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A game that cryptojacks, a town under seige, and more data breaches | Avast

Avast Security News Team August 3, 2018 #malware, Cryptomining, ransomware, Security News

Steam game found to be secretly cryptomining

“Malicious cryptomining has become so popular among cybercriminals that it has earned its own name: cryptojacking,” states Avast security evangelist Luis Corrons. “It is one of the most popular ways to make easy money nowadays, and we have seen in the last months how thousands of vulnerable websites have been hacked to make their visitors cryptomine, or using ads to push cryptomining JavaScript.”

Ransomware strain evolves, RATs cause mischief, and yet another data breach strikes | Avast

Avast Security News Team July 20, 2018 #malware, ransomware, Security News

Magniber ransomware grows stronger and scarier
The Magniber strain of ransomware is back, stronger than before, and starting to spread through much of Asia. Cybersecurity experts are taking note of the substantial changes the malware has undergone ov…

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