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The Drones Have Taken Off: Our Investment in Kespry, a Leading Industrial Aerial Intelligence Platform

Amit Chaturvedy January 5, 2018 aerial intelligence, Cisco Investments, drones, Featured, industrial drone, Innovation, Kespry, Startup, ZZFeatured

While drones will continue to get embedded more and more in industrial field operations, we believe that drone adoption will spread quickly to many other industries.

20 Years and Beyond: A celebration of #Cisco Capital and what’s next for financial innovation

Kristine Snow December 18, 2017 #CiscoCapital, channel partner, cisco capital, Cisco financing, consumption models, customer experience, Executive Platform, flexible payment, hardware subscription, Innovation, software enablement

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back at one of the most interesting inflection points in the business landscape. Competition is increasing as growth remains tepid. Geo-political tensions swelled as certainty decreased. In many ways, 2017 was an unprecedented year. It was also an exciting year for Cisco Capital as we celebrated our […]

Innovation often comes from the heart of America

Microsoft Corporate Blogs November 29, 2017 Brad Smith, Featured, Innovation, Today in Tech

In 1882, by dint of hard work and partnership, electricity reached the Appleton Paper and Pulp Company in Appleton, Wisconsin, nine years before electricity would light up the nation’s White House. Company executive Henry J. Rogers and his colleagues had managed the seemingly impossible, using technology and innovation to harness the Fox River’s turbulent waters,…

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Creating Digital Leaders Who Thrive in a World of Exponentially Accelerating Change

Kevin Bandy November 6, 2017 accountability, agility, culture, digital, digitization, Executive Platform, Featured, Flexibility, inclusion, Innovation, leadership, measurement, transformation, ZZFeatured

Thriving in a digital world requires agility. To bring this concept to life, members of my team created a Digital Business Agility (DBA) framework.

Realize Tax Benefits With Year-End Equipment Financing

Kenneth Werner November 6, 2017 business transformation, Cisco, cisco capital, digital, Digital transformation, Equipment Leasing, Featured, Financial Reporting Regulations, financing, Financing Services, Innovation, IT investment, Tax Benefits, ZZFeatured

As 2017 draws to a close, organizations should consider how current tax benefits and flexible payment options provide a lucrative time to align tech investments with business goals.

Creating Smarter, Safer, More Inclusive Workplaces: Are You In?

Kate O'Keeffe November 2, 2017 analytics, artificial intelligence, Cisco Hyper Innovation Living Lab, Cisco Services, Featured, future of work, Innovation, robotics, Virtual Reality, ZZFeatured

Analytics can democratize knowledge and drive new insights—so that every worker becomes a knowledge worker. It can help keep workers safe, and make workplaces more inclusive.

Consumption models helping to enable business transformation

Frank Palumbo October 6, 2017 business transformation, cisco capital, Cisco financing, consumption model, Data Center, digital, Digital transformation, Executive Platform, Financial Services, financing, Innovation, multicloud, open pay, partner, payment model

Co-Author: Larry Scherzer, Director, Financial Product Development Digital transformation is really about business transformation and is driving the need for new consumption models. Gartner reports that 47 percent of CEOs are being challenged by their board of directors to make progress in digital business.  The demands are becoming more diverse and complex as new business applications […]

Will Robots Take Over the World and Destroy All Our Jobs?

Kate O'Keeffe October 5, 2017 AI, artificial intelligence, automation, Cisco, gig economy, Innovation, jobs, technology disruption

Welcome to the fight of the century. In one corner there are the prophets of doom, who say that no job is safe from automation, and economic chaos is inevitable. And in the other corner, we have the rosy optimists, who believe technology will usher in a new era of meaningful work, more leisure time, […]

Nearly 100 years later, a border stands strong with an arch and not a wall

Suzanne Choney September 7, 2017 Brad Smith, Featured, Innovation, LinkedIn

Nearly a century after its dedication, the issues and technologies that led to the inauguration of the International Peace Arch “speak to us in multiple ways,” writes Brad Smith, Microsoft president, and Carol Ann Browne, Microsoft director of executive communications, in a new post in the “Today in Technology” series on LinkedIn. The arch, an…

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