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Samsung’s Industry-Leading Washing Machines Continue to Garner Acclaim for their Disruptive Innovation

Samsung Electronics’ premium washing machines continue to receive acclaim from around the globe. The 2018 Which? Awards recently announced Samsung Electronics as the leading Large Appliance brand for its range of home appliances. This award comes as the latest in a string of media and industry recognition from around the world for Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology and FlexWash™ machines.


But what is it about Samsung’s laundry solutions that have captivated the industry and consumers alike? Demand for premium home appliances has increased in recent years, and Samsung’s success in this burgeoning field is due to its ability to create simple yet innovative laundry solutions, informed by consumer needs and enhanced by the power of IoT and AI. In an industry that has long been dominated by conventional solutions, Samsung’s disruptive technology redefines the laundry process as we know it.




Breakthrough Washing Performance

With convenience that doesn’t compromise performance being the top priority for consumers when choosing home appliances, Samsung has cemented its status within the market thanks to the key features of its two most advanced washers – the speed of QuickDrive™ and the flexibility of FlexWash™. Though washing methods have significantly changed over time and improved throughout the industry, these latest laundry solutions are a testament to Samsung’s history of innovation, and rewrite the very definition of washing performance.



QuickDrive™ technology provides a full wash cycle in half the time of conventional machines*, with all the fabric care, performance and durability users value. This unrivaled technology caters to the lifestyles of modern consumers by saving them valuable time to do more of the things they love. Its status as a leading laundry innovation was commended by this year’s CES Innovation Awards.


The FlexWash™ system offers the award-winning option to wash two loads of laundry at the same time, meeting the needs of consumers who require flexibility in their machine usage. Samsung’s unique dual laundry system and its unprecedented flexibility have transformed how people tackle multiple loads of laundry.

Intuitive Smart Features

Samsung washing machines with QuickDrive™ technology are also equipped with Q-rator**, the company’s AI-powered intelligent laundry assistant, to further simplify the laundry process.


Q-rator provides users with intelligent and intuitive assistance through three main features: Laundry Planner enables consumers to specify a laundry finishing time; Laundry Recipe provides recommendations on the best wash cycle for a specific load; and HomeCare Wizard monitors a wash remotely for quick and responsive troubleshooting.



The difference that these ingenious features make in the washing process has been widely acknowledged by the industry. This year’s ‘Best of KBIS’ awards recognized both washers as leading in their fields, with QuickDrive™ receiving the ‘Smart Home Technology’ award for its best-in-class laundry innovation, and FlexWash™ receiving the ‘Kitchen Silver’ award for the flexibility that its multi-load and remote smartphone-control features provide.



Prudent Product Design

The innovation found in Samsung’s laundry solutions goes beyond the advanced technology built in to each washer. Both QuickDrive™ and FlexWash™ machines have been designed to provide the highest quality of performance and user experience.


At the heart of the QuickDrive™ offerings is the Q-Drum, consisting of a main drum as well as a back plate that rotate independently, unique in the industry. Unlike conventional washing machines, QuickDrive™ moves clothes dynamically around the drum in different directions.



The FlexWash™ washing machine’s dual washer capacity, combining a small upper washer with a bigger lower washer, enables users to run two different load types simultaneously and completely separately. This unique technology has won recognition from the Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design for its holistic and compact design.


The two award-winning laundry solutions, QuickDrive™ and FlexWash™, represent the fruition of Samsung’s drive to innovate while reflecting consumers’ lifestyles. Consumers, industry leaders and media around the world continue to recognize how these technologies allow people to do laundry more flexibly, so that they can achieve their highest quality wash yet – all while freeing up more time to spend on the important things in life.



*Based on tests comparing the WW8800M with Samsungs WW8500K model. Saves 50 percent of time during Cotton (a half load at 40 ) and eCotton cycles, with washing performance within ±2 percent. Reduces energy consumption by 20 percent during Cotton (half load at 40) and Super Speed cycles (5kg load at 40), based on Intertek data. The exact amount of time that QuickDrive™ saves users varies by region.


**Compatible with both Android and iOS devices. A Samsung account and Wi-Fi connection are required.

[Video] Can You See the Difference?: Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-Mo Video Showcases Innovative QuickDrive™ Technology

Samsung’s new washing machine with QuickDrive™ Technology is designed to help make everyday tasks that much easier, completing full wash cycles at half the time of conventional machines*. Its unique Q-Drum™ is composed of a large main drum and a back plate which rotate independently, unlike Samsung’s conventional washers, creating a revolutionary back and forth movement that quickly removes dirt – all without compromising on washing performance, fabric care and durability that users value.


