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[Video] Unveil: How Samsung Puts Productivity at the Heart of the Galaxy Tab S4

In an age of iterative updates, isn’t it time your tablet evolved? Samsung is answering that call with the Galaxy Tab S4 to take the productivity, entertainment and connectivity experience to the next level. With Samsung DeX on tablets for the very first time, a refined S Pen, an immersive display optimized for entertainment, and the ability to offer true-to-life audio quality, this isn’t your traditional tablet—it’s a leap forward in power and productivity so you can get more done wherever you are.


Built for the digital savvy, tech-forward professional, the Galaxy Tab S4 introduces a range of new updates that will change the way you interact with your portable devices. Check out the video below as Hassan Anjum and Jonathan Wong, directors of product marketing at Samsung Electronics, walk you through the latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy family.


[Infographic] Spec Comparison: Galaxy Tab S3 vs. Galaxy Tab S4

The Galaxy Tab S4 is the newest addition to the Tab series, and offers users the very latest in tablet productivity, connectivity and usage, designed to help you both work smarter and play harder.


The Galaxy Tab S4 comes equipped with a wealth of enhanced features so that users can make the most out of their tablet. The Tab S4 is the first tablet to be integrated with Samsung DeX. It also boasts enhanced LTE support and smart features such as the S Pen, Samsung Flow and SmartThings for seamless productivity across all your Samsung devices. Long-lasting battery allows you to do more, with cinematic surround sound and immersive display visuals providing the very best in on-the-go entertainment.


Check out the infographic below to discover more about how Samsung has enhanced the latest in its Galaxy Tab series.


Samsung’s “Over the Horizon” Gets Digitally Re-Worked by Elementary School Students in the Netherlands

For the first time, the task of re-arranging Samsung’s smartphone ringtone, “Over the Horizon“, was given to schoolchildren in the Netherlands, in a competition entitled ‘Digital Composing in Class’ which aimed to widen the scope of musical education in the nation. On June 20, at the final round of the competition held at the Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam, the title of “Best Ringtone in the Netherlands” was awarded to a group of sixth-grade students from Ichthusschool, an elementary school in the city of Nijkerk. The winning ringtone was chosen by a jury of professionals for its simple structure, engaging melody and peaceful atmosphere. The five shortlisted melodies were performed by a special ensemble of the Metropole Orkest, a world-famous and Grammy award-winning jazz and pop orchestra.


Over the Horizon 2018: Best Ringtone in the Netherlands


Jantien Westerveld, Wibi Soerjadi, Buddy Vedder and Menno van den Berg with the winning students from Nijkerk (Credit: Margot de Heide / Roy Beusker photography)


Every year, Samsung invites a new contributor from a diverse portfolio of famous composers, musicians and orchestras to re-arrange “Over the Horizon”. This is the first time that elementary school students have remodeled the signature ringtone of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone range. With Queen Máxima of the Netherlands as one of the project’s ambassadors, the ‘Digital Composing in Class’ competition received a wealth of media attention in its native country, with more than 110 articles published. The competition is an initiative supported by the Méér Muziek in de Klas (“More Music in the Classroom”) Foundation and Samsung Electronics Benelux.


Michiel Dijkman, Menno van den Berg, Jantien Westerveld, Wibi Soerjadi and Victor Coral join students from Oldenzaal, the Netherlands, as they experiment with digital composition tools (Credit: Margot de Heide / Roy Beusker photography)



Innovating Music Education with Digital Technology

The contest provided 36 workshops on digital composition to over 1000 students from all 12 provinces of the Netherlands, where students worked in groups to create their take on “Over the Horizon”. The children composed their own ringtones based on several melodies recorded by the Metropole Orkest. Using a special music composing program on smart tablets, students put together ringtones using their own ideas and imagination, adding rhythm instrument accents and their own lyrics – both sung and spoken – to one of the melodies. Providing the students with useful worksheets and instruction cards, the students were encouraged to harness their own creativity in this exercise combining both digital and analogue composition methods.


“The digital revolution is shifting the world we currently live in. This also changes the skills that the 21st Century demands of our children.” said Menno van den Berg, President of Samsung Benelux. “For years, Samsung has been pushing for innovative education in Dutch classrooms. Together with the Méér Muziek in de Klas Foundation, we have enjoyed innovating music education over the past few months. It was inspiring to see children working with so much enthusiasm. The final festival in the Royal Concert Hall was the icing on the cake.”

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