Our 2023 Gift Guide Is Here To Make Holiday Shopping a Breeze

December is fast approaching, and along with listening to your favorite Spotify Holiday Singles,  it’s time to start shopping for gifts. With Spotify, listeners can stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks wherever they are, thanks to our integrations across 2,000+ devices. You could say we know a thing or two about products that make the listening... Read more »
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You Can Now Easily Save Songs to Spotify From TikTok With a Simple Tap

At Spotify, we aim to meet our listeners where they scroll. And for some of our users, that’s on TikTok. We want it to be as easy as possible to capture those catchy songs you hear in TikTok videos onto your Spotify without having to search for them. Good news: Our newest integration allows users... Read more »
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Getting Businesses Ready for Peak Season with New ‘Performance Talks’ Episodes

Today we’re launching two new episodes to our Performance Talks series, which aims to provide businesses with insights and expertise from business leaders. The series takes an in-depth look at how brands are successfully driving better performance and efficiency, with the support of our tools and AI to grow their business through apps such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Anne O’Leary, VP of Mid-Market Global Business Group at Meta speaks to Kiran Sahota, Chief Marketing Officer at lingerie and apparel brand Lounge, who says Meta’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns (ASC) has helped them discover a new audience that it previously wouldn’t have targeted.  Anne also spoke with Alexander Lodeweyckx, Head of Performance at global earphone business Loop Earplugs, who said that marketers need to have a ruthless experimentation culture. He also said by using ASC and Conversions API tools, Loop has achieved results in driving audience engagement, generating user content and maximising marketing performance. 
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Launching the #EbaSafeOnline Comic Book in South Africa to Help Teens Stay Safe Online

As part of our commitment to fostering a safer online environment, we’re partnering with Ethnikids, to launch #EbaSafeOnline, a youth and safety comic book, designed to help young people stay safe online. The comic book offers a glimpse into the exciting journey of a group of South African teens as they navigate the intricacies that come with using social media. Through these real-life scenarios, we want to equip teens, as well as their parents with the knowledge and skills they need when engaging on Meta platforms. Over 30 parent and youth creators joined the engaging launch event in Johannesburg to celebrate the much-anticipated launch of the comic book and learn about our ongoing commitment to educating parents, and teens and the safety tools available across our platforms. “We are excited to announce the launch of a youth & safety comic book titled #EbaSafeOnline in South Africa because we want young people to foster their online relationships in a secure environment and leave our apps feeling positive about the time they spend on them. Our collaboration with Ethnikids ensures we can continue to educate both parents and young people on healthy digital habits in new engaging ways.” – Oluwasola Obagbemi, Corporate Communications Manager, Meta Written in collaboration with well-known author and anthropologist Lebohang Masango, with Mfundo Ndevu as the illustrator, print copies of the comic book will be distributed across schools in South Africa in collaboration with Meta’s partners, including Digify Africa. Speaking on the collaboration as the publishing partner, Khumo Tapumaneyi, co-founder of Ethnikids said: “It’s been a wonderful honour and privilege to work on this project with the amazing storyteller that is Lebohang Masango and the gifted talent that is Mfundo Ndevu! It’s aligned with everything we believe in – inclusivity and literacy in all spaces! As parents, it has been eye-opening to learn about all the things that Meta is doing to promote safety online.” To further amplify the campaign and support the positive dialogue between parents and their teens, we also partnered with local content creators Melanie Bala and Gugu Nyantsumba to help educate parents on how to find the available tools and resources across our apps to support teens’ online experience. These creators were also part of the insightful panel discussion about the role of parents, schools and online platforms in addressing online safety in the digital age. The online edition of the book is available now as a free download, as well as our newly launched South Africa Family Centre and the My Digital World website – which provides training resources for the youth and adults. 
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Canonical at RISC-V Summit 2023

The RISC-V Summit is a premier annual event that brings together the global RISC-V community – including technical, industry, domain, ecosystem and special interest groups who define the architecture’s specifications. All the experts will meet in Santa Clara, California, to share technology breakthroughs, industry milestones, and case studies, to network and build relationships, and to […]
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SmartNICs in telco: benefits and use cases

In our previous blog, we introduced smartNICs as technology enablers for next-generation converged data centres. We covered how smartNICs can increase efficiency and drive return on investment. In this blog post, we explain how this innovative technology can help the telecom industry. SmartNICs use cases for the telecom sector are still emerging. However, when they […]
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MAAS Outside the Lines

Far from the humdrum of server setups, this is about unusual deployments – Raspberry Pis, loose laptops, cheap NUCs, home appliances, and more. What the heck is stormrider deploying this week?
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