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New Analytics Academy course: Google Analytics for Power Users

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How Digital Extortion Impacts Today’s Enterprises

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JETenterprises UK Ltd eases GDPR compliance process with MW | Avast Business

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Back to Basics: Why We Need to Encourage More Secure IoT Development

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Hearing Loss Initiative uSound for Samsung Gets Official Launch in Jujuy

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Security Advisory – FRP Bypass Vulnerability in Huawei Smart Phones

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New T3 Instances – Burstable, Cost-Effective Performance

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Taking Down More Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior

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Samsung Pay Now Available in Six Continents, Accelerating Global Expansion

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Five insights on voice technology

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Selling inventory is easier with Google Ad Manager

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Between two interns: the scoop on a summer at Google

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Amazon Kinesis Data Streams Adds Enhanced Fan-Out and HTTP/2 for Faster Streaming

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Get to Know Accomplished Billiards Player and Nuclear Physicist – Woojin Park

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Google Images data in Google Analytics

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Samsung Launches CJG5 Curved Gaming Monitor at Gamescom 2018

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The Privacy and Security Risks of Consumer Genomics Kits | Avast

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Mangoslab: This C-Lab Spin-off Found the Right People and Gave Them Wings

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Avast at IFA+ Summit: The humanity of AI | Avast

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Streamlining the developer experience for instant games

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[Photo] Celebrating the Launch of the Galaxy Note9 at Events Across the World

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Avoiding Cat-Astrophe: Saving a Kitten in Samsung’s Digital City

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[Video] Feast Your Ears on the Galaxy Note9’s S Pen-Inspired Alerts

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How Do I Make My Windows 10 Computer Run Faster? (Part 2)

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The Essential Guide for Mac Security | Avast

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Principal of Multicultural School Talks about STEM Education

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Security Advisory – CPU Side Channel Vulnerability “L1TF”

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Speaking of Sharing … in India and Indonesia

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Alternative input methods for Android TV

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Huawei Wins Frost & Sullivan Asia-Pacific Video Conferencing Endpoints Market Leadership Award

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This Week in Security News: Banks and Botnets

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Google tracking, a fax attack, and a vote of “un-confidence” | Avast

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Innomdle Lab: How the First Ever C-Lab Spin-off Embarked on a Voyage of Discovery

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AV-Comparatives: Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android Provides 100% Malware Protection for Mobile Users

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[Infographic] Samsung DeX Sparks a Productivity Revolution on the Galaxy Tab S4

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Streaming support spec for hearing aids on Android

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At least 32,000 smart homes and businesses at risk of leaking data | Avast

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Update on Myanmar

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People Raise $300M Through Birthday Fundraisers in First Year

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Updating Wear OS Google Play Store policy to increase app quality

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[In-Depth Look #4] Beautiful From Every Angle: The Design of the Galaxy Note9

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Bing Maps Time Zone API: An easier way to work with time zones

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Carrier Grade Security Means … Using Carrier Grade Security

Posted in AKG by HARMAN Dolby Atmos DTS:X Harman Kardon HW-N850 HW-N950 JBL by HARMAN Press Release Soundbar TV & Audio

Samsung and Harman Kardon Collaborate to Provide Perfect Sound in New Premium Soundbar Lineup

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[Infographic] Samsung’s New Modem to Accelerate the Commercialization of 5G

Posted in 3GPP 5G Envelope Tracking Exynos Exynos Modem 5100 PMIC Press Release RFIC Semiconductors

Samsung Announces Exynos Modem 5100, Industry’s First 5G Modem Fully Compliant with 3GPP Standards

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Huawei and Ping An Technology Jointly Release White Paper for Innovative Practices of SD-WAN in China’s Financial Services Industry

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Security Notice – Statement About the Side Channel Vulnerability “L1TF” of Chips

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New, Easy Timesheet Approvals Make Payroll a Walk in the Park

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An Unexpected Path: From a Go Player to a Marketer – Soolim Lee

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DisplayMate: Galaxy Note9’s Display Performance Raises the Bar ‘Significantly Higher’

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AV-Comparatives: Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac Provides 100% Malware Protection for Mac Users

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Introducing the Simple Payment Widget

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Samsung’s 16Gb GDDR6 Memory Powers Latest NVIDIA Quadro Professional Graphics Solution

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Google releases source for Google I/O 2018 for Android

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7 Powerful TimeCamp Alternatives That Boost Productivity

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Galaxy Note9 Billboard Captivates People Around the World

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Security Advisory – Multiple Vulnerabilities in IPsec IKE of Huawei Firewall Products

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Celcom Partners with Huawei to Apply a Cloud-Based Platform for Digitized Network Operations

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4 data breach dangers facing your business

Posted in AVG Business business data protection Privacy smb

4 data breach dangers facing your business

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Shining a Brighter Light on Facebook Pages

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Huawei CloudCampus Helps Italy’s Fastweb Deploy City Wi-Fi Hotspots

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[Photo] The Galaxy Note9 Unpacked 2018 Takes a Leap Toward a More Connected World

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Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2018 Full Video Replay

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[Infographic] Spec Comparison: The Galaxy Note9 vs. the Galaxy Note8

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[Video] Hands-On: Here’s What’s New with the Galaxy Note9

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[In-Depth Look #1] A Mobile Remote Control: The Galaxy Note9’s Connected S Pen

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[In-Depth Look #2] Stellar Shots Every Time: The Galaxy Note9’s Intelligent Camera

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[In-Depth Look #3] The Power to Do More: The Galaxy Note9’s High-Performance Features

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The New, Super Powerful Galaxy Note9: For Those Who Want it All

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Aurora Serverless MySQL Generally Available

Posted in Camera Galaxy Galaxy Note Series Galaxy Note9 Infographics Mobile S Pen Samsung DeX Unpacked 2018

[Infographic] Experience the Power of the Galaxy Note9

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[Infographic] Think You Know the S Pen? Think Again

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Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are with the New Samsung Galaxy Watch

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Hard Questions: The Line Between Hate and Debate

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Huawei and Ivanti Sign a Cooperation Agreement to Maximize Endpoint Security and Management for Enterprise Campus Networks

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Looking forward with Google Play

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Meet the first Indie Games Accelerator class

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The Hotjar Framework You Need to Grow a SaaS Business Now

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Android Pie SDK is now more Kotlin-friendly

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Huawei Debuts Its Cloud-based BNG Interface Protocol CUSP at IETF Hackathon

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AWS Online Tech Talks – August 2018

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2018 Top Time Tracking Software Reviews: The Ultimate List

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Introducing Android 9 Pie

Posted in FlexWash™ Home Appliances Laundry Q-Drum Q-rator QuickDrive Washing Machine

Samsung’s Industry-Leading Washing Machines Continue to Garner Acclaim for their Disruptive Innovation

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Security Notice – Statement on the Media Disclosure of the Security Vulnerabilities in the Intel CPU Architecture Design

Posted in Digital Diaries Family Parenting Press Privacy

When it comes to using technology to track our kids, how much data is too much?

Posted in Digital Diaries Family Parenting Privacy

When it comes to using technology to track our kids, how much data is too much?

Posted in #malware Cryptomining ransomware Security News

A game that cryptojacks, a town under seige, and more data breaches | Avast