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New – EC2 Compute Instances for AWS Snowball Edge

I love factories and never miss an opportunity to take a tour. Over the years, I have been lucky enough to watch as raw materials and sub-assemblies are turned into cars, locomotives, memory chips, articulated buses, and more. I’m always impressed by the speed, precision, repeat-ability, and the desire to automate every possible step. On […]

Looking for a Scoro Alternative? Here Are Ten of the Best

Choosing the right business management software that matches your team’s needs is a work quest on its own. While it may seem like a technical decision only, it’s much more than that. In fact, using the most suitable software for handling your teamwork can have a profound effect on your business productivity and team chemistry….

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Helping more people in the U.K. find their next job

Like anyone who has searched for a job at some point in their lives, I know from experience how hard it can be to find the right role. You can spend days scouring job postings that are scattered across the web, flicking through newspapers or dropping into local employers, yet still struggle to find a job that suits you. Employers may be feeling the impact of this too: three quarters of U.K. employers face talent shortages and have issues filling open positions with the right candidate.

Today, more people are turning to Google to find information about their next role. We have a long history of using our technology to connect people with information, so we’re excited to bring a new job search experience to Google to connect people in the U.K. to job opportunities. This new feature in Search lets you more easily explore jobs from across the web and find job postings that suit your needs and skills.

Starting today, when you search for “jobs near me,” “teaching jobs,” or similar queries in English in the U.K., you’ll have the option to click through to a feature that lets you explore jobs from across the web that meet your unique needs. You can access salary information, reviews and ratings of the employer and different options to apply for a job, or use a location filter to see jobs in the areas that are convenient for you. Thanks to Google Maps, if you’re signed in, you’ll even be able to see how long it would take to commute to a job from your home.

Searching for a job can take time, and keeping up with new jobs that are posted throughout the day can be impossible. Now in Google Search you can save individual jobs with a single tap so that they are accessible across any of your devices. And if you step away from your job search, you can stay in the loop on opportunities that interest you by turning on alerts to receive an email notification whenever new jobs arrive.

Job Search in UK

The new jobs experience in Search is the result of deep collaboration with the job-matching industry, and benefits both employers and job seekers. We first introduced this experience in the U.S. last year, and it’s now live in several countries. Since launching it, we’ve seen 130 percent more companies showing jobs in Search and connected tens of millions of people around the world to new job opportunities.

In the U.K., we’re working with organizations from across the job-matching industry to bring you the most comprehensive listing of jobs, like The Guardian Jobs,, Haymarket, Gumtree, The Telegraph, Reach plc’s totallylegal, CV-Library and This means anyone searching for jobs on Google will see postings from these sites and many others from across the web as soon as they’re posted. To ensure even more jobs are listed over time, we’re publishing open documentation for all jobs providers detailing how to make their job openings discoverable in this new feature.

This launch also builds on the commitment we made last year to help 100,000 people in the U.K.find a job or grow in their career by 2020. We’re doing that through our Google Digital Garage program, which gives anyone free training in digital skills and products to help grow their career, business or confidence. So far we’ve helped tens of thousands of people find their next job through free training at four city-center hubs and with partners across the U.K.

Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job, a parent supporting a growing family, or simply hunting for your dream role, we hope this new experience on Google will help make the job search simpler and connect you with your next job.

Swiss IT provider transforms business model with Avast Business CloudCare | Avast Business

The customer

Based in Düdingen, Switzerland, Lehmann Computer has provided IT and security services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in their local region since 1999. Founder and owner Roger Lehmann leads a team of seven who work with various sectors of SMBs, including automotive repair, retail, administration, and schools. “Our key to success is teamwork,” Roger explains. “so we can accomplish a lot as a small company and meet the service expectations of our customers.”   

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Adds Support For HLS Output Streams

Today I’m excited to announce and demonstrate the new HTTP Live Streams (HLS) output feature for (KVS). If you’re not already familiar with KVS, Jeff covered the release for in 2017. In short, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams is a service for securely capturing, processing, and storing video for analytics and machine learning – from one […]

High Fry-ve: sundaes for everyone this weekend

I’ve been told I have a flair for the dramatic (see byline), but if I were you, I’d stay away from ladders and look out for black cats today. Friday the 13th inspired lots of searches this week, and here’s a look at a few of the other trending searches, with data from the Google News Lab.

