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Samsung Flip is Transforming Singaporean Classrooms Into Interactive Educational Spaces

Samsung Electronics is ushering in the next era of collaborative learning for the classroom with its interactive digital display tool – Samsung Flip. In order to provide the students of SKIS, the Singapore Korean International School, with an educational experience strengthened by collaborative digital engagement, Samsung recently introduced their groundbreaking Flip display to the school. SKIS has become the first school in the world to have a full range of digital display solutions in its classrooms.




Transforming the Classroom Experience

The Samsung Flip is an interactive, ultra-high definition (UHD) display that serves as an innovative upgrade to traditional analog boards. On its 55-inch screen, users can introduce existing content through a variety of device connectivity options and are able to annotate directly on the screen with either their fingers or the dual-sided Passive Pen. The Flip features up to 20 pages of writing space in a continuous, rolling stream to facilitate efficient and uninterrupted use.


These digital flip charts have been added to SKIS’s classrooms, library, labs and kindergarten home rooms, transforming the design of the facilities as well as the way in which teachers and students communicate with each other. SKIS’s Principal, Seung-oh Kim, notes that the introduction of the Flip comes amid the schools’ efforts to “adopt the latest technology to provide a state-of-the-art facility.”


The effect of this latest endeavor is notable; “The Flip is revitalizing the school. Collaboration and co-operation are essential for more productive classes.”


The customizability of the Samsung Flip is what makes it the perfect tool to enhance teaching and keep students engaged. Each Samsung Flip display can be configured to either portrait or landscape orientation, depending on unique class needs, and has a portable, wheel-based stand for easy transportation and flexibility in class presentation.


Teachers are able to start class quickly and efficiently by sharing content from their mobile phone, laptop or tablet onto Flip display, all displayed in viewer-friendly UHD resolution for the most compelling learning experience. Hee-kyeong Jeon, a Korean language teacher at SKIS, said of her class’s Samsung Flip experience: “My students can concentrate and listen to me more compared to when they were looking at their own textbooks. By using the technology, students instantly see exactly what I am talking about.”



Not Just for Display


The Samsung Flip does not just benefit teachers; up to four participants can create content or annotate directly onto the screen, making it the perfect tool for group projects and other student engagement activities. The Samsung Flip may be replacing the traditional whiteboard and marker for SKIS students, but that does not mean it is not just as easy to use – with the Eraser function, unnecessary content can be simply wiped away by hand, and is automatically and continuously saved in case of erroneous deletion.


“We can make lively presentations thanks to the direct mirroring of the Flip with smartphones as well as USB ports,” remarks third-grade student Seo-hyun Choi. “It is easy to carry out tasks that involve writing and discussion at the same time.” Deok-hyeong Lee, Social Studies teacher at SKIS, is equally as enthusiastic about the options the Samsung Flip provides students with. “Flip helps my students understand what I’m explaining more easily, and I can use a variety of colors that the Passive Pen provides. Furthermore, it is easy to operate which means my students are participating more actively in their presentation activities.”


Thanks to the Samsung Flip, gone are the days of leaving key lessons behind on classroom boards. The digital display tool contains 20 pages of writing space with embedded quick search, auto-save and quick scroll functionalities. Once a class is over, a teacher is able to share the notes made with the students by e-mail or cloud-based share drive. With such ease of use, the Samsung Flip is helping streamline the modern classroom into being the most productive learning space it can be.


 “We are pleased to introduce the Samsung Flip to SKIS, providing collaborative solutions for teachers and students alike,” said Jui Siang Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Singapore. “We look forward to further innovating the educational industry in Singapore with our leading technology and solutions.”

Samsung Introduces The Wall Professional for Improved Commercial Content Delivery at ISE 2018

At ISE 2018, Samsung Electronics literally will take LED engagement to new heights with the introduction of ‘The Wall Professional’ – a modular, large-format indoor MicroLED display that can extend to hundreds of inches in size while delivering outstanding brightness, contrast and viewing angles. The Wall Professional will serve as the centerpiece of a futuristic Samsung booth (4-S100) experience that welcomes ISE attendees into the future of commercial and professional interaction.


Samsung also introduces a host of cutting-edge technologies including 3D Cinema LED that empowers cinemas to deliver fresh, compelling and memorable movie contents to vital movie-goers.


“By upgrading to powerful LED displays that blend into all professional environments without space or size restrictions, businesses can deliver a next-level content experience that captivates audiences and ultimately translates to significant growth,” said Seog-gi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The Wall Professional is just one component of our broad ISE 2018 lineup that offers futuristic solutions to emerging operational challenges, and we look forward to sharing our vision for what’s next with our customers, partners and peers at this one-of-a-kind pro AV and electronics forum.”



