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CDM: the new driver of cybersecurity and IT modernization

Peter Romness August 2, 2018 #SecurityEverywhere, annual cybersecurity report, automation, cdm, continuous diagnostics and mitigation, cybersecurity, cybersecurity for government, DHS, diagnostics, federal, federal government, Government, IT modernization, national security, risk mitigation, state and local, State and Local Government

Recently, I had the opportunity to join many of my industry, agency, and Capitol Hill colleagues at the U.S. Capitol to discuss the Department of Homeland Security’s ongoing Continuous Diagnostics…

Top 10 Smart City Trends for 2018

Kenn Dodson January 4, 2018 app developers, Apps, Big Data, Cisco Jabber, Cisco Jasper, Cisco Kinetic, Cisco Kinetic for Cities, Cisco WebEx, connected intersection, connected roadways, Data, Data Analytics, data visualization, edge computing, Fog, Fog computing, Government, industrial switches, SLG, smart and connected, Smart Cities, Smart City, state and local, State and Local Government

Did you know that Smart Cities are poised to drive significant change in how we work, play and learn in 2018? Thanks to the explosion in big data analytics capabilities and mobile, real-time video/information sharing, historians may someday look back on this year as the fulcrum upon which technology and government fully meshed to turn […]

5 Things to Know Now about the New directive from Department of Homeland Security about DMARC

Amy Blanchard November 4, 2017 Cyber Awareness Month, cybersecurity, federal government, Government

  October is cybersecurity awareness month, which was perfect timing for the Department of Homeland Security to formal announce a policy to protect federal agencies against cyberthreats coming from email solutions. Mid-month, the Department of Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications, Jeanette Manfra, announced that federal agencies have 90 days to implement Domain-based […]

124th IACP Underway: Law Enforcement Tech to be highlighted

Kenn Dodson October 20, 2017 BYOD for Law Enforcement, Cisco Jabber, Cisco WebEx, Cloud CRM, crm, cybersecurity, Digital transformation, Government, IACP, jabber, law enforcement, Public Safety, routers, SLG, state and local, State and Local Government, vehicle routers, WebEX

Cisco is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor for the 124th Annual IACP Conference and Exposition in Philadelphia. Every year, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) brings together Law Enforcement leaders from around the nation to learn, network and problem solve about the hot topics in their industry. And this year’s theme, Solutions […]

IT Services Can Ensure Your Investment Isn’t Wasted

Stacy Meadows September 28, 2017 adoption services, Advisory Services, Government, Optimization Services, technical services

As technology becomes more sophisticated, it becomes increasingly easy to overlook the full range of capabilities that it offers. This is a problem for all organizations, but federal agencies operating under tight budgets and accountable to the White House may be especially sensitive to it. 

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