It’s Fry Day Fry Day, gotta get down on Fry Day

Today is Friday but also National Fry Day, as if I need another excuse to shove fried potatoes down my throat. If search interest is any indication of America’s fav fry, McDonald’s would take the top spot, followed by Burger King, Wendy’s and Five Guys. If you’re waffling over the best type of fry, curly fries are a cut above—they’re searched 14 percent more than waffle fries. Oh but wait, there’s more healthy food to celebrate as Sunday (or shall I say Sundae) is National Ice Cream Day. Search interest in frozen treats always spikes each summer, but July 2018 has recorded the highest search interest ever for ice cream in the U.S., great work everyone! More of a fro-yo guy myself.

I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious

The planets are in retrograde, plus it’s Friday the 13th which explains my wild hormonal swings this week. Looks like Nevada is the most intrigued by this spooky day as it holds the top spot for all-time search interest in Friday the 13th. You do you, Nevada. Looking further into the data, one of the top-searched questions around this trend is, “Is today Friday the 13th?” (Might be quicker to glance at a calendar). If you’re really into Friday the 13th and you live in Arizona, you can get inked for $13, and people have been flocking to Google to figure out where they can get those services.

All about that cash 

You know what they say, mo money, mo problems, but my life is already pretty problematic so might as well sprinkle a few million on top. We’ve got a massive lotto drawing coming up, and people from New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts are searching the most for that $340 million cash prize. One of the top-searched questions about the lottery was, “What to do when you win the lottery?” Glad you asked. I’d buy an island, and plant a bunch of bushes, then trim those bushes to depict scenes from my favorite “Friends” episodes and run around on the island drinking mimosas listening to Taylor Swift. Ugh, one can dream.

A miraculous rescue

The world watched with intrigue and optimism as the Thai soccer team, trapped in an ocean cave, were rescued in a three-day operation involving 19 divers. Search interest in Thailand is at an all-time high in the U.S., having spiked by 600 percent this month, but Singapore, New Zealand and Australia had the most searches worldwide. Everyone made it out safely through the maze of rock and rope, complete with plastic cocoons and floating stretchers.

Blessed be the fruit

It’s been said that we’re living in the golden age of television, lucky us! Emmy noms are hot off the press, and one of this week’s top-searched questions about the awards was, “Who won the most Emmys?” We’ll have to wait until September to find out, but here are the winners for the week’s most-searched shows: of the nominees for Outstanding Drama, it’s “Game of Thrones.” And for a comedy series, it’s “Atlanta.” And for best show of all time, “Friends.” Okay made that one up, but man, that show is great.

#teampixel’s cool inspiration on hot summer days

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect summer vacation? If it includes endless blue skies, colorful cafes, or ancient cobblestone streets, check out the latest round of shots from #teampixel’s favorite summer spots.

When you go on your next adventure, remember to take us with you by tagging #teampixel. You might find yourself featured on The Keyword, @google or @madebygoogle the next time we’re looking for some cool inspiration on these hot summer days.

  • teampixel_712_1.jpg spread their wings over the beautiful bridges of Rome.

  • teampixel_712_2.jpg

    These blue waters show  @the_salama views of the egyptian mediterranean.

  • teampixel_712_3.jpg

    The clever @nickbakradze took a photo with a photobus in Georgia, while @hripkodmitry almost had us fall over at the wonder of these precariously painted cups.

  • teampixel_712_4.jpg showed us rustic red hills that were 33 million years in the making.

  • teampixel_712_5.jpg

    This blue window transformed @spacegirl.spiff into a modern Matisse.

  • teampixel_712_6.jpg

    @karensandiego fell in obsession with these blue Portuguese azulejos.