The Wall Professional: Fully Configurable in Size

A business-ready variation of one of CES 2018’s most talked-about consumer displays, The Wall Professional’s modular design allows for customized configurations beyond or below its 146-inch size standard. Users can add or remove unlimited LED screens to and from The Wall Professional without impacting performance or presentation quality. The display’s self-emitting MicroLED pixel modules produce brilliant imagery free of color filters or backlighting and envelop viewers through elevated peak brightness (up to 1,600nit) and a near infinite contrast ratio.



The Wall Professional builds upon its consumer counterpart with the integration of Samsung’s MagicInfo content management platform. Within MagicInfo, users can create, schedule and deploy content across a single Wall Professional display or Wall Professional display network from any location. The platform also provides complete display performance visibility for immediate error detection and troubleshooting.



3D Cinema LED: A Star-Studded Sequel

ISE 2018 attendees will be the first to see the next evolution of Samsung’s pioneering cinema display technology with the debut of the world’s first 3D Cinema LED screen. This enhanced display maintains consistent brightness to deliver subtitle text, images and even minor visual details with unprecedented accuracy, even while viewers wear 3D glasses. Unlike standard 3D cinemas with more limited visual reach, the Samsung 3D Cinema LED screen delivers these quality-enhancing benefits throughout the entire theater, ensuring that all movie-goers enjoy the same immersive viewing experience.



This 3D film accommodation marks a significant advancement upon the initial Samsung Cinema LED screen model. First introduced in March 2017, Samsung’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) Cinema LED Screen surpasses the capabilities of legacy screen-and-projector operations to deliver superior visual quality, technical performance and reliability for theaters and their guests.



Intelligent UHD Signage: A Consistent UHD Presentation

Samsung’s new QM (450nit brightness) and QB Series (350nit brightness) Intelligent UHD displays foster a next-level content experience thanks to an integrated conversion engine that automatically upgrades FHD materials to sharper, clearer UHD quality. As a result, business users can achieve bolder and more brilliant message delivery without the need for manual picture presetting. The Intelligent UHD displays’ Optimal Color Mode also intuitively adjusts picture quality to match usage and visibility trends.


The QM and QB Series displays also simplify the content delivery and maintenance processes for various forms of implementation. Each enclosed, wall-mounted Intelligent UHD display provides a centralized infrared receiver (Center IR) for user-friendly control and management. For added durability, the Intelligent UHD displays also undergo rigorous IP5x certification to maintain performance even when exposed to dust, dirt and other potentially hazardous environmental variables.



IF-D Series LED Signage: A Creative and Clear Content Center

Samsung’s fine pixel-pitch IF-D Series LED Signage invites booth visitors to explore new opportunities to deliver stunning and inspiring content within customizable, easy-to-manage formats. The IF-D Series displays align Samsung’s market-best video processing tools with HDR picture refinement to produce visuals that shine even against white or dark backgrounds. This combination elevates peak brightness levels (2,400nit) and initiates scene-by-scene gradation and optimization through Scene Adaptive HDR technology.



For additional eye-catching impact, businesses can configure the IF-D Series LED displays in a range of traditional and unconventional formats. The IF-D Series’ design flexibility includes curved compositions, with concave and convex implementations.



Samsung Flip Display: Flip the Future of Collaboration

Fresh off a successful debut at CES 2018, Samsung will also formally introduce its Samsung Flip interactive digital flip chart to the European market at ISE 2018. The Samsung Flip centralizes and expands collaborative capabilities within any business environment, eliminating the frustrations of the modern meeting and fostering more productive interaction.



The interactive display captured two 2018 Top New Technology (TNT) Awards, emerging victorious in the program’s Commercial Digital Signage Solutions: Hardware and Commercial Digital Signage Solutions: Software categories. Sponsored by CE Pro, Commercial Integrator, Essential Install and TechDecisions, and distributed annually at the start of ISE, the TNT Awards call attention to the top new technologies in the commercial, professional and residential integration spaces.


To learn more about ISE 2018, visit

A Closer Look at Samsung Flip, the Next Step in the Evolution of Workplace Collaboration


Despite the fact that people are increasingly using more and more digital devices to get things done, much of today’s workplace infrastructure – such as the office whiteboard – is still analog, which can prevent meetings from being as productive and time efficient as they should be.


Enter Samsung Flip. An upgrade on both standard paper flip charts and analog boards, the interactive display tool promotes more collaborative digital engagement by reducing the challenges businesses face when organizing, facilitating and recapping meetings.



