Kali Linux 2021.4 Release

With the end of 2021 just around the corner, we are pushing out the last release of the year with Kali Linux 2021.4, which is ready for immediate download or updating.
The summary of the changelog since the 2021.3 release from September 2021 is:


Infrastructure security improvements

The infrastructure team would like to acknowledge the work of security researcher Joël Aviad Ossi from pentest in helping us improve some security weaknesses in our infrastructure. No user data was at risk nor were our downloads vulnerable at any time;...
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phpMyAdmin 5.1.1 is released

We at the phpMyAdmin project are pleased to release phpMyAdmin 5.1.1, a bugfix release.
There are many new bug fixes; a few highlights include:

Fixes for several PHP errors
Fixes for "$cfg['DefaultTabDatabase']" and other related configuration directi...
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Kaboxer – Kali Applications Boxer

On and off for the last 18 months we have been working on Kaboxer, and just before Kali 2021.1, it is ready to say “Hello World” (then it will start shipping you applications).
TL;DR - What is this?
What is the name about, Kaboxer? Kali App...

Ampere Hardware & Kali Linux

When Ampere partnered with Debian, this caught our eye. We were aware that our current ARM cloud provider was soon ending support for arm64 servers (which we use for our build daemons).
At Kali Linux, one of the things which is important to us, is that...

phpMyAdmin 5.1.0 is released

We at the phpMyAdmin project are pleased to publish phpMyAdmin 5.1.0.
There are many new features and bug fixes; a few highlights include:

Improve virtuality dropdown for MariaDB > 10.1
Added an option to perform ALTER ONLINE (ALGORITHM=INPLACE) wh...
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Kali Linux + Mr. Robot ARG Society

Many of you may have known about the show Mr Robot and its unique connection to Kali Linux. But there is a little bit more that we have not talked about due to NDAs. But it appears the mystery is over, the red tape has been removed, and we now wanted t...

phpMyAdmin 4.9.7 and 5.0.4 are released

Welcome to the release of phpMyAdmin version 4.9.7 and 5.0.4. These are bug fix releases to address packaging problems with 4.9.6 and 5.0.3. Version 5.0.3 includes a few other minor bugs as well.
Fixed in both:

Two factor authentication was broken
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phpMyAdmin 4.9.6 and 5.0.3 are released

The phpMyAdmin team announces the release of both phpMyAdmin versions 4.9.6 and 5.0.3.
Both versions contain several important security fixes:

PMASA-2020-5 XSS vulnerability with transformation feature
PMASA-2020-6 SQL injection vulnerability w...
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Win-KeX Version 2.0

We have been humbled by the amazing response to our recent launch of Win-KeX. After its initial release, we asked ourselves if that is truly the limit of what we can achieve or could we pull off something incredible to mark the 25th anniversary of Hack...

Kali NetHunter Updates

Many outstanding discoveries have been made by our vibrant NetHunter community since 2020.1, so we have decided to publish a mid-term release to showcase these amazing developments on selected devices.
Massive thanks to our dedicated developers @Kimoco...

Kali Linux 2020.1a Release

Just a quick update to the 2020.1 release we put out last month. We made some major changes to the installers, and some people had a few issues with some of the images we released. So, we made some slight alternations to smooth things out and make the ...

Kali Everywhere!

There was some recent noise around children and their use of Kali, so @Re4son stepped up with a new way to run Kali in locations where it may have been hard to in the past. This allows you to run Kali instances inside other Unix systems, making Kali ev...

Kali Default Non-Root User

For years now, Kali has inherited the default root user policy from BackTrack. As part of our evaluation of Kali tools and policies we have decided to change this and move Kali to a “traditional default non-root user” model. This change wil...