How to Be Dazzling: Top Software for Growing Cleaning Businesses

Cleaning businesses bring order and clarity to mess and chaos. They are the essential service providers for various cleaning and maintenance needs in homes, office buildings, and industrial facilities. And, they’re on the rise. A recent study projects that the global cleaning services market will reach $74 billion by 2022. The increase in construction, dual…

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Lifelong learning for everyone: What we’ve learned from our European social innovation partners

The skills needed in today’s workplace are changing fast. A recent report from McKinsey forecasts that the demand for technological, cognitive, creative and interpersonal skills will accelerate by 2030.

Despite technology offering more learning options than ever before, we haven’t yet figured out a way that this can truly benefit everyone. Take, for example, the early enthusiasm for bringing university content online to democratize higher education—and the sobering reality that these online courses are overwhelmingly used by people who already have a higher education. We learned from a recent IPPR report that it is vital for digital skills programs to address a diverse audience and provide skills for the future as well as skills for immediate use. And as the labor market transforms, it’s clear we need a more flexible model for facilitating reskilling and lifelong learning for both current and future workers.

So how can we make sure that technology supports lifelong learning for those who need it most? About a year ago, we launched the Work Initiative, a $50 million fund to support social innovators tackling this question. In addition, since 2015 our Grow with Google programs have been equipping people with the digital skills they need to succeed in the digital economy. What we’ve learned from our and Grow with Google collaboration with European partners and social entrepreneurs is that making lifelong learning a success requires four tactics: working with organizations who are on the frontline of serving the most disadvantaged, developing clearer signals about the pay-off of engaging in learning new skills, using technology to drive incentives to persevere throughout the learning experience, and developing better ways to signal skills to employers.  

Technology can make learning more accessible

First and foremost, learning must continue to become more accessible. The biggest opportunities for people to upgrade their skills are at work, but the options to retrain are few for those without a workplace. According to research from the European Commission, only 9 percent of people who are out of work have access to upskilling opportunities, compared to almost one in two people on permanent contracts.

To tackle this, public institutions and nonprofits must integrate skill-building opportunities into their programs. grantee Bayes Impact, a tech nonprofit in France, is an example of this approach in action. Bayes’s machine learning-powered search assistant recommends training resources and learning opportunities for people who are out of work. With an unemployment rate of nearly 10 percent in France, Bayes helps millions of job seekers fill their skill gaps through smart technology and a partnership with the country’s national unemployment agency.

The pay-off of learning needs to be clear

We know that time and financial investment are key considerations when people think about engaging with new learning opportunities. This means that the pay-off must be clear for learners from the outset. If people don’t feel like training will lead them to a better life, there’s little chance that they’ll take advantage.

A practical way to address this is by helping learners clearly identify the benefits of engaging in a particular course at the beginning of their journey. OpenClassrooms, one of Europe’s leading providers of vocational education online and another organization we’re supporting, does this by promising to reimburse course fees if learners haven’t found a job six months after completing their certificate. They’ve also partnered with European government agencies to get official accreditation for several of their courses, further ensuring that the value of a commitment to learning is clear.

Targeting completion is key

The most effective learning experiences are those built with completion in mind. A couple of years ago, the online learning platform Coursera shared that only 4 percent of its users completed the course and earned a credential. When we built the Google IT Professional Support certificate—a Grow with Google program that enables anyone to become an IT support specialist in eight to 12 months without a college degree—we thought carefully about how to ensure as many people as possible complete a course.

One thing we found to be useful is to support blended learning experiences, where online learning is complemented by in-person coaching and meetings with other students. To achieve this, we’ve partnered with nonprofit organizations to bring an additional layer of support for students to the Google IT Support Professional Certificate. In Germany, we’ve piloted this approach with Kiron, a nonprofit that is supporting refugees to continue their education and provide access to employment opportunities.

We’ve also been experimenting with using machine learning to identify when students might be in need of support to help them keep going with a course. For example, we’ve rolled out machine learning prompts that show up at key moments as a means to motivate learners.

