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Meltdown proves that the industry needs a better answer for protecting cloud content

Jonathan Rosenberg January 5, 2018 Cisco Spark, cloud, Collaboration, end-to-end encryption, Meltdown, security, Spectre

Today, attacks on our computers can be launched in against an exponentially larger set of places on the network, actors in the system, and layers in the software and hardware stack. What is the solution then? The answer is a new technology called end-t…

The Future of Interactive White Boards

Craig Tranter December 9, 2017 Cisco Spark, Cisco Spark Board, digital learning, Education, higher education, k-12 education, learning, Research, Spark Board, teaching, white board

Craig Tranter is a former educator, and now serves as a technology presenter for Cisco. This blog is part of a series on advancements and opportunities in education. All views are his own.  One thing that all teachers will be fairly familiar with by now is the use of Interactive White Boards (IWBs). However, the […]

Integrating Cisco Cloud Collaboration with SalesForce Cloud CRM to Digitize Customer and Sales Workflows

Tessa Mero November 6, 2017 #DevNet, Cisco Spark, Developer, salesforce

Creating an integration between two software platforms sounds complex, right? Well, it can be much easier than it looks. In this blog, you can have Salesforce Cloud CRM tightly integrated with Cisco Cloud Collaboration to digitize customer and sales workflows, bringing together experts, customers, data and workflows into a seamless, powerful real-time collaboration experience. What […]

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