Designed to Simplify Office Meetings 

Samsung Flip is the result of a three-year collaborative effort by numerous experts from various fields. While creating the product, they had one goal: to simplify office meetings.


“These days, many companies are embracing open-plan office environments where meetings are more likely to occur spontaneously rather than being planned in designated rooms,” noted Jeannie Kang, Principal Designer of the UX Team of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business. “We wanted Samsung Flip to fulfill the need for a collaboration tool that could easily fit into today’s evolving workspace. So, we spent a great deal of time studying users’ collaboration patterns at work, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of both digital and analog tools to determine the necessary functions of the product and cut out the rest.”


The end product of the team’s efforts is a device that has the potential to ‘flip’ the workplace into an entirely new space.



Bring Ideas to Life – Anytime, Anywhere


Offering superior mobility and usability features, Samsung Flip contains all the essentials for creative and productive office meetings. For instance, its 55-inch display is attached to a movable stand and is the perfect size for small groups working together on new ideas, no matter what kind of office space they’re working in.


“While presentations are usually given in mid- to large-sized meeting rooms, brainstorming often takes place in smaller spaces,” explained Hyunho Choi, Enterprise Product Planning Group, Samsung Electronics. “We determined that 55 inches is the ideal size for a display being used in these more compact areas, which usually accommodate groups of five to 10 people.”


The display can also be configured to portrait or landscape orientations based on users’ unique meeting needs. In these ways, Samsung Flip maximizes the potential of working spaces, meaning employee creativity never has to be limited by space.


(Left) The Passive Pen holder is conveniently located under the screen. (Right) Upon pressing the button or removing the Passive Pen from its holder, Samsung Flip powers on automatically so not a minute of your meeting is wasted.


Samsung Flip’s ultra-high definition (UHD) display and Passive Pen replace the traditional white board and marker but are just as easy to use. In fact, writing on the display is as natural as writing on a conventional paper flip board, which is something Kang worked to achieve from the get-go.


“With the Passive Pen, the user feels as if they are writing on actual paper, thanks to the device’s exceptional pressure sensitivity,” Kang said. “By touching it to the screen, the user can opt to use the marker or highlighter tools based on their preferences. Additionally, a number of color options are available, all of which are highly visible.”


Multiple users can write on the screen simultaneously.


The most productive meetings are those where everyone in attendance is able to have their voice and ideas heard. That’s why up to four people can introduce content or annotate directly on the screen at the same time using either the Passive Pen, their fingers or a dual-sided pen.


Erasing is also just as easy and natural. Samsung Flip’s eraser function was designed to work in the same way we use our hands to erase notes on a whiteboard. With a quick swipe of the finger or palm, unnecessary content is wiped away from the display. Should a user need to retrieve erased information, they can do so easily, as written and erased content is automatically and continuously saved.




A Better View

Time management is an essential ingredient for workplace productivity. Samsung Flip helps to save time by simplifying the meeting preparation process by sending and receiving meeting materials through both wireless connectivity and USB, PC and mobile ports. Furthermore, its integrated screen-sharing functionality makes Samsung Flip content available on connected PCs, smartphones and tablets without interruption or reduced visual quality.


Samsung Flip’s NFC capabilities enable mirroring of device screens while its touch screen makes it easy to control these devices.


Users can also import content stored on their personal devices onto the screen to add their ideas to the discussion. For example, a participant’s smartphone screen can be mirrored on Samsung Flip’s screen. In this way, meeting attendees can get a better look at saved images or videos when necessary.


In addition to writing on mirrored content, users can also capture the selected content in the display – a much more convenient alternative to the traditional printing and posting of materials.




Store, Search and Share in a Snap

The Samsung Flip display securely stores all content within a central database, eliminating the need for cumbersome recaps or handwritten transcription when meetings come to an end.


Users also can access up to 20 pages of writing space, with embedded quick search and quick scroll functionalities available to instantly direct participants to specific content. This continuous stream avoids the lost time and interruptions that often result when meeting participants have to search through multiple papers or lines of notes to locate a specific detail. In addition to this function, meeting minutes can be previewed before sharing.




Despite having multiple access points, Samsung Flip’s saving and sharing functions are protected by an encrypted, password-based security system. Meeting participants can easily share materials through email or traditional printing. Users can also save meeting notes to a USB drive or other external sources without having to take additional steps.


“Samsung Flip isn’t just for displaying materials. You can write on the screen, connect it to a smartphone, run an app, capture that screen, add more content and save it,” Choi explained.


For this reason, Samsung Flip is expected to help usher in the workplace of the future, where collaboration and cooperation are essential for more productive meetings, and subsequently more creative and effective results.

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