In the video below, watch how Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-Mo feature captures the difference QuickDriveTM technology makes for washing machine performance. The independent yet complemental rotation of the main drum and back plate generates dynamic movement for your most productive wash cycle yet.



*The exact time that the Quickdrive cuts down for users varies by region

[Video] Galaxy S9 Captures Samsung Home Appliances in Action with Super Slow-Mo

As we rush to complete our daily chores, we rarely stop and take a good look at the appliances built to help us. Samsung Electronics believes there is beauty to be found in these everyday moments. To offer a new perspective on Samsung’s three innovative appliances, the company captured them in action with the Galaxy S9’s Super Slow-mo Camera. Check out the videos below to watch the amazing moments unfold.



Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology reduces washing time by half, without compromising washing performance. Caught in Super Slow-mo, viewers can clearly see the washer’s innovative Q-Drum™ in action, with the main drum and the back plate rotating independently. This independent motion, powered by double forces, ensures the clothes inside the washing machine move dynamically around the drum—back and forth, as well top to bottom.



POWERbot™ powerfully cleans even the most hard-to-reach areas. Slowing down the robot vacuum cleaner with Super Slow-mo allows viewers to appreciate its powerful suction, which delivers optimal cleaning results with 40x more suction power than the previous model*. In addition, the device’s self-cleaning brush prevents clogging from collected dust and tangled hair, cutting down on regular maintenance and enabling it to run autonomously even longer.



Watching Samsung’s WaterWall™ dishwasher technology in Super Slow-mo, viewers can see individual jets create a powerful wall of water that cleans everything in the dishwasher. The Top Control Dishwasher with WaterWall™ also harnesses Zone Booster™ in the left half of the appliance, which has five nozzles for the industry’s widest targeted cleaning that cleans even the dirtiest dishes in a single wash.



*Tested internally on Samsung POWERbot VR7000 and Samsung conventional VR10F71UCAC

Samsung Wins Best of KBIS 2018 Awards Across Two Categories


Samsung Electronics today announced that it has won two KBIS 2018 awards, the new and first year category award for Smart Home Technology and Best of Kitchen Silver award, presented by the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS).


The kitchen and bath industry’s premier awards program highlights the best new kitchen and bath products that push the boundaries of design, technology and innovation. Winners are selected based on innovation, design and function.


The Samsung Front Load Washer with QuickDrive™ is a major step forward in laundry innovation and cuts washing time.  Equipped with faster wash time and enhanced smart capabilities, the new washer with QuickDrive™ technology and intelligent Q-rator laundry assistant takes the guesswork out of doing laundry from your mobile device. It has smart capabilities that simplify the washing cycle with intuitive features that provide automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles, manage the time that a wash cycle will finish and adjust cycle settings, and monitors the washer to keep it operating at optimal performance.


The Samsung FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ are a versatile new laundry pair that provide ultimate flexibility to wash and dry multiple loads of laundry at the same time.  FlexWash™ + FlexDry™ provide an unprecedented amount of flexibility to let you do multiple cycles at the same time, so you can keep a wide variety of clothes in great condition.


This year, KBIS added new categories to recognize and honor brands at the forefront of smart home innovations which are driving the kitchen and bath innovations of tomorrow. A total of six awards were given out including Kitchen Gold and Silver, Bath Gold and Silver, Best in Show and the new Smart Home Technology award.


“We are proud to be the recipient of two KBIS awards this year, as it underscores Samsung’s dedication and commitment to bringing meaningful innovation to the home appliance industry and to consumers,” said Tom Halford, Vice President of Samsung Premium and Builder Brands. “Our combination of technology, performance and design is resonating strongly, and we are looking forward to a game-changing 2018.”


Following KBIS 2018, voting for the Best of KBIS People’s Choice award will take place online, via the KBIS Facebook page. Voting opens January 12, 2018, and show attendees can cast their vote for their favorite products. There will be three People’s Choice Winners (First, Second and Third Place).


