance beautiful visual design while creating effective user experiences.

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