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Samsung Shows Its Commitment to Going Green by Building Handmade Eco Trails in Taiwan

In 2016, Samsung Electronics’ “UP TO 3742- Top of the Ridge” exhibition used Samsung Galaxy mobile devices to capture the stunning beauty of Taiwanese mountain ridges and to present them to gallery visitors. In 2018, Samsung Taiwan has continued to honor its commitment to the protecting the environment by enlisting corporate volunteers to combat erosion at Hehuan North Peak. Volunteers each carried 1kg of rock and soil to repair paths by hand, creating eco trails and raising awareness of environmental sustainability. Samsung Electronics Taiwan has also officially launched a two-year maintenance program for mountain trails in the Hehuan North Peak area.


Samsung Electronics Taiwan employees volunteered to help repair the eco trails at Hehuan North Peak in the Taroko National Park


“Samsung Electronics Taiwan is committed to environmental conservation in Taiwan and giving back to society through community engagement,” said Randy Lee, Head of Innovation Group, Samsung Electronics Taiwan. “The adoption program went through nearly a year of internal planning and preparations before we began negotiations with the Taroko National Park Management Office. In mid-July, the first Samsung volunteers went to Hehuan North Peak to repair the eco trails by hand and thereby make a small contribution to environmental conservation in Taiwan.”



Samsung Taiwan Joins Forces with Taroko National Park to Help Maintain Its Wonderful Mountains and Forests

Hehuan North Peak is ranked as one of Taiwan’s most beautiful mountains and is considered a “friendly” entry-level peak. The breathtaking scenery can be seen from winding mountain paths which pass through groves of arrow bamboo. Due to high tourist numbers, the canopy has sustained severe damage, resulting in serious erosion to the hiking trails.


“On certain stretches of the Hehuan North Peak hiking trail the soil has become compacted and worn due to repeated trampling by hikers,” Mr. Teng-Wen Chang, Deputy Superintendent, Taroko National Park Management Office, commented on the issue. “The added impact of rainwater erosion has led to the formation of numerous gullies, which has created a dire need for repairs, education and management. Handmade eco trails represent an environmentally friendly solution. We are deeply grateful to Samsung Electronics for adopting the Hehuan North Peak in a pioneering move to promote environmental sustainability through concrete action.”


The number of employee volunteers repairing the hiking trail at Hehuan North Peak is expected to grow as Samsung Electronics Taiwan and Taroko National Park agreed to a two-year “Hehuan North Peak Trail Adoption Agreement”


Starting May 2018, Samsung Electronics Taiwan began to implement the two-year “Hehuan North Peak Trail Adoption Agreement” with the Taroko National Park Management Office. In addition to the joint promotion of environmental education activities, every two months Samsung Electronics Taiwan will send volunteers on a six-day visit to repair and maintain the hiking trails at Hehuan North Peak, clean the area around the “Little Valley” campsite, and inspect and report facility damage.



Volunteers Make Valuable Contributions to the Repair of Hehuan Hiking Trails

Each step of the trail takes roughly one hour to repair. Suitable stone and mud are collected locally and transported to the construction site on foot. The stone has to be chiseled and combined with mud to build edged paths that will help combat water damage and soil erosion, taking into account the direction of the slope to provide appropriate drainage for the repaired trail surface. As every aspect of the repair project is intricately connected, Samsung Electronics Taiwan’s employees underwent pre-trip training and complete altitude acclimatization, making sure they were effective in their volunteer activities.


The rocks and soil used to mend the Hehuan North Peak hiking trails were collected locally and manually transported to the repair sites


“The construction of a handmade eco trail requires great physical effort,” said Wei-Hsiung Chan, culture researcher and hiking enthusiast. “Though these trails will not last forever, it is through our interactions with the mountains that we develop a respect and love for nature. We find ourselves less self-centered and humbled before Mother Nature.”


The original story, in Chinese, is available at Samsung Newsroom Taiwan.



Additional Images

Employees underwent pre-trip training and altitude acclimatization prior to taking part in the volunteer activities at Hehuan Mountain


The eco trails at Hehuan North Peak were hand-repaired using local materials

Cutting-Edge Cuisine: Samsung and Michelin Star Restaurant Offer S9-Inspired Sensory Feast

Samsung Electronics Taiwan and Michelin star restaurant Ya Ge have teamed up to offer diners an unforgettable fusion of technology and fine cuisine. From June 25 to July 15, guests of the restaurant, located in Taipei’s Mandarin Oriental hotel, can enjoy a first-of-its-kind feast that showcases signature Taiwanese flavors with the help of Samsung’s new Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9+.



The “#LetsGold” collaborative event leverages Samsung’s VR, AR and AI technologies in ways that stimulate the senses and take the dining experience to new heights. An exclusive six-course meal takes guests on a culinary journey that utilizes the smartphone’s innovative features to offer an exciting look at each delectable dish.