Samsung Expands Laundry Line Up with New Premium Compact Washer


Samsung Electronics today announced that it is bringing its next generation laundry innovation to the U.S.:  the WW6850N washing machine featuring revolutionary QuickDrive™ technology. Responding to consumer demand for speed and cleaning performance, the 24” compact washer cleans laundry up to 35% faster for a thorough clean1, compared to current Samsung models. The WW6850N will be on display at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 9-12, 2018.


With more Millennials than ever buying homes, this new cohort of digitally savvy homebuyers is demanding home appliances that incorporate meaningful, personalized technology to enhance their lives. The WW6850N with QuickDrive™ technology is just the latest in a line of differentiated laundry innovations, including the activewash™ Top Load Washer, AddWash™ Front Load Washer and FlexWash + FlexDry laundry pair.


“When you’ve got a pile of laundry to do, you just want to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Shane Higby, Vice President, Home Appliance Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “The introduction of the WW6850N washing machine with QuickDrive™ technology underscores our commitment to providing consumers with options for tackling their laundry needs to free up time for what really matters.”


The WW6850N washer’s innovative performance starts with QuickDrive™ technology, which features a large main drum and a back plate that move independently. This creates a dynamic action that moves clothes in four directions – up and down, and back and forth – to quickly, gently and thoroughly remove dirt for a more powerful and intense wash cycle that takes up to 35% less time than other comparable Samsung machines1. Additionally, at 24” wide and stackable, the WW6850N washer and its companion dryer are an ideal size for small spaces like first floor laundry rooms or closets just off the master suite, to conveniently tackle loads quickly and effectively.


The WW6850N is IoT-ready and compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem. Its Q-rator laundry assistant has smart capabilities that simplify the washing cycle with intuitive features:


  • Laundry Recipe provides automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on the color, fabric type, and degree of soiling inputted by the user.
  • Laundry Planner allows consumers to manage the time that a wash cycle will finish, adjusting cycle settings accordingly.
  • HomeCare Wizard monitors the washer to keep it operating at optimal performance and provides easy-to-follow maintenance instructions


A 2018 CES Innovations Award honoree, the WW6850N washing machine with QuickDrive™ technology will be available in the U.S. this year.



1 Tested on Samsung WW6850N with WW6800K. Saves up to 35% time on Heavy Duty (hot, 6lb load) with a washing performance within ± 3%, based on internal data tested by AHAM HLW-1-2013.

Samsung Presents: Washing Machine – The Movie

World-first sees washing machine cycle turned into slow cinema with soundtrack by Michael Nyman


  • Britain’s most famous living composer creates a dramatic original score to accompany film of a 66 minute wash cycle
  • Composer of Oscar winning film The Piano inspired by ‘mechanical cycles’
  • Film set to get fans of slow cinema in a lather with full uncensored, moment-by-moment footage of a full wash cycle majoring on a single, long continuous shot
  • Washing Machine to receive premiere at London’s Leicester Square + available online FREE
  • Unique project sees art meet technology to launch Samsung’s QuickDrive™, a washing machine which cuts laundry time in HALF1 – without compromising performance


One of Britain’s most innovative and celebrated composers has created a unique original score to accompany a 66-minute family wash cycle.


Michael Nyman whose haunting work has accompanied dozens of hits and arthouse movies, including Oscar-winner The Piano has composed the soundtrack to accompany a new feature film which turns the everyday drudge of the washing machine cycle into art.


In an audacious move, the poetic monotony of the spinning drum and sloshing water are the sole focus of ‘Washing Machine’ – a movie which will receive its world premiere at Leicester Square in London’s West End in early December.



The film chronicles the full cycle, moment by moment, of Samsung’s QuickDrive™ washing machine, in this big screen addition to the canon of slow cinema treats. The production team captured the action with a single long shot trained on the machine to bring the full glory of the wash, rinse and spin to the screen.  Samsung believes that cinema audiences, who have in recent years become accustomed to unusual experiences such as live relays of theatre, rock concerts and opera, or simulcasts of TV premieres, will be able to break new ground with the release.


Ivor Novello-winner Nyman, who recorded part of his soundtrack live in London surrounded by monitors featuring the wash cycle, commented: “By coincidence, this new work comes exactly 300 years after the 1717 premiere of another celebrated composition inspired by the flow of water – German-British composer George Frideric Handel’s Water Music so in some ways we have come full circle with ‘Washing Machine – The Movie’.”



