Why Big Companies Make Bad Content

HubSpot teaching you how to type the shrug emoji or buy bitcoin stock. Salesforce sharing inspiring business quotes. GoDaddy helping you use Bing AI, or Zendesk sharing catchy sales slogans. Judged by content marketing best practice, these articles are...
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Brighton SEO Live Blog

Being the introvert I am, my idea of fun isn’t hanging around our booth all day explaining we’ve run out of t-shirts (seriously, you need to be fast if you want swag!). So I decided to do something useful and…Read more ›
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How to Find and Use Competitor Keywords

Knowing your competitors’ keywords is the easiest form of keyword research. If your competitors rank for or target particular keywords, it might be worth it for you to target them, too. There is no way to see your competitors’ keywords…Read more ...
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HARO Has Been Dead for a While

I know nothing about the new tool. I haven’t tried it. But after trying to use HARO recently, I can’t say I’m surprised or saddened by its death. It’s been a walking corpse for a while. I used HARO way…Read more ›
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The Best of Ahrefs’ Digest: April 2024

If you’re not one of our 275,000 subscribers, you’ve missed out on some great reads! Here’s a quick summary of my personal favorites from the last month: Best of April 2024 Detailed Q3: Analysing The SEO Playbook of Digital Goliaths…Read more &#8...
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How HubSpot Helps Users Prepare for Google’s Core Web Vitals

It's no secret that poor user experience (UX) isn’t going to keep your customers and target audience coming back to your website. Poor UX also negatively impacts your ability to rank on Google's search engine results page (SERP).

To ensure your website has delightful UX for your visitors as well as one that meets Google's standards for ranking, you'll want to focus on Core Web Vitals.
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