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Bringing Programmability and NetDevOps to Barcelona for #CLEUR

Hank Preston January 5, 2018 #CLEUR, #DevNet, #DevNetExpress, cisco live, Developer, devops, netdevops, Network programmability, SDN

It’s right around the corner… Cisco Live Europe 2018 in Barcelona, and I absolutely can’t wait!  Every Cisco Live I’ve ever been to, or presented at, has been an amazing experience, but Barcelona is going to be in a league of its own.  From the moment I arrive in Spain on Friday morning the entire […]

Cloud Unfiltered Podcast, Episode 25: What is Cisco CloudCenter?

Ali Amagasu November 3, 2017 automation, CliQr, cloud, Cloud Management, CloudCenter, devops

You already know that Cisco CloudCenter is CliQr, right? Right? OK, maybe not. If you follow technology news, you probably heard a lot about CliQr a few years ago. It was a hot cloud management startup. You also probably heard that Cisco acquired it back in April of 2016. But you probably didn’t hear much […]

Digital Transformation and “Cloud Ready”

Peter J Welcher October 5, 2017 applications, Cisco Cloud Center, devops, Hybrid Cloud, Perspectives, Scalability

We hear a lot about digital transformation, hybrid cloud, and “lift and shift (to cloud)” from various marketing sources. Let’s examine that. About two years ago I blogged and presented “Is Your Network Cloud Ready?” (See also the presentation with more basics in it.) See also some of my more recent blogs at This […]

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