The movie builds upon the ground-breaking 3 min 20 sec advert featuring a QuickDrive™ wash cycle which was broadcast during a single-shot complete ad break takeover on Gogglebox on C4 on the 24th of November. It follows research commissioned by Samsung showing that huge numbers of people are already fascinated by the mesmeric power of watching the wash spinning, with hundreds of thousands of hours clocked up on YouTube.  Indeed, footage of full-length washing machine cycles has achieved more than THREE MILLION views.


The piano-led 66 minute soundtrack features one of Nyman’s signature minimalist compositions, driven by an explorative melody which takes the audience on a passage through the various stages of the wash cycle. The repetitive motion of the spinning drum is melodically represented through Nyman’s masterful playing, with thematic ideas developing as the wash progresses.


Nyman said: “The idea of this intrigued me when I was approached, putting a score to something so visually repetitive and prosaic. As a film composer you are frequently taking a cue from the drama on screen or interpreting it sonically, but here the challenge was to offset the mundanity and also enhance the hypnotic appeal.



“I have written a lot of music to manufacturing processes, but this is the most elaborate mechanical, mechanistic film I’ve been involved with. I’m interested in the mechanical process, the way that I create musical cycles which are based on repetition and variation and the correlation between that music and what happens in a washing machine process. I really want the music to be heard and I want the music to be loud, so I think with this project its man over machine.”


Samsung’s research which inspired the film revealed that on average, British adults will spend an average of 1,481 hours watching the washing go round and round – which adds up to the equivalent of 61 days across a lifetime.  For those who love to get lost in the hypnotic thrill of the washing machine but don’t want to waste too much of their lives, the Samsung QuickDrive™ is perfect because it cuts laundry time in half2, without compromising wash performance.


Mark Seaman, Head of Domestic Appliances, Samsung UK & Ireland, said: “Our film features a virtuoso performance from both man and machine. The Samsung QuickDrive™ gives a washing performance unlike any other so it was only fitting to turn it into an artwork in its own right. What better way to showcase the fastest washing machine we have ever made than to feature it in one of the slowest movies ever created, complete with a soundtrack from one of Britain’s most celebrated composers.”



Washing Machine – The Movie will receive a world premiere at Leicester Square’s Cineworld Theatre on the 5th December 2017.  The film will be available to watch free of charge via YouTube from the 6th December.



Notes to Editors

Film credits

Director – Peter Mountstevens

Producers – Max Gheysens and Sam Corry


1Samsung QuickDrive™ WW8800M vs Samsung WW8500K (5kg 40°C Cotton wash)


Source: UK Newsroom

These Smart Appliances Will Change Your Life for the Better

Have you ever wondered what IQ level your home appliances have? It might be higher than you think. Home appliance products are becoming smarter by the day as they evolve to meet the needs of a wide range of users. It is worth paying attention to, then, Samsung Electronics’ intelligent premium home appliances that stand out among its product lineup. They are, indeed, the future of our home appliances that make life more convenient and exciting for our users.



Getting Smart around the Home


One of Samsung’s major smart products is the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerator, which launched earlier this year. It uses voice recognition to provide an intuitive way for users to not just connect with their kitchen, but also the world around them. Say, “Can you purchase cheese?” and the refrigerator asks you, “Which product? Please tell me the number.” as it shows an app screen that lets you order food directly from the screen. You can play music or find out what the weather is like as you communicate with the smart refrigerator. It even gives you ideas if you need recipe inspiration.


Next, there is QuickDrive, an intelligent washing machine that was showcased during IFA 2017. It includes an AI-powered laundry assistant called Q-rator, which suggests the best cycle for your laundry based on information you input. Tell it what type of garments you want to wash, how dirty they are and what color they are and it will do the rest. It also lets you set the time for when the loads will be done, meaning your washing will be ready at a time that’s convenient for you. Plus, the system monitors the machine remotely and alerts you if it’s having any issues.


Last but not least, there is POWERbot, Samsung’s smart robot vacuum cleaner that received a 2017 CES Innovation Award. It uses a full suite of sensors to map your space, remember where it’s cleaned, and detect and work around any obstacles in its way, while automatically adjusting its suction power on different surfaces.


