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How Samsung’s Cook Story has Changed the Kitchen Experience in Poland

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[Appliance Parts Story: Part 2] An Up-close Look at Samsung’s Industry-leading Motor Technology

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Modernized Masterpieces: Samsung Brings Iconic Statues to Life in Creative Campaign for QuickDrive™

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Samsung’s Industry-Leading Washing Machines Continue to Garner Acclaim for their Disruptive Innovation

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[Video] Can You See the Difference?: Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-Mo Video Showcases Innovative QuickDrive™ Technology

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Samsung Builds Connectivity into the Kitchen at the 2018 Pacific Coast Builders Conference

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Samsung E3 Gaming Experience Hits The Road

Posted in 2018 QLED TV Ambient Mode competition Dezeen Home Appliances Press Release QLED TV

Samsung and Dezeen Hold a Global Design Competition for Ambient Mode

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[Design Story] Samsung’s Flat Style Brings Out the Beauty of Simplicity

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[Video] Galaxy S9 Captures Samsung Home Appliances in Action with Super Slow-Mo

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Samsung Reveals Smarter Integration with Built-in Appliances at EuroCucina 2018

Posted in Dual Cook Flex™ EuroCucina 2018 Family Hub Home Appliances Home IoT Press Release Smart built-in SmartThings app Twin Cooling Plus™ Virtual Flame™ WaterWall™

Samsung Showcases its Latest Innovative Appliances at EuroCucina 2018

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‘All In’ on AI, Part 1: HomeCare Wizard, Enabling Smart Appliances to Diagnose Themselves

Posted in 2018 AHR Expo 360 Cassette 4Way Cassette DVM Chiller Heating Home Appliances HVAC systems HVACR International Air-Conditioning Refrigerator Exposition Wind-Free

Samsung Introduces Full Wind-Free Cooling System Line-up at AHR 2018

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Samsung Wins Best of KBIS 2018 Awards Across Two Categories

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Samsung Expands Laundry Line Up with New Premium Compact Washer

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[Appliance Parts Story: Part 1] The Secret of World’s No.1 Refrigerator Compressor

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Origin Story: How the POWERbot™ Became Darth Vader

Posted in B2B Executive Briefing Center Home Appliances Samsung Electronics HCMC CE Complex Samsung Ho Chi Minh City Research & Development Center Southeast Asia

Samsung’s Technology Takes Center Stage at the Southeast Asia’s Largest B2B Facility

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When Was the Last Time You Cleaned These Three Things?

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From Palm Fronds to Wind-Free™ Technology

Posted in Home Appliances Michael Nyman Press Release QuickDrive QuickDrive™ WW8800M Samsung Newsroom UK Samsung WW8500K

Samsung Presents: Washing Machine – The Movie

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[Video] 7 Star Wars POWERbots Clean Up the Death Star

Posted in 30” Double Wall Oven with Flex Duo™ 42” built-in 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with a FlexZone™ Chef Collection Dacor Home Appliances Samsung 837

Samsung’s Smart Built-in Chef Collection Makes Kitchens More Connected

Posted in Home Appliances Microwave Oven President’s Design Award Southeast Asia Twin Cooling System™ Wind-Free Air Conditioner

How Meeting Local Needs Has Made Samsung a Leader in the SE Asian Home Appliances Market

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[Hands-On] See How Star Wars POWERbot™ Vacuums Strike Back on Dirt

Posted in Darth Vader Home Appliances POWERbot POWERbot™ robot vacuum cleaner Press Release Star Wars VR7000

Samsung Launches Star Wars Limited Edition of POWERbot™ Robot Vacuum

Posted in 2017 CES Innovation Award AI-powered laundry assistant Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator Home Appliances IFA 2017 POWERbot Q-rator QuickDrive Smart Appliances

These Smart Appliances Will Change Your Life for the Better

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Winning the Built-in that Takes Up 40% of the Total Appliances Market in Europe

Posted in Home Appliances IoT OCF Open Connectivity Foundation Samsung Connect Samsung Family Hub refrigerator Samsung Smart Home Technology

Samsung Smart Home: A Closer Look at Your Future Home

Posted in 360 Cassette AR9500M Brazil Febrava 2017 Home Appliances HVAC-R Latin America Wall-Mounted Wind-Free Air Conditioner Wind-Free cooling technology

Samsung Breezes into Latin America with Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner

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[Design Story] POWERstick PRO: New Definition of Vacuum Cleaner

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What Did 310,000 Tests on Samsung’s Refrigerator Compressors Reveal?

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[Video] See How Samsung’s QuickDrive™ Technology Cuts Laundry Times in Half without Compromising Performance

Posted in Built-in Kitchen Family Hub 2.0 Home Appliances IFA IFA 2017 Premium kitchen The Frame

Samsung Showcases Innovations Tailored to Europeans’ Lifestyles at IFA 2017

Posted in Home Appliances IFA 2017 IoT Samsung Developers Conference Views

[Interview] Samsung Electronics CEO BK Yoon: “We Will Lead the Hyper Connected World”

Posted in AddWash AI-powered laundry assistant Ecobubble Home Appliances IFA 2017 Q-Drum Q-rator QuickDrive WW8800M washing machine

How Samsung Designed its QuickDrive™ Laundry Technology to Reflect Consumers’ Lifestyles

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[Video] POWERful Performance: See Samsung’s POWERstick PRO™ Cordless Vacuum in Action

Posted in AddWash AI-powered laundry assistant Ecobubble Home Appliances IFA 2017 Press Release Q-Drum Q-rator QuickDrive WW8800M washing machine

Samsung Cuts Laundry Time in Half with Groundbreaking QuickDrive™ Technology

Posted in AddWash AI-powered laundry assistant Ecobubble Home Appliances IFA 2017 Infographics Q-Drum Q-rator QuickDrive WW8800M washing machine

[Infographic] In-Depth Look at Samsung’s QuickDrive™ Laundry Technology