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Bringing Programmability and NetDevOps to Barcelona for #CLEUR

Hank Preston January 5, 2018 #CLEUR, #DevNet, #DevNetExpress, cisco live, Developer, devops, netdevops, Network programmability, SDN

It’s right around the corner… Cisco Live Europe 2018 in Barcelona, and I absolutely can’t wait!  Every Cisco Live I’ve ever been to, or presented at, has been an amazing experience, but Barcelona is going to be in a league of its own.  From the moment I arrive in Spain on Friday morning the entire […]

NEW DevNet Sandbox! Play live with Istio on Kubernetes to manage your microservice mesh

Tom Davies January 4, 2018 #DevNet, Developer, Istio, Kubernetes, Microservices, sandbox

Most of the development world is aware of the microservices and containerisation movement, given we’re now in 2018! When folks start working with microservices, they quickly realise that they proliferate fast. One application can contain a large number of microservices that all need to interact and talk to each other for lots of different reasons […]

Integrating Cisco Cloud Collaboration with SalesForce Cloud CRM to Digitize Customer and Sales Workflows

Tessa Mero November 6, 2017 #DevNet, Cisco Spark, Developer, salesforce

Creating an integration between two software platforms sounds complex, right? Well, it can be much easier than it looks. In this blog, you can have Salesforce Cloud CRM tightly integrated with Cisco Cloud Collaboration to digitize customer and sales workflows, bringing together experts, customers, data and workflows into a seamless, powerful real-time collaboration experience. What […]

Rethinking iOS Apps in the Enterprise

Ashutosh Malegaonkar October 5, 2017 #DevNet, Developer, Fast Lane Validation, iOS app developers, QoS

Enterprises are deploying more and more business critical applications on their networks, making it very important that these apps have higher priority for performance. With the recent partnership announcements between Cisco and Apple, application developers now have the power to enable “Quality of Service” (QoS) tags right from within their application.   As an app developer, […]

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