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The Internet of Things (IoT) is radically reshaping the way we live and work. Before our very eyes, organizations are becoming more agile, efficient and cost effective to run, all while consumers marvel at the wonders of the smart home, fitness trackers and connected cars. There’s just one major problem: Much of this new infrastructure…

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Today, we hear a lot about IoT, which stands for internet of things. All these smart boxes, light bulbs, shades, thermostats, voice assistants, and smart machines are slowly sneaking into our households, businesses and industrial environments. It’s a logical and inevitable next step, as we include more devices in our homes, that we develop some way to control them. <..

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It’s a common mistake in enterprises to copy-paste security solutions from a peer. Strategies can be recycled, but sadly with even very similar businesses almost always have radically different IT and security requirements. I recall one hospital that looked at a nearly identical peer hospital that was only a few miles away. Much of the…

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