Capabilities must be expressed in new ways

The final piece of the puzzle is to enable people to showcase their abilities in a format that’s convincing to employers. French social enterprise Chance, another one of our grantees, uses a semi-automated system to match companies with candidates who have the capabilities they require but don’t necessarily have access to the professional networks who can help their resume stand out of the pile, or don’t know what employers are looking for and therefore don’t know how to express their own abilities. Backed by AI, projects like these enable a wider pool of job seekers to find the right opportunities for their skill set.

The labor market will continue to evolve, and technology can ensure we keep pace with the growing demands of the future workplace. As our European partners show, it’s possible to improve the access, design and experience of learning new skills—putting lifelong learning for everyone firmly within our grasp.

New – Lifecycle Management for Amazon EBS Snapshots

It is always interesting to zoom in on the history of a single AWS service or feature and watch how it has evolved over time in response to customer feedback. For example, Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) launched a decade ago and has been gaining more features and functionality every since. Here are a few […]

Chris Cox Dives Deep with “Wired”

Longtime Facebook product lead — and newly minted head of product for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp — talked to Nicholas Thompson about the platform’s responsibilities and plans for the future.

State of Productivity and Management Report 2018

For many organizations, the quest for higher profits and increased revenue has meant investing in greater efficiencies and productivity.
In 2018, the quest remains the same. But the business and technology landscape continues to change. Organizations a…

Inspire 2018: Opening doors for partner innovation, growth and differentiation

Organizations around the world are undergoing transformation fueled by cloud, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and the Internet of Things. These technologies are helping businesses and society reach new heights – retail is becoming more personal, banking is becoming more seamless, and healthcare is becoming more predictive and preventive. At the heart of these incredible stories…

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CAMS Software Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency By Using the Bing Maps Distance Matrix API

Based in British Columbia, CAMS Software is a small transportation management software company with big customers. The company’s flagship transportation management solution, Prospero, is used by the majority of major grocery chains in North America, including industry giants. CAMS Software switched from its old maps provider to Bing Maps to simplify customer interactions, reduce operating costs, and gain efficiency and a competitive edge.

Google Measurement Partners: Trusted measurement solutions for the entire customer journey

We believe that measurement you can trust is critical for brands trying to understand the impact of their marketing. But as the customer journey has become more complex, measurement has become increasingly challenging. And while Google strives to build great solutions, some marketers prefer to rely on third-party measurement solutions.

That’s why we’re announcing Google Measurement Partners, a program that brings together new and existing partnerships to offer brands a variety of options to measure their advertising media.

The program is launching with 20+ verified partners across seven specializations: viewability, reach, brand safety, brand lift, sales lift, app attribution, and marketing mix modeling. Partners offer various solutions that work across Google advertising products, including Google Marketing Platform (including Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360), Google Ads, YouTube, and more. Existing partner programs like App Attribution and Marketing Mix Modeling are now included in Google Measurement Partners.

Our launch partners are recognized leaders within their focus areas and provide solutions widely used by the industry. They meet rigorous standards for accuracy and use reliable methodologies to measure KPIs that matter for marketers. And we work closely with them to ensure the solutions respect user privacy.

With trust and transparency at its foundation, Measurement Partners continues our commitment to providing both quality and choice when it comes to measuring performance and helping marketers better understand their customers. Alongside our partners, we’ll keep working to establish commonly accepted standards and advanced measurement solutions that help raise the bar for the industry.

AWS Storage Gateway Recap – SMB Support, RefreshCache Event, and More

To borrow my own words, the is a service that includes a multi-protocol storage appliance that fits in between your existing application and the . Your applications see the gateway as a file system, a local disk volume, or a Virtual Tape Library, depending on how it was configured. Today I would like to share […]

Avast SecureLine boosts speed and performance | Avast

In order to provide the best VPN experience we can, we keep a close eye on our network, scaling capacities as needed. We deploy new servers on a weekly basis, which increases bandwidth and shortens the distance data has to travel to enter our network. This shorter travel time speeds up your connection. Yes, it’s now acceptable to use the words VPN and fast in the same sentence. VPNs get a bad rap for slowing down the browser experience, and we’re here to dispel that myth. In fact, we just upgraded our busiest servers in Europe to 10 Gbps connectivity for each individual server adding a total of 250 Gbps of network capacity.

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