Samsung, the Leading Player in the Smart Appliances Era 

The Family Hub sits at the core, serving as the nerve center of a broader connected ecosystem in the home. Each connected home appliance can be configured to reflect the unique preferences for every household. It is a true smart evolution that brings a meaningful experience to users. What’s more, Samsung’s hardware analyzes user information more effectively than ever, and that is what makes Samsung a company with true innovative competitiveness.


The company recently announced its plan to apply Samsung Connect to its various home appliances at IFA 2017. Samsung Connect is a connectivity platform capable of connecting and controlling IoT devices regardless of their operating system. When the smart functions of Samsung’s home appliances are connected through Samsung Connect, users will be able to enjoy a smart lifestyle.


As more and more intelligence is interwoven into new products and technology, Samsung Smart appliances will evolve IoT and deep learning technology, creating a great deal of synergy. It won’t be long until home appliance products use their IQ to provide users more convenience and more time to do the things they enjoy.


From Einstein to Samsung – A Brief History of IFA

This year marks the 57th edition of the IFA consumer electronics trade show. A lot has happened in IFA’s near century-long history; its name, organizers, location, and exhibitors have changed again and again since 1924.


One thing, however, has always remained the same and helped the trade show grow, and that’s this: Each year at IFA, electronics manufacturers present their latest consumer innovations, attracting attention from all over the world.


Samsung has presented its technical innovations in Berlin since 1991, and is one of the most prominent exhibitors at IFA today.


‘The Great German Radio and Phonographic Exhibition’

“Dear present and absent ones. When you listen to the radio, also spare a thought for how humanity obtained this wonderful instrument. The wellspring of all technical achievement is the divine curiosity, the ludic drive of the tinkering and pondering researcher, and no less the constructive imagination of the technical inventor.”1


These were the words with which one of IFA’s most famous guests, Albert Einstein, opened the “Great German Radio and Phonographic Exhibition” – as IFA was originally known – in Berlin in 1930. The radio – the latest and, arguably, most important technical achievement in mass communications at that time – was the star of the show, and Einstein himself presented the exciting new technology to event attendees.


(Left) Albert Einstein opens the Great German Radio and Phonographic Exhibition in Berlin in 1930; (Right) Einstein explains the potential of the still-young communications medium to attendees. Source: Messe Berlin



Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart

The first IFA trade show took place in December of 1924. The inaugural event gathered a total of 242 exhibitors, who fascinated crowds with their latest technological innovations for a total of twelve days.


The trade show was held each year until 1939, when the outbreak of WWII and the subsequent reconstruction forced it into hiatus. IFA made its return in Düsseldorf in 1950 and, on its 20th anniversary, in 1957, moved to Frankfurt and added “television” to its title. Reconstruction operations in Germany would lead IFA to shift its location from Frankfurt to Stuttgart and then Berlin, only to return to Düsseldorf in the end.


Since 1971, the trade show has taken place exclusively in Berlin, under the official name of “Internationale Funkausstellung” – hence “IFA”. gfu, a corporation that promotes the advancement of consumer electronics, came onboard two years later, and has been organizing IFA2 ever since.


The innovation cycles of many products have grown shorter and shorter over the years, and eventually, in 2005, IFA became an annual event.


Queues at the opening of IFA in 1973. Source: Messe Berlin.



Samsung – an Innovation Driver and Major Attraction

Samsung has been a fixture at IFA ever since it first exhibited at the trade show in 19913. During that IFA, 26 years ago, Samsung presented screens and televisions in a 660-square-meter space.


2003 marked an important juncture in Samsung’s relationship with IFA. A move to Hall 20 meant that a substantially larger exhibition space would be available, turning Samsung into one of the show’s major exhibitors.


With keynote speeches in 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2014, Samsung strengthened its position as a global brand, establishing ground-breaking technologies and setting future trends. In 2008, for example, Park Jong-Woo, the then-President of Samsung Electronics Digital Media, predicted that the entertainment industry would take a gigantic leap forward by seamlessly networking a variety of devices. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets easily hook up to users’ TVs and Bluetooth speakers, and even some fridges and washing machines can be controlled on the go.


(Clockwise from top left) Samsung’s IFA booths in 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Samsung has been one of IFA’s largest exhibitors since 2003.


2014: Samsung Becomes IFA’s Largest Exhibitor

2014 saw the opening of CityCube Berlin, which IFA’s host venue, Messe Berlin, invested over 83 million euros to build. Samsung moved into the three-story cube – which, along with featuring the largest product-exhibition space (approx. 6,000 m²), also houses several rooms (approx. 2,500 m²) for presentations and sales meetings – as soon as it was completed. The location has been used exclusively by Samsung at IFA ever since.