Eager guests are escorted to an exclusive room that’s awash in gold and includes a matching Galaxy S9+ at every seat. Once they’re seated, they’re introduced to an AR Emoji avatar of Executive Chef Tse Man, who kicks off the feast by revealing the evening’s appetizers, and offering a peek at his team’s meticulous cooking process through the mixed reality technology.



After the appetizers comes a rich and nutritious porcini, blazed mushrooms and abalone soup, which transforms before diners’ eyes when viewed through a camera lens on the Galaxy S9’s Infinity Display. Once diners snap a shot of the soup, they’ll be able to watch a delightful animation of each locally sourced ingredient leaping into their bowl.



Once they’ve finished, diners are treated to a fun and interactive introduction to their next course: Penghu lobster. Donning Galaxy S9-equipped Gear VRs, guests enjoy an immersive look at lobsters and various other forms of marine life roaming the sea. Once they take off the headset, they’re delighted to find that the fresh and savory lobsters have transformed into a classic Cantonese dish – baked golden brown and absolutely delicious.



Next up on the menu is one of Chef Tse Man’s signature dishes: a succulent U.S. Angus beef fillet served with wine. While they eat, diners are informed of the wine’s vineyard and vintage, courtesy of the smartphone’s ever-insightful Bixby Vision function.


Rounding off an exquisite evening of gastronomical delights are the restaurant’s signature fried rice – which guests are encouraged to capture, in all its tantalizing glory, through the device’s bright, F1.5-aperture lens – and finally, delicious charcoal buns with salted egg custard filling.



If you’re in the area, hurry over to Ya Ge to experience this Galaxy S9-inspired feast for yourself. Your taste buds will thank you later.

Samsung Electronics Helps Inject New Vitality into Taiwanese Education through Promotion of STE-A-M Education

Samsung Electronics Taiwan announced today that it is expanding its STAR UP education program. The initiative seeks to incorporate art into STEM education, through the adoption of Offline-to-Online (O2O) modes for the education curriculum. As first phase for the expansion, Samsung will be creating six online multimedia courses in cooperation with leading educational platform CommonWealth Education Media and Publishing Co., Ltd, and related experts. The aim will be to utilize technology and co-learning concepts, and the O2O model, to allow the sharing of rich resources among a greater number of learners, and overcome barriers in traditional classroom settings.



From STEM to STE-A-M: Incorporating Aesthetic Learning in Technology-Intensive STEM Curricula

Launched in 2017, the STAR UP program aims to inject new educational concepts throughout Taiwan with a focus on aesthetic(美感) education and ‘for-living’ philosophy. It promotes STE-A-M (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) education that integrates the aesthetic into the traditional STEM focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Since 2014, Samsung Electronics Taiwan has established 15 SMART Schools, and in 2017, further expanded the reach to 3 hospitals.


“Samsung is committed to meaningfully contributing to local education in Taiwan through our unique efforts in education-related citizenship which aim to provide more holistic, accessible, and ultimately impactful learning,” said Jungjoo Lee, President, Samsung Electronics Taiwan. “Through our on- and off-line SMART Schools, and the simultaneous infusion of innovative hardware and software resources, we aim to help educators expand beyond conventional approaches in broadening the horizons of Taiwan’s children.”



New STAR UP Online Courses Focus on Cultivation of Personal Skills

The new STAR UP online multimedia courses are centered around six core focuses to help children cultivate skills related to managing emotions and interpersonal skills; philosophy and critical thinking; and technology and autonomous learning. Other skills include aesthetics and perception; interdisciplinary and problem-solving skills; and life and character. The online courses, hosted by educational experts, will begin being offered from the second quarter of 2018.


“The utilization of new online technologies facilitates the realization of personalized learning and creates opportunities of multidimensional development for children with different backgrounds, abilities, interests, and characteristics,” said Amy Ho, CEO at CommonWealth Education. “We believe that cooperation with Samsung Electronics Taiwan will inject new vitality into Taiwanese education, ensuring that every child derives maximum benefits from education.”


In addition to the new online courses, Samsung Electronics Taiwan plans to continue its cooperation with various education-related partners in Taiwan, through activities including physical workshops and seminars, to inject more resources into enhancing Taiwanese education.



• From left to right: Wang Shufen (writer), Jungjoo Lee (Vice President, Samsung Electronics Taiwan), Amy Ho (CEO, CommonWealth Education), and Chen Chongwen (creative director, Good Design Institute)


• Jungjoo Lee (Vice President, Samsung Electronics Taiwan) and Amy Ho (CEO, CommonWealth Education) pose at an event to announce the two entities’ collaboration for 6 online courses


• Exhibition highlight at the Samsung SMART School, CommonWealth collaboration announcement
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