More exhibition space also opens up new possibilities. Samsung’s individual product divisions were previously presented spread across several halls, but the move to CityCube Berlin meant that they could be showcased under one roof. Today, Samsung has become IFA’s largest exhibitor, with 8,700 square meters of hall space.



In 2016, Samsung impressed IFA attendees with this TV installation at the heart of CityCube Berlin.


Picture quality remains one of the most important focuses for TVs, and is one of the hottest attractions for the trade show. Over the last eight years, the TV industry has mastered the leap from HD to Full HD to UHD resolution – each of which has been successfully established in the mass market.


IFA has also served as a popular showcase for introducing new product categories in other areas. In 2010, Samsung presented its first tablet to the world with the Galaxy Tab. One year later, the Galaxy Note marked the beginning of large-screen premium smartphones, or ‘phablets’. Samsung’s first smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, was introduced in 2013, laying the foundation for Samsung’s smartwatch portfolio. And in 2014, the Galaxy ecosystem was further expanded with the Gear S and Gear VR.


This year, too, visitors to Samsung’s IFA booth are treated to a great many innovations and technical highlights, such as QLED TV, The Frame, the QuickDrive™ washing machine, Family Hub refrigerator, mobile devices, portable SSDs and more.


For more information on Samsung’s presence at IFA 2017, visit:


1Extracted from a recording of Albert Einstein’s opening speech at the Great German Radio and Phonographic Exhibition in Berlin in 1930. Source:

2With the exception of 1985, 1987 and 1989.

3Samsung did not attend IFA in 2004.

How Samsung Designed its QuickDrive™ Laundry Technology to Reflect Consumers’ Lifestyles


Introduced at IFA 2017, Samsung Electronics’ QuickDrive™ technology was created to provide consumers with the time-saving laundry solution they’ve always wanted but never had, without compromising washing performance*, energy efficiency, fabric care and durability. The result is a laundry solution that finishes cycles in half the time of conventional washers, while providing a thorough yet gentle clean.


Because Samsung firmly believes in glocalization, in which products are optimized for consumers in different countries, the company strives to craft innovations that cater to the unique lifestyles of consumers in markets around the world.


QuickDrive™ is a result of these efforts, and the latest product of a line of Samsung laundry technologies that have been met with acclaim in areas such as Europe, the birthplace of the drum washing machine. Each of those previous innovations, which include AddWash™ and EcoBubble™, has enhanced consumers’ lifestyles by resolving key pain points.



When the time came to design the technology that would ultimately become QuickDrive™, Samsung surveyed consumers in markets across the globe on the factors that matter most to them when buying a washer. The results indicated that washing performance was a leading determinant, and a washer’s ability to reduce the amount of time required to finish a load of laundry was key when assessing this.


QuickDrive™ was designed to provide entirely new levels of washing performance. The technology boasts several convenient Samsung innovations that not only drastically speed up laundry cycles, but also make the process much simpler and more energy efficient.


In addition to a convenient form, QuickDrive™ boasts an array of smart features designed to enhance modern consumers’ IoT-connected lives by taking considerable hassle out of managing laundry. These functions, which are provided by an AI-powered laundry assistant called Q-rator, include Laundry Recipe, which recommends optimal wash cycles based on factors like fabric type, color and degree of dirtiness; Laundry Planner, which allows you to schedule when you’d like your wash to finish; and HomeCare Wizard, which proactively alerts you of potential issues with your washer and provides you quick and simple maintenance tips to keep your washer at optimal condition.



Samsung’s WW8800M washing machine with QuickDrive™ technology will debut first in Europe before expanding to markets across the globe. To learn more about the innovative washer, check out the video below.



*Based on tests comparing the WW8800M with Samsung’s WW8500K model. Saves 50 percent of time during Cotton (a half load at 40 ) and eCotton cycles, with washing performance within ±2 percent. Reduces energy consumption by 20 percent during Cotton (half load at 40℃) and Super Speed cycles (5kg load at 40℃), based on Intertek data.

Samsung Cuts Laundry Time in Half with Groundbreaking QuickDrive™ Technology

Samsung Electronics today announced its revolutionary new washing machine technology QuickDrive™ set to be unveiled at IFA 2017 in Berlin. At the heart of the WW8800M washing machine is Samsung’s exclusive QuickDrive™ technology, which provides consumers the power to dramatically reduce the time it takes to do a load of laundry in half1. On its Super Speed setting, a daily load of laundry completes in just 39 minutes, offering consumers the time-saving solution they always wanted but never had, without compromising washing performance1, energy efficiency, fabric care and durability.


“QuickDrive™ is the industry’s game changer, dramatically cutting the amount of time it takes for users to do laundry and giving them more time to enjoy life,” said B.S. Suh, Executive Vice President of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “The new WW8800M washing machine uses QuickDrive™ technology to provide fast and powerful washing performance, with a range of technologies and smart functionality that make doing laundry so much easier.”




Improved Washing Performance with Samsung’s Unique Technology

Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology cuts washing time by 50% and energy use by 20%1 without compromising the cleaning performance. Its unique Q-Drum™ consists of a large main drum and a plate in the back that rotates independently. Unlike conventional washers that move clothes repeatedly up and down over the course of the cycle, the WW8800M moves clothes from top to bottom in the drum, and the plate in the back of the drum introduces a back and forth movement. It creates a revolutionary dynamic action powered by double forces that quickly, gently and thoroughly remove dirt to deliver an intense and complete wash cycle.


In addition, Samsung’s unrivalled QuickDrive™ technology was independently tested by Intertek, the world’s largest testing and inspection organization. Intertek confirmed that QuickDrive™ technology provides the same level of cleaning performance and fabric care as existing products, while reducing washing times.


The new WW8800M also has many of Samsung’s outstanding laundry technologies, like EcoBubble™, which provides powerful washing performance by mixing air and water to generate fine detergent bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster and maximize the detergent’s effects even at low temperatures.



Smarter, IoT-enabled Washing Machine for User Convenience


Throughout the washing cycle, QuickDriveoffers a range of smart and convenient features. The IoT-ready WW8800M boasts an AI-powered laundry assistant called Q-rator, which provides three key smart features that help manage laundry more conveniently.


  • Laundry Planner enables consumers to manage a laundry finishing time, freeing consumers to control their schedule on their own terms.
  • Laundry Recipe gives automatic recommendations for optimal wash cycles based on the information such as color, fabric type, and degree of soiling inputted by the user, eliminating the need for guessing about which cycle is best.
  • HomeCare Wizard monitors the washer by remote, proactively alerting users about potential problems and providing quick troubleshooting support.

The WW8800M also comes with Samsung’s innovative AddWash™, a feature that gives users the ability to add items at any time during the cycle2. From a forgotten sock to a delicate item3 that needs to go in later in the cycle, AddWash™ even allows users to add detergent or fabric softener at a later time. The combination of the Q-rator and AddWash™ creates a synergistic effect that further enhances the user convenience, simplifying the laundry process.



Designed for Higher Durability and Cost-efficiency

Finally, the WW8800M is designed for long-lasting performance. Equipped with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology, the WW8800M reduces noise and helps reduce energy consumption while providing exceptional durability4, enabling the washer to maintain its outstanding washing performance and fabric care. Additionally, the WW8800M offers various energy-saving features, including the ability to save up to 50% more on energy than the highest A+++ energy-efficiency standard for a wash cycle.5 It also uses a Ceramic Heater+ with a new type of anti-adhesion coating, which ensures up to 55 percent less scale buildup than conventional ceramic heaters6, helping the heater maintain its performance longer with more durability.


Samsung Electronics’ booth will be open at Level 2, City Cube Berlin from September 1 through 6 for IFA 2017.

1 Tested on WW8800M compared with Samsung WW8500K. Saves 50% time on Cotton (40℃, half load) and eCotton cycle with washing performance within ±2%. Saves 20% energy on Cotton (40℃, half load) and Super Speed cycle (40℃, 5kg load), based on Intertek data.

2 The Add Wash door only opens only when the drum temperature is below 50°C.

3 Only fabric items, clothing, detergent and softener can be added.

4 Awarded a 20-year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE).

5 e-Cotton course energy rating based on EU Energy Label standard.

6 Tested on Ceramic Heater+ compared with Samsung’s original conventional heater of WF60F4E0N0W/ET, based on independent testing of weight variation in hard water.

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